Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 4 2018

Clues Answers
‘And how!’ INDEED
‘C’ grade … or what eight answers in this puzzle have? MIDDLEMARK
‘Finally!’ ATLAST
‘I’ll pass’ NAH
‘Mr. St. Nick’ actress Ortiz ANA
‘Not — goes by …’ ADAY
‘Platoon’ site, in brief NAM
‘Point taken’ ISEE
‘The King –‘ ANDI
‘Tsk tsk!’ TUT
— -cone (icy treat) SNO
— -Z (total) ATO
— terrier CAIRN
1,502, in old Rome MDII
2004 Chevy debut AVEO
31-day period honoring TV’s Joy? [actor] BEHARMONTH
A bit off AMISS
Actress — Dawn Chong RAE
Actress Meyers ARI
Adding result SUM
Almond, e.g NUT
And others, in a list ETAL
Animal park ZOO
Animator’s frame CEL
Apiary insect BEE
Apple or pear relative QUINCE
Apprise INFORM
Argentine plain PAMPA
As stated in PER
Bat hangout CAVE
Big artery AORTA
Big bird EMU
Black crows ROOKS
Botch the job MESSUP
Brunch fare OMELET
Brutes of fantasy ORCS
Childishly silly PUERILE
China’s Chou En- — LAI
City in north-central California MODESTO
College locales CAMPUSES
Cousin KIN
Demolition stuff TNT
Desert of the southwest U.S SONORAN
Dir. from N.D. to La SSE
Disagreeing ATODDS
Draw upon USE
Duck variety SMEW
Elfish sort SPRITE
Emphasis STRESS
Ethyl ender ENE
Euphoria ECSTASY
Exec’s deg MBA
F followers GHI
Fall back into illness RELAPSE
Field of study AREA
Fifteen times six NINETY
Final, e.g EXAM
Finals, e.g TESTS
Fix, as Fido NEUTER
Flower cluster RACEME
Flowery ORNATE
Following AFTER
Greek letters SIGMAS
Guilty feeling REMORSE
Guthrie with a guitar ARLO
Herald, as a new era USHERIN
Hindu trinity member VISHNU
Hitter Mel OTT
Holy Mlle STE
Hoodwinks SWINDLES
Ideal conditions OPTIMA
Clues Answers
In that case IFSO
Item in a file cabinet FOLDER
Kabuki sash OBI
Less-played half of a 45 BSIDE
Line of Apple computers MACPRO
Little barks YIPS
Lorne of ‘Bonanza’ GREENE
Major worry ANGST
Mensa stats IQS
Morales of movies ESAI
Not as cold WARMER
Novelist Hermann HESSE
Often-purple flowers IRISES
Old space station MIR
Old-time comic Ed WYNN
Olympic speed skater Eric HEIDEN
One capful, perhaps DOSE
One doing penance ATONER
Ovine noise BAA
Ovum EGG
Pale-colored wall paneling for a room? [writer] LIGHTWAINSCOT
Pale-faced ASHY
Pampers product DIAPER
Patriotic women’s gp DAR
Perches ROOSTS
Place with a lot of refuse-disposal chambers? [swimmer] CESSPITZONE
Poe maiden LENORE
Poland’s Lech WALESA
Pretext EXCUSE
Products applied to back-of-the-neck sunburns? [actor] SCRUFFALOES
Program SHOW
Prohibition of quick insights? [investor] APERCUBANNING
Promise to marry a cute marsupial? [painter] BETROTHKOALA
Quick-to-build home PREFAB
Relax REST
Rene of ‘Get Shorty’ RUSSO
Ricochet CAROM
Roadie’s tote AMP
Robber, e.g FELON
Sarah — Jewett ORNE
Saying MOTTO
Scheme RUSE
Scheme PLOT
See 26-Across TREE
Sequence in heredity GENOME
Seven-figure income earned in a Nebraska city? [actor] OMAHAMILLION
Shows up COMES
Shut tightly SEAL
Sikorsky of aviation IGOR
Sing like Bing CROON
Slash CUT
Smears gunk on rugged mountain ranges? [hockey player] SLIMESSIERRAS
Snake tooth FANG
Some Scots GAELS
Sounded like a kitten MEWED
Soup enhancer MSG
South Carolina river SANTEE
Sphere ORB
Storm center EYE
Suffix with journal ISM
Suffix with journal ESE
Swift sleds LUGES
Symphony, e.g OPUS
Think a lot of VALUE
Tickle pink ELATE
To be, to Voltaire ETRE
Ukrainian port city ODESSA
Unoriginal OLD
Waikiki necklaces LEIS
Web biz ETAIL
With 47-Down, Christmas evergreen FIR
Wolflike carnivores HYENAS

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