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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Jul 19 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Premier Sunday King Feature Syndicate.

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Clues Answers
“… or __ thought” SOI
“Abou Ben __” (Leigh Hunt poem) ADHEM
“Big Blue” IBM
“Hurray!” RAH
“Hurray!” YAY
“It finally makes sense” ISEENOW
“Li’l” guy ABNER
“Look!,” in Latin ECCE
“Put __ in it!” ACORK
“So icky!” EEW
“The Munsters” actress De Carlo YVONNE
“This tastes way better than coffee, tea or ale”? ITSTOOGOODTOBEBREW
“Totentanz” composer Franz LISZT
“What kind of fool __?” AMI
“__ Bravo” RIO
122-Down officer: Abbr ENS
2010 Apple debut IPAD
Action hero Steven SEAGAL
Actor Sandler ADAM
Actress Helena __ Carter BONHAM
Acutely cold ICY
Adm.’s milieu USN
Affliction MALADY
Ale relative BEER
An hour past midnight ONEAM
Anna of fashion SUI
Ares’ mother HERA
Atty.’s org ABA
Aussie leaper ROO
Aves RDS
Be off-base ERR
Bedouin, e.g ARAB
Boxer Laila ALI
Brezhnev of Russia LEONID
Bride’s vow IDO
Canine cord LEASH
Carol about holiday cheese? OCHRISTMASBRIE
Central point HUB
Charge (up) REV
Choir female ALTO
Comfortable ATEASE
Concert sites ARENAS
Coveted annual prizes NOBELS
Czar who was not inordinately cruel? IVANTHEBEARABLE
Dandie __ (dog breed) DINMONT
Denmark’s __ Islands FAROE
Depilatory brand NAIR
Doc who may scrape wax ENT
Doughnut filling that’s an exchanged commodity? CREAMOFBARTER
Easily available ONHAND
Enigmatic clodhopper casting spells? MAGICALMYSTERYBOOR
Eye, to poets ORB
Fake name ALIAS
Fictional Doolittle ELIZA
Filmdom’s __ B. DeMille CECIL
Forms a liking for TAKESTO
Gambling site, for short OTB
Gossipy type YENTA
Got totally used up RANDRY
Guy who can do any interweaving style? JACKOFALLBRAIDS
Had a meal at home ATEIN
Had life WAS
Hanukkah potato treat LATKE
Hard fat SUET
Has no life ISNT
Hi- __ (stereos) FIS
High- __ TECH
Hoffman/Beatty film ISHTAR
Illegal punch LOWBLOW
Improvise WINGIT
In a dead heat EVEN
Incurred a lot of, as debt RACKEDUP
Irate MAD
Israeli carrier ELAL
Kazakhstan’s capital, until 2019 ASTANA
Key on a PC ESC
La __ Tar Pits BREA
Less fresh STALER
Light lunch, maybe SALAD
Like grizzlies and kodiaks URSINE
List-curtailing abbr ETC
Livy’s “I love” AMO
Longtime senator Robert BYRD
Look as if SEEM
Main monk ABBOT
Mauna __ LOA
Milan’s land ITALY
Nice scent AROMA
One of 18 on a course TEE
One of the Nixon daughters TRICIA
One-named singer of “Royals” LORDE
Optometrist, old-style OCULIST
Part of DNA ACID
Particular mag. edition ISS
Pat lightly DAB
Peak near Tokyo: Abbr MTFUJI
People purchasing decorative rolling car parts? WHITEWALLBUYERS
Person being examined TESTEE
Petri dish site LAB
Poet Hughes TED
Polar hazard BERG
Politician Gary propping himself up against something? THELEANINGBAUER
Prefix with chic or resort ECO
President after Harrison TYLER
Pro at CPR EMT
Pulitzer winner Edward ALBEE
Purple flowers LILACS
Quote CITE
Really shout SCREAM
Resting place INN
Ribeye, e.g STEAK
Roping in LASSOING
See 38-Across RIFLE
Serious crime FELONY
Set sail EMBARK
Sheep cry BAA
Shows up for COMESTO
Soccer star Lionel MESSI
Soda brand NEHI
Sorority “T” TAU
South Carolina river SANTEE
Spring month MAY
Streamlined SLEEK
Strip of weapons UNARM
Suffix with cook or trick ERY
Suffix with southwest ERN
Talking- __ (lectures) TOS
Tall fence surrounding a pugnacious dog? PITBULLBARRIER
Tape holder SPOOL
Tennis great Nastase ILIE
Three more than quadri- SEPTI
Tiny WEE
Toon pics CELS
Tote or duffel BAG
Touch on ABUT
Trickle out OOZE
Verdi’s “__ tu” ERI
Wane EBB
Weird sort ODDBALL
Wine vessels CARAFES
With 60-Down, BB gun AIR
Writer Anaïs NIN
Wye follower ZEE
__ Vision (eye care chain) PEARLE