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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Jun 7 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Premier Sunday King Feature Syndicate.

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Clues Answers
“Batman Forever” star commanding a warship? NAVALKILMER
“Better in Time” singer Lewis LEONA
“Chairman __” (NBA moniker) YAO
“Do not __” (Monopoly directive) PASSGO
“No fooling!” IMEANIT, GEE
“Only Time” singer ENYA
“Speaking,” for a woman on the phone THISISSHE
“There it is!” AHA, VOILA
“Will you allow me?” MAYI
“__ boy!” ATTA
“__ la Douce” IRMA
Actor Lane after improving his skills? GREATERNATHAN
Actress on HBO’s “Insecure” ISSARAE
Alaskan panhandle city SITKA
Amazed INAWE
As a friend, in France ENAMI
Attack verbally ASSAIL
Attack verbally LIGHTINTO
Barrage of shots SALVO
Be disposed TEND
Beast breakers TAMERS
Beethoven’s Third EROICA
Best Picture of 1988 RAINMAN
Big heads EGOS
Biology subj ANAT
Biology subj RNA
Bit of work ERG
Breed of herding dog CORGI
Brian of rock ENO
Bride’s ride, perhaps LIMO
Brief review RECAP
Broadway’s “Dear Evan __” HANSEN
Broken stone used in paving MACADAM
California city known for its zinfandel LODI
Circular gaskets ORINGS
City in 5-Down ORAN
Clean a spill MOPUP
Climb, as a tree or rope SHINNY
Coup d’__ ETAT
Crusty treat PIE
Cry loudly SOB
Cry of woe AHME
Debi Mazar’s “Entourage” role SHAUNA
Dilemma caused by quarterback Joe? NAMATHPROBLEM
Embryonic thyroids and pituitaries? NASCENTGLANDS
Epoch AGE
Fail to feed STARVE
Father, in France PERE
Feeling bad for PITYING
Fill totally SATE
Fill with fury ENRAGE
Financier Carl ICAHN
Fitness sites GYMS
Foodstuff ALIMENT
GI on the run AWOL
Giving monikers to flower holders? NAMINGVASES
Go back (on) RENEGE
Goes into overtime, say PLAYSON
Griffey of baseball KEN
Guy’s stylish carrier MANBAG
Heat energy unit THERM
Highlander, e.g SCOT
Homer hit by poet Tate? NAHUMDINGER
Hr. fractions MINS
Island porch LANAI
It might follow “So I lied!” SUEME
Clues Answers
Jazzy Simone NINA
Kin of “Inc.” LTD
Kind of bar PIANO
Lake in north Minnesota ITASCA
Levi’s material DENIM
Likely (to) LIABLE
Lion in “Narnia” tales ASLAN
Many a shareable PC file PDF
Matador TORERO
Medusa’s killer PERSEUS
Men’s neckwear accessory TIECLIP
N. Afr. country ALG
Nails, as an exam ACES
Negative replies NOS
Nevada city RENO
Newsy note ITEM
Non-PC computer IMAC
Not “fer” AGIN
Not cooked RAW
Not Rep. or Dem IND
Not trued up UNALIGNED
Old Italian coins LIRE
Old soda brand NEHI
Operated RAN
Operative SPY
Pant leg part KNEE
Paragons IDEALS
Parrot, often ECHOER
Positive reply YES
Probe (into) DELVE
Really mean porkers? PIGNASTIES
Reckless MADCAP
Redpack container TOMATOCAN
Rich founder of a loofah-producing company? SPONGENABOB
Rival of Sampras AGASSI
Rural tract LEA
Sandbox toy PAIL
See 115-Across SUI
Seer’s cards TAROTS
Set up tents ENCAMP
Sharks’ org NHL
Shout at sea AHOY
Signing tool PEN
Singer Terrell TAMMI
Stately bird SWAN
Stephen of “The Heavy” REA
Surfer’s ride WAVE
Swing about SLUE
That, to Juanita ESA
The Beatles’ “__ Tired” IMSO
The lass I love with a twangy voice? MYGALNASAL
Title of a sommelier training video hosted by novelist Gordimer? WINEANDNADINE
Tony winners, e.g AWARDEES
Totally enclosed SEALEDIN
TV ratings system NIELSENS
U.S. humane org ASPCA
U.S.-Can.-Mex. pact NAFTA
U2, for one BAND
Unmask SHOW
V-J Day prez HST
Vena __ CAVA
Violinist Hilary HAHN
Went by, as hours ELAPSED
Whale type ORCA
With 94-Across, designer with the fragrance Fantasia ANNA
__ acid (aqua fortis) NITRIC
__ Raton BOCA