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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 2 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Annie’ star Quinn AILEEN
‘Can u believe it!’ OMG
‘Heidi’ author Johanna SPYRI
‘Na Na’ lead-in SHA
‘Oh, gross!’ EWW
‘So cool!’ OOH
‘TGIF’ part ITS
They’re playing __ song’ OUR
‘Zounds!’ EGADS
__ -Ca-Dabra’ (1974 song) ABRA
__ Gold’ (Fonda film) ULEES
A juror takes one OATH
Actor Antonio __ Jr SABATO
Actor Ken WAHL
Aplomb POISE
As well TOO
Asymmetric UNEVEN
Author Sarah __ Jewett ORNE
Bad dog CUR
Balsa transports RAFTS
Beethoven’s Third, popularly EROICA
Best players ATEAM
Bible boat ARK
Biblical twin JACOB
Bit of a lot ACRE
Bladed tool HOE
Bone to pick BEEF
Call into court ARRAIGN
Chalked stick CUE
China’s Sun __ YATSEN
Clerk at TV’s Kwik-E-Mart APU
Cockpit guess, briefly ETA
Coined thing PHRASE
Corn-on-the-cob unit EAR
Costume part, perhaps WIG
Courtroom mallet GAVEL
Cow catcher RIATA
Dated OLD
Debt slip IOU
Decimal base TEN
Diner dish OMELET
Elliptical OVAL
Even __ speak ASWE
Everything, in Latin OMNES
Exalting poem ODE
Falco of ‘The Sopranos’ EDIE
Firefighters’ tools AXES
Fred Astaire, e.g DANCER
Freud’s ‘I’ ICH
Future jr SOPH
Get out of the field REAP
GI’s time off RANDR
Go hastily HIE
Govt. money guarantor FDIC
Great serves ACES
Green car? TESLA
Gun rights org NRA
Have debts OWE
Hearth residue ASH
Hen or nanny SHE
Home of Ikea SWEDEN
Home of the Bay of Pigs CUBA
Ill-advised UNWISE
Intro studio class ARTI
It has limbs TREE
It lacks a heel FLATSHOE
Itty-bitty bit IOTA
Kosher LEGIT
Latin ‘Lo!’ ECCE
Laundry room brand ERA
LI doubled CII
Like a missing GI AWOL
Like plow-pulling oxen YOKED
Like saints HOLY
Little drink SIP
Lock of hair TRESS
London length unit METRE
Lovers’ meeting TRYST
Lower arm bones ULNAS
Maine college town ORONO
Many a bellybutton INNIE
Many a roof edge EAVE
Math calculation SUM
Math calculation AREA
Mined find IRONORE
Mineo of films SAL
Moisten, as grass BEDEW
Mr. America’s pride ABS
Mrs., in Berlin FRAU
Musician Guthrie ARLO
Mystical board OUIJA
Nashville-to-Chicago dir NNW
Neither Rep. nor Dem IND
New York City river EAST
Not had by ONTO
Notes with hashtags TWEETS
Oscar winner Rita MORENO
Piano challenge ETUDE
Presage BODE
Razor-inventing philosopher OCCAM
Really criticize BEATUPON
Really long time EON
Remit, as sins ABSOLVE
Riddle’s answer HOOKEDONONYX
Score unit NOTE
Scot’s refusal NAE
Security datum IDNUMBER
See 84-Across SET
Shaw of jazz ARTIE
So-so mark CEE
SOS signals FLARES
Spiteful MEAN
Start for friendly ECO
Start of a riddle IFTHEREWEREA
Stunning with a gun TASERING
Subside LETUP
Suffix with polymer ASE
Sushi eggs ROE
Tavern sign ONTAP
Tea box CADDY
The Little Mermaid ARIEL
Three, in Rome TRE
Throb ACHE
Tiara shiner JEWEL
Tony winner Carter NELL
Town near Santa Barbara OJAI
Tripod part LEG
Try to hit, as a gnat SWATAT
Turns away ALIENATES
Virtual bread? ECASH
With 55-Down, totally ready ALL
Wood strip LATH
Woolen cloth TWEED
Year, in Portugal ANO
Year- __ -glance ATA
Zenith rival RCA
__ roll (lucky) ONA