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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Jul 5 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Premier Sunday King Feature Syndicate.

Clues Answers
“Alice” waitress FLO
“As __ care!” IFI
“Eat __ Chikin” (Chick-Fil-A slogan) MOR
“Let’s see …” HMM
“Me neither” NORI
“On Language” columnist William SAFIRE
“Orinoco Flow” singer ENYA
“Says You!” broadcaster NPR
“The Alienist” novelist Carr CALEB
“Yeah, right” IBET
“__ so sorry!” EVER, IAM
164-nation commerce gp WTO
1950s politico Stevenson ADLAI
1974 CIA spoof flick SPYS
A lot like AKINTO
Absolut rival, for short STOLI
According to ALA
Acorn sources OAKS
Actor Ayres LEW
Actor Levy EUGENE
Another time ANEW
Au courant HIP
Ballot caster ELECTOR
Barber’s stuff GEL, TALC
Bathe the star of “Caroline in the City”? CLEANTHOMPSON
Batik worker DYER
Be inclined TILT, TEND
Bedtime hour DAYSEND
Berg material ICE
Boxer Frazier JOE
Bride in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” TOULA
Broadcaster AIRER
Candy __ (hospital helpers) STRIPERS
Cape __ COD
Capital of Canada OTTAWA, CEE
Capital of Canada? CEE
Categorized CLASSED
Certain pipe shape ELL, TEE
Channel swimmer Gertrude EDERLE
Chou En- __ LAI
Coffee bit BEAN
Color shade TONE
Composed and ready for printing INTYPE
Contradict the inventor of the cotton gin? BELIEWHITNEY
Crooner Cline PATSY
Cut all ties with the star of “Our Miss Brooks”? SEVERARDEN
Dawn goddess EOS
Delights in ENJOYS
Didn’t include OMITTED
Diminutive LITTLE
Dimwit DOPE
Do not disturb LEAVEBE
Droopy-eared hound BASSET
Electric jolt ZAP
Era upon era EON
Even though ALBEIT
Extort money from the star of “The Europeans”? BLEEDREMICK
Finished OVER
Flawlessly TOAT
Floats in the breeze WAFTS
Forest lairs DENS
Former times YORE
Gab, informally CHINWAG
Gate joint HINGE
Gilbert of “The Conners” SARA
Glass edge RIM
Halter’s cousin TUBETOP
Clues Answers
Hank in the Basketball Hall of Fame IBA
Helps out AIDS
Hit resulting in an out and an RBI SACFLY
Holy Fr. woman STE
Hoops’ Shaq ONEAL
Hot dog WIENER
Hurdle LEAP
In districts ZONED
Indistinct FAINT
Infatuates ENAMORS
Intro painting course, say ARTI
Investigate the director of “Stand by Me”? PROBEREINER
Jason’s ship ARGO
Jules Verne captain NEMO
Kidnap the star of “Madam Secretary”? STEALLEONI
Ladder rung STEP
Law school beginner ONEL
Levied, as a tax IMPOSED
Light hit TAP
Like amatory literature EROTIC
Like houses with pitched roofs GABLED
Lubes again REOILS
Mae West’s “Diamond __” LIL
Make a genetic replica of the star of “The Wolf Man”? CLONECHANEY
Marvelous GRAND
McKellen of movies IAN
Mil. jets’ site AFB
Mimicked APED
Mistreat the director of “Splash”? WRONGHOWARD
Moms MAS
Morales of film and TV ESAI
Muscle jerks TICS
Phone game, maybe APP, TAG
Piaf of song EDITH
Pickle or cure PRESERVE
Pigeonhole the 16th president? LABELLINCOLN
Positive vote AYE
Prefix related to birds AVI
Provided GAVE
Pungent pizza topping ONION
Quaint street lighter GASLAMP
Radio spots ADS
Rational SANE
Relief sound AAH
Resident of “la-la land” ANGELENO
Retired academics EMERITI
Roman 950 CML
Rumpus ADO
Schoolboys LADS
Self-love EGO
Senator Cruz TED
Sgt., say NCO
Sniff the singer of “Coca Cola Cowboy”? SMELLTILLIS
Software instruction file, often README
Soho setting LONDON
Something super-fun ABLAST
Spill hot coffee on baseball’s “Iron Man”? SCALDRIPKEN
Stable feed HAY
Sushi roll fish EEL
Tall bird EMU
Tingly feeling ITCH
Toy-package span AGERANGE
Trample the playwright of “Travesties”? STOMPSTOPPARD
Whirlpool site SPA
Women’s Open org LPGA
Wood overlay VENEER
Writer Blyton ENID
Yearly records ANNALS
Yes, to Yvette OUI
__ -bitsy ITSY