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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Jul 22 2018

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Clues Answers
‘– -di-dah!’ LAH
‘– gratia artis’ ARS
‘– y plata’ (Montana motto) ORO
‘Any problem with that?’ ISITOK
‘Hud’ co-star Patricia NEAL
‘Mack the Knife’ singer Bobby DARIN
‘My Fair –‘ LADY
‘Nope’ NAH
‘Scream’ director Wes CRAVEN
‘The Chosen’ novelist Chaim — POTOK
‘Tin Cup’ co-star Rene RUSSO
‘You there!’ HEY
— -tac-toe TIC
— borealis AURORA
1990s exercise fad TAEBO
95-Across’ rank: Abbr GEN
Actor Danny AIELLO
Actor Hemsworth LIAM
Actor Morales ESAI
Actress Alba JESSICA
Airheaded DITSY
Anxious ONEDGE
Aromatic ODOROUS
Attended, as an event WENTTO
Award winner, e.g HONOREE
Baby hooter OWLET
Be contrite REPENT
Big African antelope ELAND
Big name in fables AESOP
Big name in polling GALLUP
Brick ovens KILNS
Brief brawls SETTOS
Buying binge SPREE
Cassini of fashion OLEG
Cell stuff DNA
Cereal endorsed by first-year athletes? ROOKIECRISP
Cereal flavored with really hot peppers? FROSTEDFLAMES
Cereal invented by actor William? HOLDENGRAHAMS
Cereal that helps to heal broken legs? CAPNCRUTCH
Cereal that looks like it’s been polished? COCOABUFFS
Cereal that makes people want to create graphs and tables? LUCKYCHARTS
Cereal that turns kids into imps? RAISINBRAT
Cereal that’s more than enough? AMPLEJACKS
Cereal with hidden crib sheets? SHREDDEDCHEAT
Challenger DARER
Chili’s color RED
Clu of ‘McQ’ GULAGER
Cow catcher LASSO
Deck wood TEAK
Demonstrate SHOWHOW
Despot Idi AMIN
Dilettante DABBLER
Doe or cow FEMALE
Downed food ATE
Electrojet bit ION
Even chance TOSSUP
Examined in order to rob CASED
Except BUT
Fictional detective Lupin ARSENE
Finnish, e.g NORDIC
Foe of Grant LEE
For now PROTEM
Give the OK SAYYES
Good-sized combos NONETS
Got to one’s feet UPROSE
Guy who ‘was here’ KILROY
Had mercy on SPARED
Having many bunches of feathers TUFTY
Hedy of old Hollywood LAMARR
Holy songs PSALMS
Clues Answers
Hoppy drink ALE
Hunting lures DECOYS
Ilie of tennis NASTASE
Individuals ONES
Judo room DOJO
Kid who challenges gender stereotypes TOMGIRL
Klutzes OAFS
Large burden ONUS
Latest info NEWS
Lathering up SUDSING
Latin ‘and others’ ETALIA
Lava emitter VOLCANO
Less cheap PRICIER
Liberally FREELY
Lie languidly LOLL
Like potential sweethearts DATABLE
Lions’ lairs DENS
Look upon REGARD
Maui, e.g ISLE
Merited fate KARMA
Model oneself after EMULATE
Muckraking Nellie BLY
Neither here — there NOR
Not be inert REACT
Nut’s partner BOLT
Nutritional amts RDAS
Office furniture WORKDESKS
Old soda brand NEHI
Old TV’s ‘– Na Na’ SHA
On — with APAR
Op. — CIT
Parseghian of football ARA
Positive number, e.g INTEGER
Positive vote YEA
Prefix with resort ECO
Propyl ender ENE
Public tribute HOMAGE
Reference showing an urban area CITYMAP
Remove moisture in by whirling SPINDRY
Rescue crew VIP EMT
Ribbed, as fabric CORDED
River from Lake Erie NIAGARA
Rocker Ric OCASEK
Saw to a seat USHERED
Shul attendee JEW
Singer Phil OCHS
Sit-ups sculpt them ABS
Slumbering ASLEEP
So very ALLTOO
Some sailboats SLOOPS
Sound a horn TOOT
Sousing sort SOT
Sprinkler of plants WATERER
Spy gp CIA
Stoats with white coats ERMINES
Stopped slumbering AWAKED
Sushi fish EEL
Sushi fish AHI
Tennis’ Ivanovic ANA
Tiger cat OCELOT
Turkish commander AGA
Uncluttered NEAT
Utter a fib LIE
Vast desert SAHARA
Very skilled ADEPT
Vintage auto REO
Vocalist Della REESE
Willy with a chocolate factory WONKA
Winter Games gp IOC
Young male, in many rap songs BOI