Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Nov 11 2018

Clues Answers
‘90210’ actor Rob ESTES
‘Exodus’ actor Mineo SAL
‘Forbidden’ perfume TABU
How Great __ Art’ THOU
‘Neon’ fish in a tank TETRA
‘The Far Side’ cartoonist Gary LARSON
‘Yippee!’ YAY
‘Yummy!’ DELISH
__ Fideles’ ADESTE
52-week unit YEAR
A-list person CELEB
Abbr. at LAX ETA
Acting teacher Stella ADLER
Actress Mena SUVARI
Actress Tara REID
Actress Tyler or Ullmann LIV
Alien seekers’ program, for short SETI
And others, in Latin ETALIA
Aswan’s river NILE
Baldwin of ‘Andron’ ALEC
Belly flop result SPLASH
Blissful site EDEN
Brand of contact lens cleaner RENU
Brand of fleecy boots UGG
Casual turndown NAH
Certain pipe fitting ELL
Common pet lizard IGUANA
Concept, in Calais IDEE
Crimson and carmine REDS
Dad’s bro UNC
Danson of ‘Mad Money’ TED
Depict by drawing LIMN
Duel weapon EPEE
Ed of ‘Gus’ ASNER
Eggy dish OMELET
Ex-NFLer Grier ROSEY
Fake display SHAM
Farm baby FOAL
Fashion’s Anna __ SUI
Feeling of amazement AWE
Female college students, outdatedly COEDS
Fleming of opera RENEE
Food box datum: Abbr NTWT
Former Disney head Michael EISNER
Generally speaking ONAVERAGE
Gillette shaver brand ATRA
Gp. activated by a 911 call EMS
Great joy GLEE
Hamilton dueler Aaron BURR
Have a blast REVEL
Having a shot to win INIT
Hires out LEASES
Hold fast ADHERE
House pest ANT
Humorously indecent BAWDY
Immodesty EGO
In the role of (Lat.) QUA
In __ (stagnant) ARUT
India’s place ASIA
Inferior __ cava VENA
Jet grounded in ’03 SST
Karaoke problem TINEAR
Lambs’ mothers EWES
Lhasa __ (little dogs) APSOS
Like a boor LOUTISH
Little bit DAB
Lyric forgetter’s syllables LALALA
Major for a future D.A PRELAW
Many a carol HYMN
Many a time OFT
Met maven DIVA
Milo of film OSHEA
Miniature couch for a pooch PETSOFA
Morse E’s DOTS
Munchkin PEEWEE
Munchkin ELF
Naturally illuminated at dusk TWILIT
Neglects to DOESNT
New car sticker fig MSRP
No, in Essen NEIN
Obama’s successor TRUMP
Official seal CACHET
One foot forward STEP
Part of CBS: Abbr SYS
Part of HRH HIS
Pinball parlor ARCADE
Place to exit EGRESS
Plow maker DEERE
Polo of ‘The Fosters’ TERI
Prefix with magnetic GEO
Purported psychic gift ESP
Quality of sharp pain ACUTENESS
Riddle, part 3 SUCHHORRIBLE
Riddle, part 5 WHOHEARSTHEM
Sad, in Nice TRISTE
Saturated WET
See 122-Down ALIE
Shaped like a die CUBICAL
Sheltered from the wind ALEE
Skin dye HENNA
Small drying item on a bathroom bar FACETOWEL
Snoop (on) SPY
Spitting nails ANGRY
Start of a riddle WHATISTHENAMEOF
State north of Calif OREG
Study of data patterns ANALYTICS
Suffix for an enzyme ASE
Tabloid monster moniker NESSIE
Talk big BOAST
Time of note ERA
To be, in Le Havre ETRE
Top fighter pilots ACES
Two-tone whale ORCA
Uncle, in Spain TIO
Unfurled, e.g OPENED
Vegas-to-Helena dir NNE
Vile villainesses SHEDEVILS
Violin virtuoso Hilary HAHN
Warlike deity ARES
Web surfer, say USER
West Texas city ELPASO
Whence one wicked witch WEST
Whence one wicked witch EAST
Wire arch on a croquet course WICKET
With 114-Down, ‘Not true!’ ITS
Within: Prefix ENDO
Woman in 53-Down EVE
Words in an analogy ISTO
Write the score to NOTATE
__ -com (film category) ROM
__ Bo (fitness option) TAE
__ bow (upper lip shape) CUPIDS
__ de cologne EAU
__ Lingus AER
__ Na Na SHA

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