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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Nov 1 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Premier Sunday King Feature Syndicate.

Clues Answers
“Absolutely, sarge!” YESSIR
“Drink” for a constantly critical sort HATERADE
“Get Shorty” star Chris ODOWD
“I’m OK with it” SUITSME
“If __ be so bold …” IMAY
“Magnum, P.I.” star Tom SELLECK
“Masterpiece” network PBS
“On the Road” novelist Jack KEROUAC
“Royals” singer LORDE
“See ya!,” British-style LATERS
“Spring ahead” hrs DST
“The Magic Flute,” e.g OPERA
“The Walking Dead” airer AMC
“__ longa, vita brevis” ARS
“__ was saying …” ASI
1998-2008 Toyota model SOLARA
Ace or deuce CARD
Airline of Israel ELAL
Alternatively ELSE
Always, in poetry EER
Angle measure RADIAN
Anti votes NOS
Apparel ATTIRE
Asia’s __ Sea ARAL
Big retailer of outdoor gear REI
Brief snooze NAP
Briefcase variety ATTACHE
Broadcast again RESHOW
Bundled, as wheat SHEAVED
Cafe au __ LAIT
Christian cry of praise HOSANNA
City in Iowa AMES
Coiled length of yarn SKEIN
Comedian Emo PHILIPS
Considers to be DEEMS
Court declaration PLEA
Covered with vines IVIED
Cowboy cry YEEHAW
Delilah player Lamarr HEDY
Desert refuge OASIS
Devious SLY
Dot in the sea ISLET
Dot-com address URL
Droopy cheek JOWL
Duo plus one TRIO
Enticement LURE
Ernie’s pal BERT
Evoking an earlier style RETRO
Exam for H.S. juniors PSAT
Fat-and-flour mixture ROUX
Film lioness ELSA
First-ever PREMIER
Fleeced male RAM
Folklore giant OGRE
Former Nintendo rival SEGA
Fossil fuel OIL
Game akin to crazy eights UNO
Have a hunch SENSE
Hawaii’s Mauna __ LOA
High- __ (snubbing) HATTING
History unit ERA, EON
Hither’s partner YON
Hormone released during childbirth OXYTOCIN
Hotel furniture BEDS
Hugs, in letters OOO
In an obliging manner HELPFULLY
Inedible type of orange OSAGE
It might be given by a flirter THEEYE
Clues Answers
Khan who married Rita Hayworth ALY
Lack of vigor LETHARGY
Lariat part LOOP
Law school newbie ONEL
Like most sandals OPENTOE
Like unripe bananas GREEN
Lock go-with KEY
March Madness org NCAA
Marina del __ REY
Nairobi’s land KENYA
Orangutans, e.g APES
Orlando theme park EPCOT
Oscar winner Dunaway FAYE
Outdated OLD
Particular printing ISSUE
PC support whiz, perhaps TECHGEEK
Pierre’s pal AMI
Plateau’s kin MESA
Plot out, as an equation GRAPH
Pod fillers PEAS
Posh quality ELEGANCE
Prep schools ACADEMIES
Pretend ACT
Provided with a border EDGED
Pull along LUG
Rd. with a number RTE
Resembling a hooting bird OWLLIKE
Riddle, part 4 STUDIOUSAND
Rob of “Melrose Place” ESTES
Saintly glow AURA
Sales agents, for short REPS
Scooched over, perhaps MADEROOM
See 82-Down MAT
Set- __ (brawls) TOS
Signified MEANT
Similarly defined wd SYN
Small equine PONY
Start of a riddle WHENPEOPLEAREIN
Stereotypical working-class family man NASCARDAD
Stood up to FACED
Suffix with beat NIK
Suffix with strict URE
Supposed psychic gift ESP
Tackle, guard or center LINEMAN
Tarnish MAR
Thunder god THOR
Ties down, as a boat MOORS
To a large degree BYFAR
Totally absorbed RIVETED
Trapshooting targets, informally SKEETS
Unsound ILL
Utah city OREM
Valentine’s Day feeling LOVE
VI doubled XII
Waikiki Beach locale OAHU
Water whirl EDDY
Way to serve ham or pastrami ONRYE
Wheat husk BRAN
With 41-Down, lotus sitters’ cushion YOGA
Work unit JOULE
Wyatt at the O.K. Corral EARP
Yale Daily News staffer ELI
__ -friendly USER
__ -friendly ECO
__ mama (rum cocktail) BAHAMA
__ polloi HOI
__Kosh B’gosh (kids’ clothing brand) OSH