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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 24 2018

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Clues Answers
‘– & Stitch’ (Disney film) LILO
‘– and the Real Girl’ (2007 film) LARS
‘– Sera, Sera’ QUE
‘I’m thinking …’ LETMESEE
‘No noise!’ SHH
‘Pest’ in Beverly Cleary books RAMONA
‘Superman’ star Christopher REEVE
‘The Simpsons’ wife MARGE
‘Us’ rivals THEM
— de la Cité ILE
— nitrite (vasodilator) AMYL
12:00 p.m NOON
1998 bug-themed film ANTZ
Ale mugs STEINS
Almost a plaintiff? NOTQUITESUER
Always, in poems EER
Ambience AURA
Annual awards for athletes ESPYS
Aves RDS
Bar code scanner, for short OCR
BBQ meat bit RIB
Big deli cut SLAB
Boater’s tool OAR
Book before Nahum MICAH
Boxer Laila ALI
Brad, for one NAIL
Break to bits SMASH
British statesman Benjamin DISRAELI
Cabs it, e.g RIDES
Called again REDIALED
Chopin piece ETUDE
Clothes, informally TOGS
Continually doing well ONAROLL
Curl the lip toward SNEERAT
Curly-haired dogs POODLES
Cut-rate, in adspeak ECONO
Deface MAR
Designed to be appended ADDABLE
Direction WAY
Directory for a web page SITEMAP
Dot-com’s address URL
Drag racer’s fuel NITRO
Drop anchor MOOR
Dutch South African who’s testifying? BOERWITNESS
Electric car company TESLA
Ending for Seattle ITE
Examine critically ANALYZE
Eyeballed STAREDAT
Falco of the screen EDIE
Fencing blades EPEES
Fettuccine — ALFREDO
Filming area LOT
Fleur-de- — LIS
Followers of Genghis Khan TARTARS
Fruity drink ADE
Fusses ADOS
George Eliot’s ‘– Marner’ SILAS
German coal region RUHR
German for ‘everyone’ ALLE
Gp. flagging bags TSA
Great Plains tribe OTO
Grimm nasty OGRE
Having reached a lower limit set by boxer Max? ATTHEBAERMINIMUM
Having the right job credentials HIRABLE
Henchman in ‘Peter Pan’ SMEE
Just all right SOSO
Kiss go-with HUG
Lawn site YARD
Level of authority ECHELON
Like many hoops stars TALL
Clues Answers
Like many monks, by vow CELIBATE
Like supplies for farriers that are sent by boat? SHIPTOSHOER
Like the soil around a big tree ROOTY
Liquefy MELT
Longoria of TV EVA
Love affairs AMOURS
Low-quality BAD
Missile paths ARCS
Mixed dogs MUTTS
More aloof ICIER
More ill-tempered CRANKIER
More ritzy POSHER
Naval off ENS
News outlets MEDIA
News, briefly INFO
Oahu wreath LEI
Of synapses and the like NEURAL
Old German ruler KAISER
Old PC screen type CRT
One- — (short play) ACTER
Open-eyed ALERT
Org. on a toothpaste tube ADA
Out of neutral INGEAR
Outpourings SPATES
Overflows TEEMS
Pericles’ T’s TAUS
Person of encyclopedic learning POLYMATH
Petty despot SATRAP
Phony name ALIAS
Poet Ogden NASH
Popular ’50s Ford TBIRD
Prefix with light TWI
Public radio’s Glass IRA
Pupils with artificially curled hair? PERMEDSTUDENTS
Ranchers’ ropes RIATAS
Recognized KNEW
Request in blackjack HITME
Ritzy hotel chain OMNI
Sailor’s mop SWAB
Salon colorer DYER
Sanctify BLESS
Scarlett’s Butler RHETT
She sang ‘Believe’ CHER
Sheep calls BAAS
Short notes MEMOS
Skeletal BONY
Slate wiper ERASER
Small expert tennis server sent from heaven? GODSLITTLEACER
Snaky shape ESS
Sooner than ERE
Soup spoon LADLE
Spa reaction AAH
Spool of film REEL
SSNs, say IDS
Stadium levels reinforced with metal strips? STEELBELTEDTIERS
Stars’ place SKY
Start for ‘while’ ERST
Statement when lots of people have gathered somewhere? THERESACROWD
Steals from ROBS
Styled after ALA
Surgery ctrs ORS
Take out of the eye of a needle UNTHREAD
That lady’s HERS
Toiling hard ATIT
Tom of ‘The Seven Year Itch’ EWELL
Toon units CELS
Two pills, say DOSE
Veronica of ‘Hill Street Blues’ HAMEL
Vitamin std RDA
Wheat unit BUSHEL
Yeshiva topic TORAH