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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – May 6 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Excuse me’ AHEM
‘Go where I go’ FOLLOWME
‘Reward’ for awful service NOTIP
‘Stuck’ actor Stephen REA
‘Tapestry’ singer King CAROLE
‘What — excuse for …’ APOOR
‘Woo-hoo!’ OHBOY
— -fi movie SCI
— and yang YIN
— blanche CARTE
2006 Supreme Court appointee ALITO
27-Across’ first name, for short SAM
Abbr. at the end of a list ETC
Action short of a divorce … or what occurs in six long answers in this puzzle? TRIALSEPARATION
Actor Elgort ANSEL
Actor’s rep AGT
Actress Sarah of ‘American Crime Story’ PAULSON
Advisory ALERT
Agatha Christie’s ‘There Is –‘ ATIDE
Alias lead-in AKA
Annual movie event in Lower Manhattan TRIBECAFILMFESTIVAL
Ballerina Alicia ALONSO
Barely visible FAINT
Bath locales TUBS
Battery end ANODE
Beatty of ‘Network’ NED
Bongos, e.g DRUMS
Brunch drink MIMOSA
Bud of Bert ERNIE
Ca++ or Cl- ION
Capital of the Bahamas NASSAU
Changing from one form of matter to another TRANSUBSTANTIAL
Class for U.S. aliens ESL
Cooking fat LARD
Cow’s mouthful CUD
Cuts into ERODES
Date tree PALM
Delaware’s capital DOVER
Dirigible pilot AERONAUT
Docking site WHARF
Drink inserts STRAWS
DVR brand TIVO
Employ anew REHIRE
Ericson of exploration LEIF
Ex — (from nothing) NIHILO
Exonerated PARDONED
Fat-breakdown enzyme LIPASE
Fish that’s a sushi staple TUNA
Flynn of old movies ERROL
French for ‘eye’ OEIL
Fund held in trust ESCROW
Goal getter SCORER
Group associated with red fezzes SHRINERS
Groups of employees STAFFS
Having depth as well as length and width TRIDIMENSIONAL
Hollywood’s Harper TESS
Hollywood’s Vardalos NIA
Holy figures: Abbr STS
Home for mil. planes AFB
I, in German ICH
Inflexible STIFF
Is abrasive CHAFES
Is pounding THROBS
It might have serifs FONT
It’s rung out on New Year’s Eve THEOLD
Jays’ homes NESTS
Kiddie-lit ‘pest’ RAMONA
Clues Answers
Kind of tire RADIAL
Kindled anew RELIT
Language of the Koran ARABIC
Linda of ‘Dynasty’ EVANS
Line winder REEL
Liquid rock LAVA
Livy’s 1,400 MCD
Loss of recollections AMNESIA
Lounge lazily LOLL
Love, in Nice AMOUR
Luges, e.g SLEDS
Lyrical verse ODE
Machines next to mice PCS
Mai — TAI
McCain’s 2008 rival OBAMA
Mine transports ORECARS
Minnesota’s state bird LOON
Mom’s mate POP
More sage WISER
North Carolinian, informally TARHEEL
Not inner OUTER
Not poisonous NONTOXIC
Nullified OVERRODE
Observed secretly SPIED
Of the study of the hair and scalp TRICHOLOGICAL
Old JFK jet SST
On a cruise ASEA
On top of ABOVE
Pack animal ASS
Paradoxical IRONIC
Piece of the past ERA
Piece of the past RELIC
Produces CAUSES
Protestant denom BAP
Puts to work USES
Q-V link RSTU
Real good-looker HOTTIE
Red-brown RUSSET
Rice-and-broth dish PILAF
Road groove RUT
Robert of ‘The Sopranos’ ILER
Salsa herb CILANTRO
Sets foot in ENTERS
Ship of the Middle East OILER
Simulates, as an event REENACTS
Snaky shape SCURVE
Son on ‘Family Ties’ ALEX
Spanish wavy mark TILDE
Sphere REALM
Spoken ORAL
Starter or finish judge at a meet, e.g TRACKOFFICIAL
Stockpile HOARD
Suffix with cannon EER
Suffix with cannon ADE
The ‘O’ of TV’s OWN OPRAH
Tool for cutting decorative spiral lines SCROLLSAW
Training unit CADRE
Traitor RAT
Trot quickly RUN
Turns of phrase IDIOMS
Two plus one, in Turin TRE
U.S. pres. George (#41 as opposed to #43) BUSHSR
Unrestrained LOOSE
Voting no ANTI
Welsh, e.g CELTIC
Wound vestiges SCARS
Zeno of — (philosopher) ELEA