Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – May 8 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Ad __ per aspera” ASTRA
“Dream on!” ASIF
“Fame” singer Cara IRENE
“Gross!” ICK
“Jiminy!” GOSH
“Nadja” title role player Löwensohn ELINA
“Splash” co-star Hanks TOM
“Tell It to My Heart” singer Taylor DAYNE
“The Practice” co-star __ Flynn Boyle LARA
“__ Blu Dipinto di Blu” (1958 hit song) NEL
“__ Gold” (1997 Peter Fonda film) ULEES
“__ tu” (Verdi aria) ERI
19th U.S president HAYES
Alongside each other INPARALLEL
And the rest: Abbr ETC
Anti-DUI gp SADD
Aquafina rival EVIAN
Attempt to convey DRIVEAT
Be litigious SUE
Beer on “The Simpsons” DUFF
Big Japanese dogs AKITAS
Big-band drummer Gene KRUPA
Blunder ERR
Chanel of perfumery COCO
Chess pieces, e.g MEN
Clear out of EVACUATE
Cloaked HID
Comic Johnson and Angels owner Moreno ARTES
Conks BOPS
Cookbook qtys TSPS
Custom HABIT
Deform WARP
Delhi dress SARI
Departs GOES
Deputy ruler viceregent
Dirt-digging journalist MUCKRAKER
Disguised, for short INCOG
Early anesthetic ETHER
Ending for pay or plug OLA
Ending for Siam or Milan ESE
Ending with form ULA
Equilibrium BALANCE
Et __ (and others) ALIA
Ethyl ender ENE
Fender flaw DENT
Filmmaker Nicolas ROEG
Fuzz-covered NAPPY
German for “everyone” ALLE
Glaringly sensational LURID
Glimpse SEE
Hair salon fixture DRYER
Hi-tech special FX CGI
Hog haven PIGSTY
Hypothetical cases IFS
Ice cream shop treats FLOATS
In a high-minded manner NOBLY
Inferior mag RAG
Inflated head EGO
Is worthy of DESERVES
It may contain coffee CAN
It may contain coffee TIN
Jabba the __ HUTT
Jacques of French film TATI
Jockeys’ garb SILKS
Jumbo tub VAT
Kuwaiti ruler EMIR
Like Mass officiants PRIESTLY
Like plunging necklines LOWCUT
Lipitor and Zocor, e.g STATINS
Look of lust LEER
Luau dance HULA
Mardi __ (Big Easy bash) GRAS
Mensa stats IQS
Most wise SAGEST
Muscle power SINEW
Nero’s “Lo!” ECCE
Novelist __ Stanley Gardner ERLE
Office fixtures DESKS
Officer led by Capt. Kirk LTUHURA
Out __ job OFA
Overplay it EMOTE
Pasta variety PENNE
Pete of folk music SEEGER
Pipe bend ELL
Prefix with byte TERA
Pupil-dilating alkaloid ATROPINE
Puts it forth as fact SAYSSO
Q-tips, e.g SWABS
Ranch rope LASSO
Really high WAYUP
Really hungry RAVENOUS
Regret RUE
Response to “Are you?” IAM
Riga’s land LATVIA
Rival of Coke PEPSI
River romper OTTER
Roseanne of “Roseanne” BARR
Royal Middleton KATE
Running time LENGTH
Salesperson in a car lot AUTODEALER
Seating tier ROW
Ship poles MASTS
Singers’ clubs GLEES
Slowpoke SNAIL
Small branch TWIG
Song syllable TRA
St. Pete loc FLA
Start of a riddle SINCETHECASTING
Stephen of “Ondine” REA
Subdue with a stun gun TASE
Tennis great Arthur ASHE
Test, as tea SIP
Tiki bar necklace LEI
Tiny pieces BITS
Triple-time dances, in Paris VALSES
Twangy, as a voice NASAL
U.S. immigrants’ course ESL
Unyielding STERN
Urge (on) EGG
Urge on IMPEL
Wash and iron LAUNDER
Western tribe OTO
Wildebeest GNU
With __ to (in hopes of) AVIEW
Yes, to Sartre OUI
Yoga poses ASANAS
__ -cone (icy treat) SNO
__ -rock (music genre) ALT
__ Alex (2005 Belmont Stakes winner) AFLEET
__ Domingo SANTO
__ May (one of TV’s Clampetts) ELLY

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