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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Jul 12 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Premier Sunday King Feature Syndicate.

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Clues Answers
“… or __ gather” SOI
“Ac-Cent- __ -Ate the Positive” TCHU
“Ad __ per aspera” (Kansas’ motto) ASTRA
“Get lost!” BEATIT
“Please reply,” in brief RSVP
“Rapa __” (1994 film) NUI
“Six-pack” ABS
“Stillmatic” rapper NAS
“The Addams Family” cousin ITT
“The Wizard of Menlo Park” EDISON
“What business is __ yours?” ITOF
“You __ My Sunshine” ARE
“__ a Very Good Year” ITWAS
1973-99 Lima-based carrier AEROPERU
Actress Carrere TIA
Actress Kirshner MIA
Advice tidbit TIP
Avocado dip, informally GUAC
Barely passing grade DMINUS
Big name in small planes CESSNA
Big simian APE
Big whoop ADO
Bit of crying TEAR
Boastful talk HOTAIR
Bottom line SUMTOTAL, NET
Brought into the world BORN
Bus. firms COS
Capote, to his friends TRU
Cause heads to turn ATTRACTATTENTION
Cavern effect ECHO
Cessation STOPPAGE
Chris of “Sex and the City” NOTH
Chucked TOSSED
Cigar-holding container HUMIDOR
Cincinnati Reds player in the Baseball Hall of Fame EDDROUSH
City NNE of Lake Tahoe RENO
Cloister sister NUN
Conjuring aid SPELL
Courtroom promise IDO, OATH
Despicable ODIOUS, BAASE
Dog following its owner closely HEELER
Dog with Dorothy TOTO
Drop by VISIT
Encroach on another’s land TRESPASS
Extra for an iDevice APP
Falco of TV EDIE
Final resting places TOMBS
G.P. or vet DOC
Give forth EMIT
Gives access LETSIN
Giving a rigorous tryout PUTTINGTOTHETEST
Grassy area LEA
Grove growth TREE
Home pest ANT
Huge, informally MEGA
In a snit HETUP
It closed all 130+ of its U.S. campuses in 2016 ITTTECHNICALINSTITUTE
Jeans go-with, often TSHIRT
Kay-em link ELL
Leave high and dry MAROON
Lillian of film GISH
Little __ (kids) UNS
Magazine mogul Condé NAST
Many mag pages ADS
Mass singers CHOIR
Clues Answers
Mayberry’s Otis, for one SOT
Mutt’s sound GRR
Narc, e.g AGENT
Nickname for Connecticut THECONSTITUTIONSTATE
Norma __ (film heroine) RAE
Novelist du Maurier DAPHNE
On top of, to poets OER
Ore- __ IDA
Outback bird EMU
Part of NCAA: Abbr ATH
Passage leading to an aural drum EARCANAL
Patrick of “A Clockwork Orange” MAGEE
Pitchfork part TINE
Play a ukulele, e.g STRUM
Pol. middle-of-the-roader IND
Precip-ice? SLEET
Principle TENET
Prize greatly ESTEEM
Prunes TRIMS
Question the Devil asks in a Kipling poem ITSPRETTYBUTISITART
Red Scare attorney Roy COHN
Revival skill, for short CPR
River to the Rhone ISERE
Schlepped TOTED
School on the Thames ETON
Sea, to Yves MER
See 106-Across ARIE
Senseless INANE
Sharpener of skills HONER
Sign into law ENACT
Singer Bareilles SARA
Six-Day War leader Dayan MOSHE
Something really easy ASNAP
Song syllable TRA
Spanish ayes SISI
Spy’s device TAP
Starting something over, figuratively HITTINGTHERESETBUTTON
Suffix with south ERN
Symbol for written music NOTATION
Taxing org IRS
Texter’s hugs OOO
Thinker Descartes RENE
To boot ATTHAT
Troop group UNIT
Turn rancid SOUR
U.S. intel org NSA
Uncle, in Argentina TIO
Vietnamese New Year TET
Wait patiently SITTIGHT
Wall work MURAL
War god ARES
Ward of TV SELA
Weight allowance, once TRET
What’s accurate about a situation THETRUTHOFTHEMATTER
Wheaton of “Stand by Me” WIL
Wheel center HUB
Wilson’s predecessor TAFT
With 29-Across, neo-soul singer with four Grammys INDIA
Wolfs down INHALES
Wrath IRE
Yesteryear YORE
Yule tune NOEL
__ -Z ATO
__ chi TAI
__ nous ENTRE
__ pot (sinus-cleaning device) NETI
__ v. Wade ROE
__ wheel (fair ride) FERRIS