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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – May 13 2018

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Clues Answers
‘– pigs fly!’ WHEN
‘Cry, the Beloved Country’ novelist Alan PATON
‘Gigi’ star Leslie CARON
‘I love,’ in Latin AMO
‘Invisible’ singer Moyet ALISON
‘Jobs’ star Kutcher ASHTON
‘No Exit’ dramatist SARTRE
‘NY Ink’ design TAT
‘Sorry, can’t, I’m late’ NOTIME
‘The Cosby Show’ son THEO
‘Undo’ mark STET
‘Unh-unh’ NOPE
— donna (vain sort) PRIMA
1975 World Series MVP PETEROSE
Allow in ACCEPT
Artist’s prop EASEL
Author Zora — Hurston NEALE
Beach flier SEAGULL
Bivouac bed COT
Body of eau MER
Bow (to) ACCEDE
Braggart’s problem EGO
Broadway loc NYC
Brooklyn art institute PRATT
Bubbly wine, familiarly ASTI
Bulk buys CASES
Calc prereq, often TRIG
Camporee participant SCOUT
Castro of Cuba FIDEL
Cautions ALERTS
Champagne bucket ICER
Churchill’s title SIR
City in Texas AMARILLO
Closed in on NEARED
Confess having done ADMITTO
Cries hard SOBS
Danny of ‘Off Key’ AIELLO
Dental buildup TARTAR
Develop ARISE
Doc’s gp AMA
Dough CASH
Ease off EBB
Elba, for one ISLE
Emmy winner Woodard ALFRE
Employees’ check time PAYDAY
EMT skill CPR
Entertainer Streisand BARBRA
Epson product PRINTER
Fair-haired BLOND
False identity ALIAS
Feature of the starts of 23-, 33-, 49-, 86-, 100- and 114-Across ANAGRAM
Film segment REEL
Fix, as holey socks DARN
Flowerless plant FERN
Forced out EVICTED
Full of zip ALIVE
Get along MAKEDO
Got a perfect score on ACED
Grant giver DONOR
Group of matching dishes for fancy meals CHINASET
Have a pronounced response REACTSTRONGLY
Having one dimension LINEAR
History units ERAS
Involve in strife EMBROIL
Kett of old comics ETTA
Knot again RETIE
Lacking color ASHY
Clues Answers
Lacking color DRAB
Laos locale ASIA
Learning by repetition ROTE
Least fresh STALEST
Less tough EASIER
Make smile AMUSE
Many, informally LOTSA
Mil. title GEN
Mineral required only in minute amounts TRACEELEMENT
More apt to attract attention CATCHIER
Movement around an axis ROTATION
Musk of Tesla ELON
Mythical bird ROC
Naval fleet ARMADA
One doing in a dragon, e.g SLAYER
One of the Jackson 5 TITO
One who may carry around a plate of hors d’oeuvres CATERWAITER
One, in Berlin EIN
Open-top, two-seat car ROADSTER
Opens, as some jackets UNSNAPS
Pencil tip ERASER
People on a quest SEEKERS
Petri dish gelatins AGARS
Posed to propose KNELT
Prefix with colonial NEO
Protective sheet of film ACETATE
Pulitzer winner Dove RITA
Punched, e.g STRUCK
Put in position SITUATE
Quietude REST
Raises UPS
Regard as DEEM
Resident of an island kingdom TONGAN
River of Washington, D.C POTOMAC
Rough- — HEWN
Seafood chain REDLOBSTER
Sharp scolding EARFUL
Sorority letter PSI
Sound reasoning LOGIC
Spain’s El — CID
Start to cycle? UNI
Stoop (over) BEND
Stubbable body part TOE
Suffix with Timor ESE
Syrian’s language ARABIC
Taken — (surprised) ABACK
Talk-show host Hall ARSENIO
Tarzan player Ely RON
Teachers’ org NEA
Teaching a dog to stay in a pen CRATETRAINING
Tennis’ Nastase ILIE
Terminal guesses, for short ETAS
Tex-Mex snack TACO
The mark ‘^’ CARETSYMBOL
Tippling type SOT
Took to the slopes SKIED
Trojan War sage NESTOR
U.S.-Can. air watch NORAD
Unintended radio silence DEADAIR
Use a pressing tool IRON
Use as a dining surface EATON
Very slow pace CRAWL
Weeper of Greek myth NIOBE
Yang’s partner YIN
Yearn ACHE
Zine staffers EDS