Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 11 2018

Clues Answers
‘– Beso’ ESO
‘Around — parts …’ THESE
‘Bus Stop’ writer William INGE
‘Cross my heart’ IPROMISE
‘FYI’ part YOUR
‘My — Sal’ GAL
‘Shakedown’ singer Bob SEGER
‘You bet!’ YES
— Poke (candy) SLO
— Tac TIC
1930s boxing champ Max BAER
A, in Spain UNA
Actor Bana of ‘Troy’ ERIC
Actor Eisenberg JESSE
Actress Besch or Andersson BIBI
Actress Sagal KATEY
Always, to a poet EER
Aussie bird EMU
Author Deighton LEN
Author Ephron DELIA
Author Levin IRA
Ban from law practice DISBAR
Be fallible ERR
Beddy-bye garb PJS
Best Actress of 2016 EMMASTONE
Bestows GIVES
Big — (large German gun) BERTHA
Big bird dog SETTER
Bit of fiction FIB
Bit of foliage LEAF
Bit of land in le Rhône ILE
Bucharest’s land ROMANIA
Cable TV’s — Geo Wild NAT
Camera since 1924 LEICA
Carried out DID
Cell buzzer BEE
Chose (to) DECIDED
Cold person’s bumps GOOSEPIMPLES
Cylindrical pasta PENNE
Definitively FORGOOD
Desert region of Israel NEGEV
Design on an album, say COVERART
Dietary unit CALORIE
Dispatched SENT
Does nothing IDLES
Dog sound ARF
Easy gaits LOPES
Eau de — (cologne) TOILETTE
Eminent senior member ELDERSTATESMAN
Exchange SWAP
Exhaust SAP
Exhaust USE
Fabled bird ROC
Fatigued by worry CAREWORN
Finest BEST
Flew through, as a test ACED
Flight hub in East Boston LOGANAIRPORT
Florida city near Epcot ORLANDO
Formed a lap SAT
Fruit discard PIT
Fruit discard STEM
Gem colored by trace amounts of boron BLUEDIAMOND
Got on, as a bus BOARDED
Great Lakes tribe ERIE
Groups of odds and ends for sale JOBLOTS
Hagen of Broadway UTA
High-IQ club MENSA
Holy smoke? INCENSE
In shape FIT
Clues Answers
Indefinite VAGUE
Individual BEING
Individual ONE
IRS worker: Abbr AGT
It might be next to a napkin holder STRAWDISPENSER
January 1 song word SYNE
Joyous hymn PAEAN
Just issued BRANDNEW
Kingdoms EMPIRES
Laid up, say ABED
LAX guess ETA
Least fatty LEANEST
Like a quilt SEWN
Like coated cupcakes ICED
List-limiting abbr ETC
Little dent DING
Love of Lennon ONO
LP speed RPM
Make operational again REENABLE
Mambo great Puente TITO
Marshy inlet BAYOU
Med. plan HMO
Mineo of film SAL
Mu — pork SHU
N.Y.-to-L.A. dir WSW
Neighbor of Djibouti ERITREA
NFL 6-pointers TDS
Nobel-winning poet Andric IVO
Oahu locale HAWAII
Often-twisted treat OREO
Old name in video game consoles COLECO
Ordinary AVERAGE
Origami bird CRANE
Palme — (Cannes prize) DOR
Part of USMA: Abbr MIL
Pig sounds OINKS
Polar bear’s long sleep WINTERHIBERNATION
Pop or jazz GENRE
Prefix with hazard ECO
Prefix with linear TRI
Pun on a phrase meaning ‘square one’ that hints at this puzzle’s theme THEBERRYBEGINNING
Relating to kidneys RENAL
Rig fuel DIESEL
Rival of JVC and LG RCA
Roman ‘3’ III
Roman ‘I’ EGO
Santa — (some hot winds) ANAS
Sideline cry RAH
Sit for a photo POSE
Skip over, as a sound ELIDE
South, in Mexico SUR
Stair feature RISER
Suffix with direct ORY
Tempting type SEDUCER
Thanksgiving follower BLACKFRIDAY
Thanksgiving tuber YAM
Thinnest coin DIME
Thrills, informally JOLLIES
Toping type SOT
Tropical fish TETRA
Truth bender LIAR
TT carmaker AUDI
Unit of length YARD
Up in years AGED
Verbalize UTTER
Vital blood line AORTA
Watchful person EYER
Words to an absent lover IMISSYOU
Working without — ANET
Wrestler’s restraining move ARMLOCK
Yolk holder EGG

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