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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – May 17 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Premier Sunday King Feature Syndicate.

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Clues Answers
“Moo” maker COW
“QED” center ERAT
“Quiet!” HUSH
“The lady __ protest …” DOTH
“The Simpsons” shout DOH
“__ Fideles” ADESTE
“__ Kapital” DAS
1040 IDs: Abbr SSNS
76ers’ org NBA
According to PER
Add-on EXTRA
Added charge FEE
Alexis or Peter, e.g TSAR
All gone, as food EATEN
Alleged psychic Geller URI
Alluringly shy COY
Archipelago parts ISLES
Army chaplain PADRE
Augur’s sign OMEN
Back fish fins DORSALS
Bad guys NASTIES
Bagel center HOLE
Basic musical chords TRIADS
Basil and bay leaf HERBS
Become rigid HARDEN
Big name in oil and gas HESS
Big name in PCs ACER
Blew with short blasts PUFFED
Brave in the face of adversity MANFUL
Bruin great Bobby ORR
Bryn __, Pennsylvania MAWR
Bullfighter TORERO
Burstyn or Barkin of film ELLEN
Canadian tribe CREE
Cheech and Chong personas STONERS
Civil wrong TORT
Class jargon ARGOT
College, to a Brit UNI
Court great Arthur ASHE
Cravings YENS
Cybermissive EMAIL
D.C. baseballer NAT
Decorative flower holders VASES
Dumpy dwellings HOVELS
Electrical current units AMPERES
Everglades mammal MANATEE
Excessive bureaucracy REDTAPE
Explosive compounds NITERS
Eye opener? IRIS
Father, to a tot DADA
Feel fluish, perhaps ACHE, AIL
Fence (in) HEM
Flying INAIR
Formerly, old-style ERST
Frat shindig TOGAPARTY
French pals AMIS
From time immemorial AGEOLD
Fruity quaff ADE
Give a speech ORATE
Give off EMIT
Heads-up ALERT
Hercule creator Christie AGATHA
Home for mil. jets AFB
Hurry it up HUSTLE
Ideally ATBEST
Ike’s inits DDE
In a weepy way TEARILY
Is in a chair SITS
Kazan of Hollywood ELIA
Kept from falling, as pants HIKEDUP
Key in again RETYPE
Knievel of motorcycle stunts EVEL
Language spoken in Dhaka BENGALI
Lead-in to Cone or Cat SNO
Letter two before tau RHO
Libreville’s country GABON
Liquid asset CASH
Long to undo RUE
Manicurist’s target NAIL
Martinez of baseball PEDRO
Mattel doll KEN
Mendes of “ EVA
Mountain climbers, e.g ASCENDERS
Mr. Capote, to friends TRU
Neutral color GRAY
Not cluttered NEAT
Not varying at all ONENOTE
Novelist Sarah __ Jewett ORNE
Offspring-producing animal BREEDER
Old stage star Hagen UTA
Partner of neither NOR
Psychic “gift” ESP
Purple color MAUVE
Rajah’s wife RANI
Realize SEE
Rearranges ALTERS
Reciprocal INVERSE
Riddle’s answer THEFOURSUSANS
Riddle, part 4 SARANDONLUCCI
Riddle, part 5 HAYWARDANDDEY
Rocket scientist Wernher __ Braun VON
Roman love god AMOR
Roof part EAVE
Rubs elbows HOBNOBS
Rule from the throne REIGN
Running out of steam DYING
Sci-fi’s Solo HAN
Scorch SINGE
Scorch SEAR
Seizes NABS
Shocking EMT treatment DEFIB
Showed on TV again RERAN
Shrine images IDOLS
Singer James or Jones ETTA
Singer Ritter TEX
Site of the Taj Mahal AGRA
Start of a riddle IFAPOPBANDHAD
Talk big BRAG
Tech detail SPEC
The Great Lakes’ __ Canals SOO
Thin and watery SEROUS
Thirsts for DESIRES
USSR’s Cold War foe USA
Very wise SAGE
Where the Marlins play MIAMI
Wife of Zeus HERA
World Heritage Site gp UNESCO
YouTube clip VIDEO
__ -TASS (news agency) ITAR
__ Scott case DRED
__ Sea (Asian lake) ARAL