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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Dec 2 2018

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Clues Answers
‘ ‘Tis so sad’ ALAS
‘Allow me to provide a leavening agent, if nothing else’? ITSTHEYEASTICANDO
‘Bosh!’ ROT
‘Marvy!’ NEATO
‘Pray that I find some cool gross stuff!’? WISHMEYUCK
‘Uh-uh’ NAH
You lookin’ __?’ ATME
__ better believe it!’ YOUD
1 p.m. is one TIME
1982 Disney cyberfilm TRON
2000-15 TV series CSI
Acuff of song ROY
Aquatic bird LOON
Aquatic bird TERN
Arms depot ARSENAL
Artist Kahlo FRIDA
Atop, to bards OER
Bad, to Jules MAL
Be next to ABUT
Bit of voice mail MESSAGE
Blvds. and aves STS
Bodily joint KNEE
Bored feeling ENNUI
Breadwinner EARNER
Byway LANE
Camelot wife ENID
Chatter that’s engaging? YACKOFINTEREST
China’s Long March leader MAO
Coll. website suffix EDU
Connect with TIETO
Conquers DEFEATS
Cry to a matador OLE
D.C. winter hrs EST
Darling type CUTIE
Deeper level of longing? HIGHERYEARNING
Dog’s bark YIP
Dryly comical DROLL
Dubliner’s land EIRE
Duo + one TRIO
Durbin of old Hollywood DEANNA
Earthy color OCHER
Emulated a fish SWAM
Entertainer Uggams LESLIE
Extreme type ULTRA
Far-off REMOTE
Garage job TUNEUP
Give a cue to PROMPT
Give in (to) YIELD
Give it a go TRY
Give kudos PRAISE
Glistening AGLEAM
Go extinct DIEOUT
Groups of geese GAGGLES
Häagen-Dazs rival EDYS
Hankerings to take pictures of small and distant objects? TELEPHOTOYENS
Horror film lab aide IGOR
Horse color ROAN
Hose color ECRU
In a curious way ODDLY
In the vicinity CLOSE
iPad downloads APPS
Isle of Man man, e.g GAEL
Join the club ENROLL
Kagan of justice ELENA
Key in anew RETYPE
Lanai wreath LEI
Lasting mark SCAR
Latest thing TREND
Legal claim LIEN
Legendary coach Parseghian ARA
Like a swap ONEFORONE
Like many announcers’ private side comments OFFMIKE
Lofty trains ELS
Lysol target ODOR
Mamie’s man IKE
Manning of the Giants ELI
Match well FITIN
Measure of how much a ship swerves off course? YAWDEGREE
Microbe-ridden GERMY
Mist over FOGUP
Model Klum HEIDI
More ashen PALER
Nixon veep Spiro AGNEW
Nosh EAT
Not as risky SAFER
Oct.’s 744 HRS
Of charged particles IONIC
Otter’s kin ERMINE
Penne __ vodka ALLA
Pertaining to INRE
Place to bathe on the grass outside a house? TUBOFYARD
Places for milk products DAIRIES
Plunk lead-in KER
Pre-entree dishes SALADS
Radio tuner DIAL
Raggedy __ ANN
Really boring chairs, desks and tables? YAWNFURNITURE
Related (to) AKIN
Remote button abbr REC
Road hazard POTHOLE
Romero of ‘Batman’ CESAR
Scout unit TROOP
Seamless transition SEGUE
See 117-Across WORSE
Short snooze NAP
Singer John ELTON
Slandered really badly SLIMED
Sloppy smooches WETKISSES
Small hotel INN
Sorority ‘P’ RHO
Sounded like a frog CROAKED
Stable stock HAY
Storied fireman Red ADAIR
Take a pic of SNAP
Tall volcano in Sicily ETNA
Tally a total SUM
Territory split in 1889 DAKOTA
The, to Hans DER
They cause actions STIMULI
Three, in Bari TRE
Two-grid vacuum tube TETRODE
Union general George MEADE
Viral malady FLU
Von __ family (‘The Sound of Music’ clan) TRAPP
Walk like a little ‘un TODDLE
What 1066 is famous as? NORMANYEAR
What vets provide PETCARE
White water whereabouts RAPIDS
With 108-Down, deteriorate GET
Word before circus or blitz MEDIA
Work’s name TITLE
Worrier’s cry OHDEAR
Writer Bellow SAUL
Wry twisting IRONY
__ -jongg MAH
__ Abner LIL
__ Haute TERRE
__ Leone SIERRA
__ opus MAGNUM
__ oxide (anesthetic) NITROUS
__ pittance (hardly any) AMERE