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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – May 20 2018

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Clues Answers
‘– Fideles’ ADESTE
‘– mind?!’ (‘Excuse me?!’) DOYOU
‘8 Simple Rules’ actress Katey SAGAL
‘Big Love’ actress Mireille — ENOS
‘Chicago’ actress Henshall RUTHIE
‘Dies –‘ (Mass hymn) IRAE
‘Gloria in excelsis –‘ DEO
‘I’ve had — to here!’ ITUP
‘It’s so cold!’ BRR
‘Our Town’ actor Erwin STU
‘Raging Bull’ director Martin SCORSESE
‘Was — das?’ (German question) IST
— Lankan SRI
007 creator Fleming IAN
50 Cent’s genre RAP
Actor Cruise TOM
Alluring SEXY
Alphabet opening ABCD
AOL rival MSN
Artist Chagall MARC
Artist’s cap BERET
As a joined group UNITEDLY
At dawn, e.g EARLY
At this point HERE
Author — de Cervantes MIGUEL
Bark noise ARF
Baseball two-bagger: Abbr DBL
Beating organ HEART
Belief ISM
Belief TENET
Bill the ‘Science Guy’ NYE
Blue Jays’ city TORONTO
Boots out EJECTS
Bronze-hued TAN
Bulge (out) JUT
Certain boxing win, for short TKO
Cheapest in a line of products LOWEND
Chop — (Chinese-style dish) SUEY
Clears of stuffiness AIRSOUT
Close by NEARTO
Comrade of Fidel CHE
Cow-bison hybrids BEEFALOS
Czech sci-fi play of 1921 RUR
Data, in brief INFO
Delay leaving TARRY
Die dot PIP
Dresser sections DRAWERS
Driver’s navig. aid GPS
Dumbfound ASTONISH
End of a college URL EDU
End of the riddle OFDEERMEAT
Ending for Japan ESE
Fey of ‘Mean Girls’ TINA
Filly’s sibling COLT
Fixed charge SETFEE
Follows TRAILS
Genetic helix DNA
German for ‘eight’ ACHT
Go — tear ONA
Goes faster SPEEDSUP
Gossipy meddlers YENTAS
Gp. with putters PGA
Gratify in a servile way PANDERTO
Hardly any FEW
Heat: Prefix THERMO
Hebrew underworld SHEOL
Here, to Henri ICI
Hidden stash CACHE
Highly pertinent APPOSITE
Historic section of a city OLDTOWN
Clues Answers
Hobbit foe ORC
In reserve ONICE
L.A.-to-Denver dir ENE
Labor org. for dockworkers ILA
Lauder of perfumery ESTEE
Lead-in to ‘while’ ERST
Leased car, e.g RENTAL
Little tykes, to Scots WEELADS
Long, angry speech TIRADE
Look for SEEK
Make leave OUST
Make sum mistakes? MISADD
Mesa’s kin PLATEAU
Monetary unit of Iran RIAL
Morsels TREATS
Most moist, as a lawn at dawn DEWIEST
Most terrific GREATEST
Move away from nursing WEAN
Napping ASLEEP
Opposite of ‘day,’ in French NUIT
Paella veggie PEA
Part of a picket fence SLAT
Part of MIT: Abbr TECH
Partners of aahs OOHS
Pasture FIELD
PC program APP
People: Prefix ETHNO
Person on a quest SEARCHER
Phnom — (capital of Cambodia) PENH
Plane landing guess ETA
Poker or canasta CARDGAME
Poker payoff POT
Prospect VIEW
Really dislike HATE
Replay effect, in brief SLOMO
Riddle, part 2 CELEBRATED
Roll spread OLEO
Roman 201 CCI
Rough guess STAB
Salty body SEA
Salver for serving Earl Grey, say TEATRAY
Send via a phone line FAX
Slayer of Medusa PERSEUS
Slushy frozen drink FRAPPE
Soap star Emma SAMMS
Sofa variety SETTEE
Soul singer India.– ARIE
Sour plum SLOE
Sports deal TRADE
Spotted cat CHEETAH
Stood for MEANT
Suffix with book LET
Suffix with book ISH
Suffix with press URE
Taken illicitly STOLEN
Tip of an ink-filled implement PENNIB
Tuning knob DIAL
Ukrainian capital KIEV
Uncooked RAW
Video store offerings DVDS
Volcano in E. Sicily MTETNA
Weed B — (Ortho product) GON
Whopper LIE
WWW access enabler ISP
Zodiac cat LEO