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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Jul 15 2018

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‘Halt!’ STOP
‘How I wish!’ IFONLY
‘It’s a possibility for me’ IMAY
‘It’s enough to survive on’ IGETBY
‘Poetry Man’ singer PHOEBESNOW
‘Take Time to Know Her’ singer PERCYSLEDGE
‘That stinks!’ BOO
‘The Jerk’ diector Reiner CARL
‘The Lady Eve’ director PRESTONSTURGES
‘Tiny Bubbles’ crooner DONHO
‘Turn! Turn! Turn!’ songwriter PETESEEGER
‘Wall of Sound’ record producer PHILSPECTOR
‘Yeah, sure!’ IBET
— -Blo (fuse type) SLO
— Lingus AER
1964 Beatles hit … or what an adoring fan of any of eight celebrities in this puzzle might say? PSILOVEYOU
1994 Peace Nobelist Shimon PERES
2001 Peace Nobelist Kofi ANNAN
Abhors HATES
Actor Carell STEVE
Actor Jamie FARR
Actor Mark — -Baker LINN
Actress Sue LYON
Anita of ‘La Dolce Vita’ EKBERG
Antiquing substance AGER
Aromatic shrubs of Europe MYRTLES
Arsenal stuff AMMO
Artwork displayer EXHIBITOR
Attribute CREDIT
Baseball card no STAT
Beachward ASHORE
Bird homes NESTS
Bits of viral web content MEMES
Bros, e.g SIBS
Bull tail? ISH
By way of VIA
Capitals’ gp NHL
Casino pair DICE
Cassini of couture OLEG
Casual shoe SLIPPER
Chemical ‘twin’ ISOMER
Chris Evert beat her at the 1978 U.S. Open PAMSHRIVER
CIA mind-game initiative PSYOP
City in central India RAIPUR
Classic arcade name ATARI
Color variety TINT
Coming time FUTURE
Completed DONE
David Letterman’s music director PAULSHAFFER
De Mille the dancer AGNES
Deodorant target UNDERARM
E-garbage SPAM
Enter on a vehicle RIDEINTO
Exist naturally (in) INHERE
Feel a prickly sensation TINGLE
Fingerprint ridge WHORL
Frat letter PHI
Frolicked ROMPED
Fruit related to a 37-Down SLOE
Garbage ROT
Genie holder LAMP
Gig hookups AMPS
Green gems BERYLS
Grizzly rug, maybe BEARSKIN
Gun, slangily ROSCOE
H.S. math TRIG
Havarti, e.g CHEESE
He played Captain Picard PATRICKSTEWART
Hi-tech ‘appt. book’ PDA
High mount ALP
High throw LOB
Hoagies HEROS
How oboes sound REEDY
Humble LOWLY
Ike’s inits DDE
Irish coins EUROS
It may become a prune PLUM
It’s similar to a wapiti REDDEER
Jason’s vengeful wife MEDEA
Lebanon’s capital BEIRUT
Liaison AGENT
Literary twist IRONY
Louisiana cooking style CREOLE
Low-pitched DEEP
Ltr. heads-up ATTN
Mafia title CAPO
Mambo music’s Tito PUENTE
Margarine OLEO
Michigan’s Grosse — POINTE
Miners’ finds ORES
Most domineering BOSSIEST
Name-lending person EPONYM
New printing REISSUE
Not messy NEAT
Not written in any key ATONAL
Occasion EVENT
Occasioned LEDTO
Of the ear OTIC
Out of sight GONE
Pack in LOAD
Paper opinion piece OPED
Parched SERE
Pays for BUYS
People present ATTENDEES
Picnic pests ANTS
Pond duck TEAL
Pothole fill TAR
Pothole site ROAD
Pueblo pot OLLA
Put in danger RISK
Quaking tree ASPEN
Rail station DEPOT
Rationale REASON
Rd. crossers STS
Really tired WIPED
Refs’ kin UMPS
Roof’s edge EAVE
Ryan of film ONEAL
Saturate IMBRUE
Scottish loch NESS
See 57-Across OUT
Slots site CASINO
Smoothed, as wood SANDED
Soft & — DRI
Southern speech trait DRAWL
Spencer of TV news LARA
Spill secrets BLAB
Spongy ball brand NERF
Subdivision of a religion SECT
Supplement ADDTO
Tax pro CPA
Top-tier AONE
Trade show EXPO
Vend anew RESELL
Versifier POET
Wash (down) HOSE
Web handle USERID
Wheel action ROLL
Whence St. Francis ASSISI
With 47-Across, allots METES
Word sung after ‘que’ SERA
Years on end AEON