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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 17 2018

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Clues Answers
‘– ed Euridice’ (1762 opera) ORFEO
‘First Take’ channel ESPN
‘He’s Got the Whole World — Hands’ INHIS
‘I found it!’ EUREKA
‘I see what you’re up to!’ OHO
‘Sorry, you missed it’ TOOLATE
‘That Girl’ star Thomas MARLO
— -à-porter PRET
— -Cola COCA
— Chyna (model with the makeup line Lashed) BLAC
— d’Alene, Idaho COEUR
— de terre (potato, in Paris) POMME
1974-78 sitcom RHODA
1985 title film role for Kate Nelligan ELENI
Abalone shell lining NACRE
Actress Green EVA
Adore, on candy hearts LUV
AL-to-OH dir NNE
All excited HETUP
Andy Taylor’s kid OPIE
Assert AVOW
Bar brew BEER
Bar brew ALE
Bedroom furniture with a low seat and a high back SLIPPERCHAIR
Bible bk. after Nehemiah ESTH
Biblical book after Daniel HOSEA
Big name in taco kits ORTEGA
Bit of butter PAT
Bit of lore TALE
Bobby of the NHL ORR
Burial place CRYPT
Burn balm ALOEVERA
Celebrity with a book club OPRAH
Cessna Skyhawk competitor PIPERCHEROKEE
Coliseum ARENA
Colt bearers MARES
Compound of elements #29 and #17 COPPERCHLORIDE
Conjurer Geller URI
Cost to play ANTE
Crackerjack ACE
Dangers PERILS
Deceived with a fib LIEDTO
Did a leaf-gathering job RAKED
Distinctive filmmaker AUTEUR
Dixon of astrology JEANE
Donkey ASS
Dwell in OCCUPY
Earthy colour OCHRE
Effort toward a law degree, informally PAPERCHASE
Extend as far as REACHTO
Fierce crusade JIHAD
Fish ‘caught’ nine times in this puzzle PERCH
Five-star TOPRATED
Flamenco dance shout OLE
Forty winks NAP
French version of an Oscar CESAR
Freshening up of a baby DIAPERCHANGE
Friends, in Italian AMICI
Fruit-flavored drinks ADES
Funnywoman Fields TOTIE
Fuss over feathers PREEN
Gets into some 1940s jazz BEBOPS
Give relief to AID
Gnawed on persistently ATEAT
Go well with SUIT
Golfer Sam SNEAD
High-IQ crew MENSA
Hosp. ward ICU
Clues Answers
In tidy order NEAT
Interprets READS
Intro offerer EMCEE
Irish Gaelic language ERSE
Irish whiskey brand JAMESON
Japanese brand of 112-Down ASAHI
Joins up ENLISTS
Just-prior time EVE
Juvenile cow HEIFER
Kissing pair LIPS
Krispy — KREME
Lamb raisers EWES
Lane of song ABBE
Large asteroid CERES
Large shrimp SCAMPI
Least false TRUEST
Like Rambo MACHO
Long past OFYORE
Lot measure ACRE
Mag for some auto enthusiasts SUPERCHEVY
Make do COPE
Med. nation SYR
Mitigator EASER
NHL official REF
Old object RELIC
Old war club MACE
Online newsgroup system USENET
Out of date OLDHAT
Paging device BEEPER
Pale tan hue ECRU
Peppermint — (York product) PATTIE
Pesci of film JOE
Photos SHOTS
Pindar poem ODE
Pioneering ’40s computer ENIAC
Pollen bits SPORES
Ponied up PAID
Prepared fancily DIDUP
Professors’ milieu ACADEMIA
Protest singer Phil OCHS
Pungent green CRESS
Quail group BEVY
Quarter-mile, for many tracks ONELAP
Red-ink entry LOSS
Reporters’ tablets NOTEPADS
Road vehicle CAR
Scrub offerer SPA
Secrete milk LACTATE
Short, arcing baseball hit BLOOP
Sidestep AVOID
Simian beast APE
Smaller house in a legislature UPPERCHAMBER
Some NFL blockers TES
Spicy dairy product PEPPERCHEESE
Texas A&M athlete AGGIE
They’re below waists HIPS
Tired saying CLICHE
Tokyo, formerly EDO
Tree with prickly burs BEECH
Triple-time Spanish dances BOLEROS
Try again, as a case REHEAR
TV collie LASSIE
Unit of current AMPERE
Use as one’s own COOPT
Use up SPEND
Watson of ‘Colonia’ EMMA
What to go through when following protocol PROPERCHANNELS
Wife, e.g SPOUSE
Wild animal tracks SPOORS
Willow used in basketry OSIER