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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 21 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Premier Sunday King Feature Syndicate.

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Clues Answers
“Cool, dude!” RAD
“I wanna!” LEMME
“I __ Rock” (1966 hit) AMA
“Obviously!” DUH
“Quo Vadis” emperor NERO
“Sheesh, no need to be so critical!” CUTMESOMESLACK
“The L Word” actress Kirshner MIA
2005 Donna Andrews mystery novel DELETEALLSUSPECTS
A Gershwin IRA
A quarter of twenty FIVE
Absence of muddled thoughts CLEARHEAD
Actor Ryan ONEAL
Addition sign PLUS
Adore, on a candy heart LUV
Agnus __ (prayer) DEI
Alternative to People USWEEKLY
Amazement AWE
Anxiety-free ATEASE
Arafat’s PLO successor ABBAS
At least one ANY
At no cost, slangily ONTHEARM
Attack like a cat POUNCE
Australian avians EMUS
Bergman of film INGMAR
Big dino TREX
Bodily blinker EYE
Boulevard AVENUE
Bowed BENT
Caesar’s “I came” VENI
California wine county SONOMA
Call to a ewe BAA
Campsite hookup users, in brief RVERS
Capital of Turkey ANKARA
Chicago White __ SOX
Chicken chow __ MEIN
Christina of “Cursed” RICCI
Claims AVERS
Colts’ and Broncos’ gp AFC
Cosmetic accentuating the kisser LIPLINER
Counterpart to trans-, gender-wise CIS
Day’s end, poetically EVENTIDE
Designer Saarinen EERO
DigiA259l entertainment periodical PASTEMAGAZINE
Discover via unpleasant personal experience FINDOUTTHEHARDWAY
East Asian gambling mecca MACAU
Emotion-hiding types STOICS
Enterprise engineer SCOTTY
Fiesta target PINATA
Foppish scarf ASCOT
Futilely INVAIN
Grain holder SILO
Green-lights OKS
Group beliefs TENETS
Guided LED
Gumshoes TECS
Hastens, old-style HIES
He and she, e.g THEY
Holiday tuber YAM
Huck Finn’s polite assent YESM
Illegal booze BOOTLEG
Immigrant’s course: Abbr ESL
Israeli gun UZI
It hasn’t been seen before AFIRST
Jazz fusion pianist Chick COREA
Joe Biden’s party: Abbr DEM
Join forces TEAMUP
Language of Libya ARABIC
Lead-in to nuptial PRE
Les __ et les autres (both, in French) UNES
Light bulb wire FILAMENT
Like white, wet weather SNOWY
Linda Ronstadt’s “__ Easy” ITSSO
Literary finale EPILOG
Lubricants OILS
Mail opening SLOT
Make excited KEYUP
Many 4WD autos SUVS
Mattress supporter BEDSTEAD
Means of thwarting software piracy COPYPROTECTION
Metal-industry giant ALCOA
Miffed MAD
Milano of “Mistresses” ALYSSA
Most tired WEARIEST
Neither here __ there NOR
Not behind a firewall, say UNSECURE
Not potent WEAK
Not too hard to get around EVADABLE
Old-time lawyer and senator Chauncey DEPEW
Olympic skiing champ Phil MAHRE
Oom- __ PAH
Option lists that might include the starts of seven answers in this puzzle EDITMENUS
Ortiz of the screen ANA
Oscar winner Bancroft ANNE
Ovule, e.g SEED
Partook of humble pie ATECROW
Place for keeping bees APIARY
Plant stem STALK
Pneumatic engines AIRMOTORS
Poker-faced STONY
Reactions to corny puns GROANS
Ready to hit the baseball ATBAT
Really militant sort RAMBO
Recon info INTEL
Refrigerator brand AMANA
Remus’ twin ROMULUS
Rescue squad VIP EMT
River to the Rio Grande PECOS
Rocker Tyler STEVEN
Roush of baseball EDD
Saddle-making tools AWLS
SeaWorld whale, once SHAMU
Several AFEW
Sirs’ counterparts MADAMS
Snares TRAPS
Soap ingredient LYE
Sound systems STEREOS
Spy spoof of old TV GETSMART
States openly AVOWS
Stolen TAKEN
Tavern BAR
This, in Peru ESTO
Top-shelf CLASSA
Town in east-central New York ONEONTA
TV doctor Doogie HOWSER
TV’s Swenson INGA
Type of fit HISSY
Unvarnished RAW
Unwilling LOATH
Used a rocker, e.g SAT
Utah town on the Colorado MOAB
Weight allowances TARES
Winners’ signs VEES
__ -craftsy ARTSY
__ -friendly ECO
__ dixit (claim with no evidence) IPSE
__ Field (Mets’ home) CITI
__ Rica COSTA