Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Jul 3 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Beats me” IDUNNO
“For shame!” TUT
“Hooked on Classics” label KTEL
“Ooh” or “tra” follower LALA
“Othello” role IAGO
“Sheena” star Gena Lee __ NOLIN
“Star Wars” royal LEIA
“Swell!” NEATO
“__ Holmes” (2020 Millie Bobby Brown film) ENOLA
Action word VERB
Actor Malcolm- __ Warner JAMAL
Actor Neeson LIAM
Actress Redgrave VANESSA
Astern AFT
At any time EVER
Attendee GOER
Aurora, to the Greeks EOS
Baby sheep LAMBS
BandB, e.g INN
Be a pioneer INNOVATE
Beer for a Brit ALE
Biblical metaphor for Jerusalem [Utah] DAUGHTEROFZION
Big name in train travel AMTRAK
Big Texas city AUSTIN
Bishops’ jurisdictions DIOCESES
Bleating beasts GOATS
Box lightly SPAR
Brand of bottled water AQUAFINA
Brezhnev of the USSR LEONID
British spy novelist John LECARRE
Bronze-hued TAN
Choco-coffee flavor MOCHA
Classic soul song by Curtis Mayfield MOVEONUP
Coffee holders MUGS
Coll. in Columbus OSU
Computer pioneer Lovelace ADA
Concerning cooking CULINARY
Couldn’t help but HADTO
Counterfeit SHAM
Curbside cry TAXI
Customary USUAL
Denials NOS
Dozes NAPS
Drs.’ org AMA
Enter forcibly INVADE
Erwin of old Hollywood STU
Ex-Giant Mel OTT
Flute sound TOOTLE
Full-size SUV introduced in 1998 [Alaska] GMCYUKONDENALI
Full-size SUV introduced in 2000 [California] TOYOTASEQUOIA
Game token PIECE
Geller of the paranormal URI
Get back at AVENGE
Global rivalry concerning weaponry ARMSRACE
Has too much, with “on” ODS
Hearth waste ASH
High volcano in Sicily ETNA
Hush-hush U.S. org NSA
Ice mass descending a mountain valley [British Columbia] ALPINEGLACIER
Iconic logo of McDonald’s [Utah] GOLDENARCHES
Indy circuit LAP
Irritating RANKLING
It’s between tau and phi UPSILON
Italian encore song, often OSOLEMIO
Italian isle CAPRI
Its cap. is Bismarck NDAK
Last pope of the 1700s PIUSVI
Like Attu’s island chain ALEUTIAN
Line of family rulers DYNASTY
Long, thin cut SLIT
Love god EROS
Low bow of respect SALAAM
Mac computer platform released in 2014 [California] OSXYOSEMITE
Magnate Onassis ARI
Make tangled KNOT
Mayberry’s Otis, e.g SOT
Medieval war weapon POLEAX
Most wacky ZANIEST
Natty necktie ASCOT
Needle case ETUI
Nervous ONEDGE
Not fuzzy CLEAR
Not given an assessment UNRATED
Not pleasurable, colloquially UNFUN
Opaque quartz with banding [Alberta] AGATEJASPER
OPEC supply OIL
Original thing FIRST
Outskirts ENVIRONS
Part of USSR: Abbr SOV
PC character set acronym ASCII
Person on a bus, e.g RIDER
Poet’s “always” EER
Pol who was John-John’s uncle RFK
Pool growth ALGAE
Proceeds forward ADVANCES
Rd. crossers AVES
Really rant at TEARINTO
Regal name of Norway OLAF
Respond to ANSWER
Rombauer of cooking IRMA
Ruhr city ESSEN
Saint __ (island country) LUCIA
Sassy quality, for short TUDE
Scottish cap TAM
Seer’s skill ESP
Sgt., say NCO
Shaw of jazz clarinet ARTIE
Sidekick of Stimpy REN
Singer Cleo LAINE
Singer Cyrus MILEY
Singer Green formerly on “The Voice” CEELO
Singer Rita ORA
Slimy veggie OKRA
Society for brainiacs MENSA
Strong string TWINE
Suffix with percent ILE
Tabula __ RASA
Talk formally ORATE
Terrier breed AIREDALE
Three, in Germany DREI
Toluca locale MEXICO
Ton of, casually LOTTA
Top pilot ACE
Torah cabinets ARKS
Tuscany city SIENA
TV’s O’Donnell ROSIE
Type of 35 mm camera SLR
Uncooked RAW
Vaccine injectors SYRINGES
Very, in slang HELLA
Violinist Elman or actor Auer MISCHA
What each of seven key words in this puzzle is the name of NATIONALPARK
Wheel bars AXLES
Wolfs (down) SCARFS
__ -Ball SKEE
__ 10 (acne medication) OXY

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