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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – May 27 2018

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Clues Answers
‘QuĂ© –?’ PASA
‘When — good time?’ ISA
— contendere NOLO
— uno NUMERO
Actor Coleman DABNEY
Actor Thicke ALAN
Alaskan native ALEUT
AM/FM receivers RADIOS
Andean country CHILE
Architect Saarinen EERO
Award for ‘Moonlight’ OSCAR
Ballpoint brand BIC
Be off base ERR
Beach toys PAILS
Beast of burden ASS
Beatified Mlle STE
Big spoon LADLE
Bit of trickery RUSE
Brand of kitchen appliances AMANA
Brooklet RILL
Casual shirt TEE
City in Brazil, for short RIO
City in central Sicily ENNA
City near central Missouri ROLLA
Clerk on ‘The Simpsons’ APU
Comic Sahl MORT
Containing cushioning PADDED
Couple PAIR
Degrade ABASE
Divs. of 111-Down HRS
Early online forum USENET
Educ. org PTA
Egg-shaped OVATE
Ending for propyl ENE
Ending for seer ESS
Evite listings EVENTS
Exact lookalikes CLONES
Extremist ULTRA
Extremist FANATIC
Film director Joel or Ethan COEN
Finch variety CANARY
First-century emperor NERO
Folk singer DiFranco ANI
Follows by radar, as a target LOCKSON
French political division ETAT
Genetic info holder DNA
Got raspy, as a voice HOARSENED
Hair clip BARRETTE
Hollywood’s Hayek SALMA
Hollywood’s Thurman UMA
Holy image ICON
Hotel units: Abbr RMS
IV dosage amts CCS
Jellystone Park bear YOGI
Jewish youth gp YMHA
Judge the value of ASSESS
Locale for hydrotherapy SPA
London loc ENG
Lost money in the stock market, say TOOKAHIT
Love, to Yvette AMOUR
Lowly chess piece PAWN
Man-goat combo FAUN
Many a CPR giver EMT
Many a white animal ALBINO
Many Broadway productions STAGEPLAYS
Mark Twain, e.g., religionwise DEIST
Maxwell Smart, e.g SPY
Meddling types YENTAS
Metrical foot IAMB
Meyers of NBC SETH

Clues Answers
Mined stuff ORE
Monte — CARLO
More timid SHYER
MSNBC host Melber ARI
Musical scale start DOREMI
Nasty sort MEANIE
Nasty sort OGRE
Native of Islam’s spiritual center MECCAN
Navigator Vasco — DAGAMA
Nile goddess ISIS
Observing SEEING
Of a junction point NODAL
Old Aegean Sea region IONIA
On edge TENSE
One-man-army types RAMBOS
Opera song ARIA
Otherworldly ALIEN
Out of date OLD
Out of date PASSE
Ozone-depleting compound, in brief CFC
Particle made of quarks HADRON
PC image file GIF
Persian monarch SHAH
Poehler of ‘Sisters’ AMY
Poor review PAN
Popeye, to Pipeye UNCLE
Prefix with plunk KER
Prefix with unsaturated MONO
Prince Andrew’s younger daughter EUGENIE
Pro vote YEA
Proofer’s ‘let it stand’ STET
Quark site ATOM
Rat-a- — TAT
Ref relatives UMPS
Region AREA
Rejections NOS
Relative key of C major AMINOR
Royals manager Ned YOST
Russia’s — -TASS ITAR
San Francisco’s — Valley NOE
Second part of 75-Down ACTII
Several eras EON
Sign up for ENTER
Singer Lisa LOEB
Skill at which one excels STRONGSUIT
SoHo locale NYC
Some bridge sides EASTS
Some hot rods GTCARS
Squares on calendars DAYS
Stick around STAY
Suffix with gas or right EOUS
Supply with a new staff REMAN
Supporting musician SIDEMAN
SUV maker GMC
That girl HER
Tons (of) AGOB
Very rarely SELDOM
Victim PREY
Whimpers PULES
Wild horses BRONCS
Wilson of Heart ANN
Young louse NIT
Zeus’ wife HERA
[Captured] [Revelation] CAUGHTBYSURPRISE
[Discover] [Performing] LEARNBYDOING
[Govern] [Edict] RULEBYDECREE
[Obligated] [Covenant] BOUNDBYCONTRACT
[Oliver] [Mae] NORTHBYWEST
[Ordeal] [Blaze] TRIALBYFIRE
[Stolen] [Tempest] TAKENBYSTORM
[Triumph] [Preset] WINBYDEFAULT