Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – March 24 2019

Clues Answers
‘Ally McBeal’ co-star Lucy LIU
‘Erin Burnett OutFront’ channel CNN
‘Family Guy’ creator MacFarlane SETH
Für __’ (piano piece) ELISE
‘Gunga Din’ studio RKO
‘Park’ a ship MOOR
‘Siddhartha’ novelist HESSE
__ Three Ships’ ISAW
1,000 G’s MIL
A shot EACH
About INRE
Actor Mahershala ALI
Actor Ruck ALAN
Alert at sea SOS
Applaud CLAP
As is fitting DULY
Auction site EBAY
Bird feathers PLUMAGE
Boundary LIMIT
Cantaloupe growing on a tree? LEMONMELON
Car contract LEASE
Cavalry soldier LANCER
CBS military law show NCIS
Central Georgia city MACON
Charm exuding from a tree? LAURELALLURE
Chief Norse god ODIN
Chinese ideology centered around a tree? MIMOSAMAOISM
Citrus fruit LIME
Coagulates CLOTS
Comic Tracey ULLMAN
Corp. wheel CEO
Curtis of cosmetics HELENE
Cut of pork LOIN
Dealt (out) METED
Deuce taker TREY
Duffels, e.g BAGS
Dutch Renaissance scholar ERASMUS
Early settler PIONEER
Egg pouch SAC
Entertainer Zadora PIA
Farm vehicle CART
Fez dangler TASSEL
Fit of pique SNIT
Florida bird EGRET
Franklin of soul ARETHA
Franz who composed ‘The Merry Widow’ LEHAR
French brandy COGNAC
Fundamental tree? BASALBALSA
Funny Carvey DANA
Gas leak giveaway ODOR
Gets bested LOSES
Ghostly cry BOO
Gift for a drawer, perhaps PENCILSET
Golf coups ACES
Grand tales EPICS
Grid of fine lines in an eyepiece RETICLE
Hack (off) LOP
Hackneyed OLDHAT
Hence THUS
Hi-fi parts AMPS
High crime TREASON
In total ALLTOLD
In __ of (replacing) LIEU
Indy circuit LAP
Item in a place setting UTENSIL
Item in a place setting GLASS
Jimmy Durante’s ‘__ Dinka Doo’ INKA
Laugh sound HAHA
LAX datum ETA
Like sown seeds PLANTED
Longs for DESIRES
Love-struck SMITTEN
Luau bowlful POI
Mail in SEND
Mammal’s fur PELAGE
Menial type PEON
Microchip material SILICON
Millionaire-making game LOTTO
More flavorful TASTIER
Nancy of the House PELOSI
Nasal singing tones TWANGS
Nuances SHADES
Of delicate beauty DAINTY
Old computer language COBOL
Old warship GALLEON
Overthrow UNSEAT
Oyster bead PEARL
Passes on, as a story RETELLS
People with clout INS
Pleased GLAD
Plow inventor John DEERE
Potato stuff STARCH
Prepare for a pyramid EMBALM
Prohibits OUTLAWS
Provoke SPUR
Punta del __ ESTE
Rake part TINE
Really big tree? AMPLEMAPLE
Recorded digitally, in a way ONCD
Richard of ‘Wicked Woman’ EGAN
Roly-poly ROTUND
Romances WOOS
See 71-Down ANT
Ships’ rears STERNS
Singer Cohn MARC
Slant BIAS
Slender woodwind OBOE
Small and 70-Across PETITE
Soul music is a form of it RANDB
Splinter group SECT
Steven of Aerosmith TYLER
Suburb of Dallas PLANO
Suit fabric SERGE
Suvari of Hollywood MENA
Talk wildly RANT
Talked like Cindy Brady LISPED
Tea-scenting blossom JASMINE
Thurman of Hollywood UMA
Took off WENT
Tree sold at a low price? CHEAPPEACH
Tree that makes people think like a French novelist? CAMUSSUMAC
Tree whose trunk curves? ARCEDCEDAR
Tree-dwelling hooded snake? CAROBCOBRA
Two of Henry VIII’s wives ANNES
Union promise IDO
Viper variety ASP
Vivid crimson CARMINE
Wharf locale SEAPORT
Window sections through which trees are visible? ASPENPANES
With 64-Down, hostile swarming insect ARMY
Zilch NONE
__ -de-sac CUL
__ -do-well (idler) NEER
__ Gay (WWII B-29) ENOLA
__ Park (Edison’s home) MENLO
__ soda (cleanser) SAL

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