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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – May 24 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Premier Sunday King Feature Syndicate.

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Clues Answers
“Belt out that tune!” SINGIT
“Cannon” has three ENS
“I’m going through the same thing!” YOUANDMEBOTH
“Is this actually happening?” CANITBETRUE
“My turn is coming right up” IMNEXT
“No kidding!” GEE, ISTHATSO
“Quantum Leap” actor SCOTTBAKULA
“Sure thing, cap’n!” AYEAYE
“__ changed man!” IMA
16 ounces POUND
33rd prez HST
34th prez DDE
Abbr. for someone with only one given name NMI
Abrupt TERSE
Actress Amy ADAMS
Add insult to injury, maybe PILEON
Agee of the old Mets TOMMIE
Alias abbr AKA
Allstate rival GEICO
Alternative to “his” or “her” THEIR
Artist known for illusions MCESCHER
Backyard borders FENCES
Ball- __ hammer PEEN
Barn feed HAY
Be a rapper? KNOCK
Be indebted OWE
Bend down STOOP
Biblical verb suffix ETH
Blue Jays, on scoreboards TOR
Body pouch SAC
BoSox rivals YANKS
Boston area with the Paul Revere statue NORTHEND
Boyfriends, in Paris BEAUX
Brine source SEA
Busy insect BEE
Chartbusters SMASHES
Chennai, before 1996 MADRAS
Chick- __ -A FIL
Child raiser PARENT
Consumer protection agcy FTC
Crucial component KEYINGREDIENT
Crude abode HUT, LEANTO
Cymbal pair in a drum kit HIHAT
Deep-seated INNER
Designer Geoffrey BEENE
Dir. opposite 7-Down NNE
DNA-studying partner of James Watson FRANCISCRICK
E-cig’s lack ASH
Ensnare TRAP
Europe-Asia border river URAL
Farthest point in an orbit APOGEE
Feel remorse over RUE
Fig treat from Nabisco NEWTON
Find by chance LUCKUPON
Firewood box BIN
First phases ONSETS
Forrest Gump player HANKS
Freud’s “one” EIN
Gambling parlor, briefly OTB
Go by plane FLY
Go on with CONTINUE
He KO’d many rivals ALI
High points APEXES
In line with ASPER
Its capital is Damascus SYRIA
James __ Garfield ABRAM
Kett of old comic strips ETTA
La __ (Milan opera house) SCALA
Language of “mea culpa” LATIN
Letter-shaped girders IBARS
Like training at the location itself ONSITE
Lindley of “The Ropers” AUDRA
Long (for) ACHE, WISH
Long looks STARES
Massage RUB
Motion detector part SENSOR
Nary a soul NOONE
Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Hester PRYNNE
New Hampshire academy EXETER
NYC stage awards OBIES
NYC-to-Miami dir SSW
Occupy fully ENGROSS
Old booming jet, for short SST
One or more ANY
Open, as a present UNWRAP
Oviedo locale SPAIN
Part of UCLA LOS
Peeling tools PARERS
Pop’s mom NANA
Prefix with gender CIS
Prefix with lock INTER, ANTI
Pressing tool IRON
Put into a hall of fame ENSHRINE
Question in 1 Corinthians 15:55 ODEATHWHEREISTHYSTING
Raw metal ORE
Refusing to be cheerful SULKY
Regarding INRE, ASTO
Repub. west of Zambia ANG
Restated ECHOED
Restaurant bill addition TIP
Royal crown DIADEM
Salary reductions PAYCUTS
Salon colorists DYERS
Secretive U.S. gp NSA
Seeming eternity EON
Sermon topic SIN
She bleats EWE
She founded the U.S. Shakers ANNLEE
Shipping charge, e.g FEE
Situated over ATOP
Ski lift part CHAIR
Slide in again REINSERT
Small bunch of flowers POSY
Small eating alcove DINETTE
Soccer great Hamm MIA
Spock and Seuss: Abbr DRS
SSNs, e.g IDS
Steering part on a ship RUDDER
Suffix with Sudan ESE
Summer, in Soissons ETE
Supplicate on behalf of SAYAPRAYERFOR
The Brady kids, e.g SEXTET
To be, to Claudius ESSE
Train operator ENGINEER
Tune whose opening lyric, and lyricist, begin eight answers in this puzzle THESTARSPANGLEDBANNER
UFO crew ETS
Uncommon SCARCE
Utah ski spot ALTA
Viking org NASA
Vikings’ org NFL
Waiters take them ORDERS
Wedded partner SPOUSE
Wild Alpine goats IBEXES
Wood splitter AXE
Worried STEWED
__ Gyra (jazz fusion band) SPYRO