Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – May 22 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Apollo 13” director RONHOWARD
“Boxcars” roll SIXES
“Noah” actress Watson EMMA
“Not so!” ITSALIE
“Take it out” mark DELE
“The King __” ANDI
“__ be an honor” ITD
“__ Kapital” DAS
“__ ToK” (Kesha hit) TIK
’16 Olympics host RIO
19th-century Shakespeare editor Alexander DYCE
31-Across on the sly ELOPE
A8 carmaker AUDI
Astonish AMAZE
At __ for words ALOSS
Be boastful BRAG
Beatified Fr. woman STE
Behind bars INJAIL
Bit of outdated hi-fi equipment CASSETTEDECK
Bruno __ (shoe brand) MAGLI
Build upon ADDTO
Chevy muscle car VETTE
Chewed Andean stimulants COCAS
Classic arcade name ATARI
Cold temps TEENS
Color tone HUE
Colorado ski mecca VAIL
Common proof of age IDCARD
Constituent of gunpowder NITER
Cousins of croci GLADIOLI
Cowboys’ city, informally BIGD
Cultural ETHNIC
Current style TREND
Deadlock TIE
Distinctive film director AUTEUR
DIYer’s book HOWTO
Early online protocol TELNET
Electrojet bit ION
Entertainer Falana LOLA
Equestrian training DRESSAGE
Eve’s garden EDEN
Extreme self-deniers ASCETICS
Farfalle, e.g PASTA
Father of Beau Bridges LLOYD
Finale END
Flying hooters OWLS
Ford bomb EDSEL
Fragment SCRAP
Fulfill expectations MEASUREUP
Gene-splicing need DNA
Gridiron stats TDS
Hebrew holy scroll TORAH
Hora or hokeypokey CIRCLEDANCE
Hurting from hiking, say FOOTSORE
III, to Italians TRE
Impertinent SASSY
In-favor votes YEAS
Incline TEND
Incline SLOPE
Inclined APT
Java JOE
Jewel box holders … or eight features of this puzzle? CDTOWERS
Judges’ org ABA
Justice Kagan ELENA
Laundromat machine CLOTHESDRYER
Legume-family plant SWEETPEA
Lofty trains ELS
Longtime politico Mo UDALL
Make a chair of SITON
Many August babies LEOS
Many Punjabi believers SIKHS
Marry WED
Mgr.’s aide ASST
Mil. officer SGT
Mil. officer ENS
Moo __ pork SHU
Most bizarre ODDEST
Napoleon’s isle of exile ELBA
Neanderthal, e.g CAVEDWELLER
News anchor Huntley CHET
Nice smell AROMA
Novelist Jane AUSTEN
Nutrition std RDA
Observe VIEW
Paige of “Evita” ELAINE
Pale brown ECRU
Passive resistance to laws CIVILDISOBEDIENCE
PC memory units MEGS
Periodic payment to a stockholder CASHDIVIDEND
Plotting band CABAL
Plus others: Abbr ETAL
Political pull CLOUT
Possibilities IFS
Praise highly LAUD
Put on fancy duds, with “up” TOG
Quite similar ALIKE
Radiant AGLOW
Really tired BEAT
Really yearns PINES
Rip apart TEARINTO
Ripped apart INPIECES
Rival of Xerox or Canon RICOH
River mouth DELTA
Romantic evening meal CANDLELIGHTDINNER
Rugged truck, in brief UTE
Sailing races REGATTAS
Sandy islets CAYS
Shakes up AGITATES
Silly prank ANTIC
Smooth transition SEGUE
Speaking stand DAIS
Stylized bow that’s a token of affection LOVEKNOT
Suffix with Seattle ITE
Suit coat flap LAPEL
Take forcibly SEIZE
Taper off ABATE
Tapering off RECEDING
Tasty tuber YAM
Tennis’ Becker BORIS
Teresa of __ AVILA
They have depots: Abbr RRS
This moment NOW
Title for a fictional Southern rabbit BRER
Toad feature WART
Toppings for nachos CHEESES
Traveled in a curved path ARCED
Trellis plants IVIES
Unwrap OPEN
Very fine rain MIST
Vetoed NIXED
Viscous GLUEY
Worker whose job is fitting TAILOR
Writer Dinesen ISAK
Writer Elinor or Philip WYLIE
__ del Fuego TIERRA
__ ex machina DEUS
__ monster (large lizard) GILA

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