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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 14 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Premier Sunday King Feature Syndicate.

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Clues Answers
“… his wife could __ lean” EATNO
“… the Sorcerer’s Stone,” “… the Chamber of Secrets,” etc HARRYPOTTERBOOKS
“A mouse!” EEK
“As seen __” ONTV
“Beetle Bailey” dog OTTO
“Casino Royale” actress Green EVA
“Dancing Queen” quartet ABBA
“Eh Cumpari” singer Julius LAROSA
“Infant,” “whining school-boy,” etc AGESOFMAN
“My Gal __” SAL
“Orfeo ed Euridice” composer GLUCK
“Therein lies __” ATALE
“Very funny!” HAHA
100-meter hurdles, high jump, etc HEPTATHLONEVENTS
12 in a year MONTHS
2002 scandal company ENRON
45 player PHONO
Abundant AMPLE
Acid artisan ETCHER
Acting Buddy EBSEN
Actor Lukas HAAS
Actress Davis GEENA
Adorable sorts CUTIES
Albeit, for short THO
Allow access to LETIN
Anjou and Bosc PEARS
Barber’s sprinkle-on TALC
Be rife (with) TEEM
Before printing, for short PREPUB
Bovine noises MOOS
Boxer’s combo ONETWO
Brilliant success ECLAT
Brit’s “Inc.” LTD
Browns’ org NFL
Bugle noise BLARE
Bullring bull TORO
Bullring cries OLES
Carpentry file RASP
Channel airing hearings CSPAN
Consecrate ORDAIN
Consents (to) AGREES
Cost to cross TOLL
Criticize petulantly SNIPEAT
Dandy guy FOP
Desert of the Southwest SONORAN
Detox place REHAB
Diarist Nin ANAIS
Digests a digest, say READS
Dijon denial NON
Director Howard RON
Driving a car ATTHEWHEEL
Elementary BASIC
Envy, gluttony, etc CARDINALSINS
Epsom __ SALTS
Extremely light porous solid AEROGEL
Eye affliction STYE
Family KIN
Fashion line? SEAM
FedEx, say SEND
Gin fruit SLOE
Great Pyramid of Giza, Colossus of Rhodes, etc WONDERSOFTHEWORLD
Harm’s way PERIL
Hawikuh, Cibola, etc CITIESOFGOLD
Heavenly EDENIC
Hood for a monk COWL
Hope that one may SEEKTO
Hops kiln OAST
Hugs, in a billet-doux OOO
Imitate ECHO
Indian tourist city AGRA
Italian coins EUROS
Jetson tyke ELROY
JFK guess ETA
Justice Antonin SCALIA
Justice Dept. employees ATTYS
Like tornado winds AWHIRL
Lilt syllable TRA
Little peeve NIT
Looks at VIEWS
Makes illegal BANS
Many an orphan, in time ADOPTEE
Mao __ -tung TSE
Marks, as a ballot XES
Minos’ island CRETE
Molten flows LAVAS
Moray milieu REEF
Mr. Chips player Peter OTOOLE
Musical pitch TONE
Nerve center HUB
Number of items in each set featured in this puzzle SEVEN
Of kidneys RENAL
Outmoded OLD
Paranormal skill, in brief ESP
Partner of Wells FARGO
PC pic file GIF
Petri dish stuff AGAR
Photo badges, e.g IDS
Plain __ (obvious) TOSEE
Plum pit, e.g SEED
Political muscle CLOUT
Pool film ALGAE
Provo’s state UTAH
Psi follower OMEGA
Rated most likely to win ODDSON
Red, orange, etc RAINBOWCOLORS
Rhine tributary AAR
Rockies ruminants ELKS
Romantic outing DATE
Sacred Egyptian cross ANKH
Sawed logs SNORED
See 25-Down LEE
Shag or bob STYLE
Sharp range ridges ARETES
Sheriff’s band POSSE
Shutter strip SLAT
Since Hector was __ APUP
Singer Franklin ARETHA
Sinusitis-treating doc ENT
Siouan language OTO
Size again REFIT
Solon of Athens, Thales of Miletus, etc SAGESOFGREECE
Statesman Kefauver ESTES
Stole third, perhaps SLID
Sty dwellers SWINE
Sulky mood SNIT
The “A” of PDA: Abbr ASST
The “A” of PGA: Abbr ASSN
These, in Acapulco ESTOS
Third of IX III
Trilogy, often SAGA
Uber rival LYFT
USN jr. officer ENS
Veer, as a ship YAW
Very top APEX
With 105-Across, singer of the 1960 #1 hit “I’m Sorry” BRENDA
Witty sayings MOTS
Words before clinking glasses ATOAST
You, to a Quaker THEE
__ Mawr, Pennsylvania BRYN
__ rock (’70s genre) GLAM