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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – May 31 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Premier Sunday King Feature Syndicate.

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Clues Answers
“Firework” singer Katy PERRY
“Incredible!” OHWOW
“La Traviata” solo, say ARIA
“Little Birds” actress [Canadian music] JUNOTEMPLE
“Lowdown” singer Scaggs BOZ
“Pardon me” AHEM
“Rags to Riches” singer [Broadway] TONYBENNETT
“Shameless” actress [television] EMMYROSSUM
“Take — from me” ATIP
“The Piano” actor Sam NEILL
“The Picture of Dorian Gray” novelist [film] OSCARWILDE
“The Raven” poet POE
“Tristram Shandy” author Laurence STERNE
“— I love thee?” HOWDO
1969 Beatle bride Yoko ONO
1982 Dustin Hoffman film TOOTSIE
Actor Will of “30 Rock” ARNETT
Actress Harper TESS
American labor leader [French film] CESARCHAVEZ
Amo, amas, — AMAT
Attach with laces, say TIEON
Barter SWAP
Be in arrears OWE
Big burden ONUS
Bioelectric fishes EELS
Blabbed TOLD
Blind as — ABAT
Blu-ray Disc producer SONY
Boxing venue ARENA
Breath freshener MINT
Built on ADDEDTO
Bus stop DEPOT
By way of, for short THRU
Cager’s hoop RIM
Call to a pig SOOEY
Capital of Italy, in Italy ROMA
Capital of Norway OSLO
Circus barker SEAL
Classic Pabst beer brand STROHS
Complained childishly WHINED
Cooks, as asparagus STEAMS
Courteous act, to a Brit FAVOUR
Cuba — (rum cocktail) LIBRE
Delight in SAVOR
Distress call SOS
Domain AREA
Done the backstroke, e.g SWUM
Dust particle MOTE
Facial mask offerers SPAS
Five-armed echinoderms SEASTARS
Fly of Africa TSETSE
Fred dancing in films ASTAIRE
Galahad’s title SIR
German “a” EINE
Gift label TAG
Go- — (no slouch) GETTER
Golfers’ positions STANCES
Governor’s fiscal concern STATEDEBT
Grand home ESTATE
He played V in “V for Vendetta” [sci-fi writing] HUGOWEAVING
High-quality FINE
Horse pace TROT
House unit ROOM
Illusion on a hot road MIRAGE
In good order NEAT
In time past ONCE
Inclined APT
Indian royal RAJA
Island group near Fiji SAMOA
Jesuit college in Worcester HOLYCROSS
Jewel GEM
Jordanian queen dowager NOOR
Judge’s wear ROBE
Jungian inner self ANIMA
Kids’ racers on tracks GOKARTS
Kitschy 1960s light LAVALAMP
La — Tar Pits BREA
Least refined RAWEST
Leaves port SAILS
Like facts TRUE
Longtime member of the Four Tops [off-Broadway] OBIEBENSON
Lost traction on the ice SLID
Lots to leave autos in, to Brits CARPARKS
Lyric verses ODES
Major combat WARFARE
Makes moist WETS
Many a smartphone message TEXT
Meat sticker SKEWER
Merges MELDS
Mogadishu resident SOMALI
Move a bit STIR
Nike rival REEBOK
On the train, e.g ABOARD
Panache FLAIR
Place for hay or a choir LOFT
Plastic for a waterbed VINYL
Prefix with 104-Down POLY
Puts into law ENACTS
Remits in advance PREPAYS
Retort to “Am so!” ARENOT
Rice dish PILAF
Rub roughly RASP
Rules, for short REGS
Rustic denial NAW
Sandusky’s lake ERIE
Seep out OOZE
She’s asked to “peel me a grape” in film BEULAH
Squeezed (out) EKED
Stallion, e.g MALE
Sticky home? NEST
Strip down UNDRESS
Suburb of Minneapolis EDINA
Summer shirt TEE
Tarnish DAMAGE
Tarnish STAIN
Tennis champ Andre AGASSI
The, in Tours LES
Tiara go-with SASH
Tile locale FLOOR
Tina of pop TURNER
Tiny toddler BABE
Touched comfortingly PATTED
Treble — CLEF
Tree toppler AXE
Uncork, e.g OPEN
Ventriloquist with the dummy Charlie McCarthy [mystery writing] EDGARBERGEN
Verbalized SPOKEN
Walton who wrote “The Compleat Angler” IZAAK
Waste time IDLE
Went flat STALED
What any of the eight people featured in this puzzle should be? AWARDWINNER
Witty Mort SAHL
Word before hall or crier TOWN
Word before while ERST
Work benefit PERK
World of Warcraft, e.g PCGAME
Yellow shade AMBER
— secret (didn’t blab) KEPTA
—’Pea SWEE