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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 10 2018

Published in Premier Sunday King Feature Syndicate. Tags: , , , , , , .

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Clues Answers
‘– a pity’ TIS
‘Bachelor Father’ actress Corcoran NOREEN
‘Black-ish’ network ABC
‘I — your service’ AMAT
‘Master of None’ star Aziz — ANSARI
‘This is bad!’ UHOH
‘Veni,’ translated ICAME
‘You said it!’ AMEN
— Bator ULAN
— center REC
— Coeur, Missouri CREVE
— nous ENTRE
— standstill ATA
— Tin Tin RIN
1974 hit for Kool & the Gang JUNGLEBOOGIE
2013 black-comedy crime film AMERICANHUSTLE
A fifth of MV CCI
Advance again, as money RELOAN
Airplane-boarding bridge JETWAY
Alphabet consonant sequence LMN
Alphabet vowel sequence AEIOU
Asimov of sci-fi ISAAC
Baby female sheep EWELAMBS
Balsa floater RAFT
Bearlike URSINE
Beginning language course with conjugations LATINI
Big galoot OAF
Biting African pest TSETSEFLY
Bother ADO
British noble DUKE
Cable chan. for old films TCM
Cambodian currency unit RIEL
Cask TUB
Cask aging in a cellar WINEBARREL
Caustic stuff LYE
Center MIDST
Center CORE
Certain Alaska native INUIT
Chinese chairman MAO
Choir part TENOR
Colts’ stats TDS
Continental train pass name EURAIL
Cost per unit RATE
Crying WEEPY
Cut — (dance) ARUG
Dan Brown’s ‘The — Code’ DAVINCI
Deep ravine GULF
Dumbfound AWE
Earthlings HUMANRACE
Ending with switch EROO
Env. add-in ENC
Eritrea’s capital ASMARA
Expatriate EMIGRE
Extinct GONE
Find another function for REUSE
Florence-to-Rome dir SSE
Foul moods SNITS
Frolic about PRANCE
Fudgelike candy PENUCHE
German subs UBOATS
Giant in lawn care ORTHO
Giant in oil HESS
Glimpsed ESPIED
Had a meal ATE
Hanker (for) YEARN
Health resort SPA
Height: Prefix ACRO
Huge sea wave TSUNAMI
Clues Answers
Informal pause-marking punctuation DOUBLEDASH
Infuriate ANGER
Injury of a bodily band TENDONTEAR
Isr. neighbor SYR
Jekyll’s counterpart HYDE
Kant’s ‘I’ ICH
Keg feature SPIGOT
Let free UNLOOSE
Letter before dee CEE
Letter before tee ESS
Letter before upsilon TAU
Lettering aid STENCIL
Light brown TAN
Like spud-peeling GIs ONKP
Listerine rival SCOPE
Manipulates, as dough KNEADS
Many free TV ads, for short PSAS
Membrane of hearing EARDRUM
Memoir or exposé, e.g NONFICTIONBOOK
Minneapolis suburb EDINA
Model’s gig PHOTOSHOOT
Monk’s title FRA
More tired SLEEPIER
Mother-of-pearl NACRE
Move in a way suggested by this puzzle’s 10 longest answers SPEED
Nose, in slang SCHNOZ
Of a certain part of speech NOUNAL
Of a western U.S. mountain range SIERRAN
Once surnamed NEE
Ortiz of ‘Ugly Betty’ ANA
Pained bark YELP
Past due LATE
Pick a card DRAW
Popular typeface ARIAL
Pouting look MOUE
Pub. staffers EDS
Quaint light source GASLAMP
Radio host Flatow IRA
Really fears DREADS
Reveal LETON
Ruminated (over) PORED
Sea wrigglers EELS
See 79-Across SAUCE
Ski lift variety TBAR
Some black teas PEKOES
Spike of film LEE
Sprinted RAN
Stage award OBIE
Stars, e.g SHINERS
Stretch out ELONGATE
Suffix of enzymes ASE
Tavern PUB
Tavern INN
That, to Juan ESO
Theories ISMS
Thus far YET
Trips to wildlife areas, say ECOTOURS
TV landlady Mertz ETHEL
U.S. ‘Ltd.’ INC
Very involved INDEEP
Vile smiles SNEERS
Wallach of ‘Sam’s Son’ ELI
Website with handmade crafts ETSY
Where streets meet CORNER
With 91-Across, spaghetti topper PASTA
Wraps tightly in cloth SWADDLES
You, old-style THEE
Zodiac feline LEO