Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – May 15 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“… flaw __ feature?” ORA
“Around-the-world” toy YOYO
“Darkman” director Sam RAIMI
“For shame!” TSK
“I __ bad moon rising” SEEA
“It’s __!” (“You’re on!”) ADEAL
“Little” actress Rae ISSA
“Rolie Polie __” (kids’ book) OLIE
“To repeat …” AGAIN
“Viva __ Vegas” LAS
“__ Johnny!” HERES
1/16 pound OUNCE
Act starter SCENEI
Actor Cronyn HUME
Actor Edward James __ OLMOS
Actor McGregor EWAN
Actress Thompson of “Creed” TESSA
Actress Valerie of “Lenny” PERRINE
Admit defeat SAYUNCLE
Ankara native TURK
Annotation in the text of Christian scripture BIBLICALGLOSS
Arrow shooter BOW
Base coat on a wall, maybe PAINTPRIMER
Baseball’s Gehrig LOU
Big grant-giving group ROCKEFELLERFOUNDATION
Brand of fake 69-Down OLEAN
Breakfast chain, in brief IHOP
Cabaret where the cancan originated MOULINROUGE
Cartoon cry EEK
Cartoonist Bil KEANE
Ceiling coat PLASTER
Certain Arab OMANI
Clip out SCISSOR
Comic and actor Murphy EDDIE
Convent sister NUN
Convention speeches KEYNOTES
Cooling, as champagne ONICE
Cousins, e.g KIN
Cpl., e.g NCO
Cuts of pork LOINS
Decorative tattoo dye HENNA
Devils’ org NHL
Dictators TYRANTS
Differently __ (other-skilled) ABLED
Dirt Devils, e.g., in brief VACS
Discover by chance HITON
Disney who drew WALT
Dog food brand IAMS
Dressed (in) CLAD
Dryer fluff LINT
Dutch artist Jan STEEN
Elegant POSH
Fanning of “Teen Spirit” ELLE
Fiery crime ARSON
Fishing sticks RODS
Flip (out) WIG
Former quarterback Rodney PEETE
French gal pals AMIES
French governing body SENAT
Fuel additive brand STP
Gaius’ garb TOGA
Garden pest APHID
Get __ on reality AGRIP
Go through the motions PHONEITIN
Granny NANA
Harsh review PAN
Honey liquor MEAD
Hydroxyl compound ENOL
In a harshly bright way GLARINGLY
Initial impression FIRSTBLUSH
Is a little too fond of DOTESON
Journalist __ Rogers St. Johns ADELA
Kilmer of “Tombstone” VAL
Kitchen utensil brand OXO
Large Indian city DELHI
Lead-in to “the cloth” or “the hour” MANOF
Letter #22 VEE
Letters after pis RHOS
Like bedroom communities SUBURBAN
Liposuction target FLAB
Liposuction target FAT
Lupino or Tarbell IDA
Mantra words OMS
Map nos RTES
Meeting period, slangily SESH
Mem. of the family REL
Mental picture IMAGE
Metal sleeve in an engine’s piston CYLINDERLINER
Mixed with cognac, e.g BRANDIED
Nissan car models ALTIMAS
Not definite IFFY
Partners of 84-Down REELS
Pass quickly on foot RUNBY
Patted lightly DABBED
Pilotless craft DRONE
Pivot point AXIS
Places with lots of IVs ERS
Prefix with conscious ECO
Printer cartridge contents LASERTONER
Qatar export OIL
Rand of objectivism AYN
Really resist DEFY
Reason for extra innings TIEGAME
Refrain from drinking ABSTAIN
Rest on top of OVERLIE
Row of PC-screen buttons TASKBAR
Santa __ CLAUS
Server overseer, informally ADMIN
Short-horned grasshopper LOCUST
Slide down a slope SKI
Small cities TOWNS
Something cast at sunset LONGSHADOW
Spa sponge LOOFA
Span. women SRAS
State Farm alternative GEICO
Steel support for concrete REBAR
Still in the future YETTOBE
Storm-finding systems RADARS
Strong ill will ANIMUS
Take out __ (borrow cash) ALOAN
Take selfish advantage of PLAYON
Tenth mo OCT
Terminates ENDS
To be, to Livy ESSE
Toot one’s own horn BOAST
Totally ALL
TV’s Linden HAL
Unveiling cry TADA
Very little ATAD
Very little WEE
Very little bit IOTA
What you have passed when you figure out this puzzle’s theme? MAKEUPTEST
Wields influence HASPULL
Wonder AWE
Writer Nin ANAIS
__ -chic BOHO
__ a one (zero) NARY
__ buco (veal dish) OSSO
__ nous ENTRE

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