Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 25 2018

Clues Answers
$5 bills, informally ABES
‘– I lie?’ WOULD
‘Capeesh?’ YOUSEE
‘I smell –!’ (‘This is fishy!’) ARAT
‘Let’s do this thing!’ ITSON
‘Nice one!’ OOH
‘Nightmare’ film setting: Abbr ELMST
‘Platoon’ actor Willem DAFOE
‘So there!’ HAH
‘There oughta be –!’ ALAW
‘Willard’ actress Sondra LOCKE
— hunch ONA
— Major URSA
— Moines, Iowa DES
— Reader (magazine) UTNE
— Tzu (dog) SHIH
35mm camera inits SLR
Accepted fact GIVEN
Aid in antiquing AGER
Always, in sonnets EER
Amount that can be carried ARMFUL
Antelope of Africa GNU
At the drop of — AHAT
Barrel slat STAVE
Battery part POLE
Blasting material TNT
Bluegrass instrument BANJO
Boggy tract MORASS
Boomer’s son, say XER
Butyl ender ENE
Came to rest ALIT
Car’s four TIRES
Caucus state IOWA
Certain Fed GMAN
Chief belief TENET
Choice between an impish practical joke and an aquarium fish? TRICKORTETRA
Coin substitutes TOKENS
Cold-shoulder giver IGNORER
Conceive of IMAGINE
Cut, as film EDIT
Diagnostic package TESTKIT
Emancipate SETFREE
End a shoot WRAP
Entered, as data KEYEDIN
Escort a wild canine? GOWITHTHEWOLF
Feline sign LEO
Ferret cousin OTTER
Feudal superiors LIEGES
Fictional belle Scarlett OHARA
French novelist Jules VERNE
Get by COPE
Get by EVADE
Gigantic VAST
Glass rims LIPS
Glided down the runway SASHAYED
Go by sea SAIL
Gobbling fowl TURKEY
Golf prop TEE
Granola bar bit OAT
Gratitude expressed by a chatty bird? MYNATHANKS
Grizzly who’s a country music star? BEARMCENTIRE
Grows dim FADES
Gymnast Comaneci NADIA
Hairpiece, slangily RUG
Help in a bad deed ABET
Hex- follower ANE
Houses, to Hernando CASAS
Huge statues COLOSSI
Innately know SENSE
Jokester WIT
K-12 org PTA
King Kong and others APES
Clues Answers
Less cheery, to a Brit GREYER
Mag staffers EDS
Major- — (butler) DOMO
Make at work EARN
Make dirty by trailing through mud DRAGGLE
Materialize APPEAR
Mil. enlistees GIS
Moored ship used as lodging BOATEL
More twisted, as humor WRIER
Most quickly SOONEST
Mrs. monster OGRESS
Muse of hymns ERATO
Musical clicker CASTANET
Nasty fish PIRANHA
Neighbor of Ethiopia SUDAN
Neighbor of Kenya UGANDA
Norse deity ODIN
Notion, to Henri IDEE
Octa- minus seven UNI
Octa- plus two DECA
Of the eyes OPTIC
One stealing a serpent? SNAKETHIEF
Opera parts ACTS
Opt for PICK
Outward appearance MIEN
Pare down PRUNE
Part in a play ROLE
Phil who had a talk show DONAHUE
Pinniped pedestrian? SIDEWALKSEAL
Points where rays meet FOCI
Politico Cruz TED
Popeye’s Olive OYL
Praise highly EXTOL
Really peeve RILE
Region of old Greece IONIA
Reporter, colloquially NEWSIE
Retail (for) SELL
Rome-to-Vienna dir NNE
Running shoe brand ETONIC
Sequoia, e.g TREE
Sequoia, e.g SUV
Served in blazing brandy FLAMBE
Seven-Emmy Ed ASNER
Show open disdain for SNEERAT
Singer Andy GIBB
Singer doing a vocal quaver TRILLER
Slender, like stags tend to be? THINASADEER
Slow — snail ASA
Steed native to the Garden State? JERSEYHORSE
Stephen of ‘Still Crazy’ REA
Suit jacket COAT
Tales of old LORE
Terminate CEASE
That vessel SHE
The absolute best burrowing rodent? NOGREATERVOLE
The same, to Henri EGAL
Time period of interest ERA
Tiny, to tots ITSY
Toby brews ALES
Totally fill SATE
Trample TREAD
Varnish stuff RESIN
Verdi opera AIDA
Vital artery AORTA
Wee toddler BABY
Went lower FELL
Wicked things EVILS
Wimple wearers NUNS
Windshield-attached recorder DASHCAM
Yemen port ADEN
Young sheep from an ancient Palestinian region? LAMBOFGILEAD

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