Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Nov 18 2018

Clues Answers
‘Big Deal’ singer Rimes LEANN
‘Encore’ rapper EMINEM
‘Give this a shot’ TRYIT
‘Ho-hum’ MEH
Jack Sprat could __ fat’ EATNO
‘Li’l Abner’ drawer ALCAPP
‘River’ New Age artist ENYA
‘That so?’ OHYEAH
‘The A-Team’ director Joe CARNAHAN
__ Boot’ DAS
__ Boys’ (Louisa May Alcott novel) JOS
__ lizards!’ LEAPIN
__ So Fine’ HES
1930s coalition between Italy and Germany ROMEBERLINAXIS
1987 Steven Spielberg war film EMPIREOFTHESUN
24-book epic ILIAD
30-day mo SEPT
30-day month APRIL
Actor Len CARIOU
Appended ANNEXED
Arena arbiter REF
Aussie jumper ROO
Bar mixer SODA
Big public protest OUTCRY
Boxer Max BAER
Brain wave test: Abbr EEG
Brand of TVs RCA
Briny bodies OCEANS
Bristol beer ALE
Bruins’ sch UCLA
Cacklers with clutches HENS
Called off the relationship ENDEDIT
Coin money SPECIE
Composer of the musical ‘Rent’ JONATHANLARSON
Construction toy brand KNEX
Dearies HONEYS
Decide (to) OPT
Delta deposit SEDIMENT
Do some dickering in court COPAPLEA
Drivers’ org AAA
Enter like a butterfly FLITIN
Even though ALBEIT
Facts, briefly INFO
Fantastic AWESOME
Fast Amtrak choice ACELA
Festive affair GALAOCCASION
Fire: Prefix PYRO
Foul vapor MIASMA
General __ chicken TSOS
Gratifying wry twist DELICIOUSIRONY
Had a debt OWED
Half of a 45 SIDEB
Halliwell of pop music GERI
Hangs on to RETAINS
Has begun, as a TV show ISON
Herb that tastes like anise FENNEL
Hi-tech special FX CGI
I, to Kant ICH
IM chuckle LOL
In the house ATHOME
Industry of a merchant marine SEATRADE
Inner self SOUL
Invitation for radio call-ins OPENLINE
It helps pay for roads and schools STATETAX
Japanese noodles RAMEN
Kitchen pest ANT
Lathered up SOAPY
Learning by memorizing ROTE
Legless sideboard CREDENZA
Less usual RARER
Library stall CARREL
Lie dormant REST, SLEEP
Like gluttons GREEDY
Long Island university ADELPHI
Longtime name in restaurant guides ZAGAT
Longtime Nissan SENTRA
Mafioso Frank NITTI
Magic charm MOJO
Metric ‘thousand’ MILLI
More bashful COYER
Mosque turret MINARET
Navy vessel inits USS
Neophyte, in modern slang NOOB
Net message board operator SYSADMIN
No-frills BASIC
Nose about PRY
Not as fatty LEANER
Not crowded SPARSE
Not normal ABERRANT
Nutrition std RDA
Ontario tribe CREE
Oyster find PEARL
Pago Pago islander SAMOAN
Perceive in error aurally MISHEAR
Pitch-perfect? NOHIT
Pixel, e.g DOT
Play on a fife TOOTLE
Put on one’s big-boy pants MANUP
Racecar track near a Japanese mountain FUJISPEEDWAY
Rash-causing plant SUMAC
Reel partner ROD
Rock’s Reed LOU
Rub clean ERASE
Rubble on ‘The Flintstones’ BARNEY
Santa __ winds ANA
Shiba __ (spitz breed) INU
Short cut SNIP
Skin colorer MELANIN
Specialists in stone MASONS
Start to doze NOD
Stripping off PEELING
Suffix with Method ISM, OLOGY
Tchr.’s union NEA
Tearful WEEPY
Things worth saving KEEPERS
Time to wear a conical party hat, for short BDAY
Tissue injury LESION
Tolkien menace ORC
Two halved ONE
Univ. URL ender EDU
Vancouver-to-Seattle dir SSE
Venue SITE
Verdi’s slave AIDA
Vertex ACME
Very cloying things TREACLES
Villa d’__ ESTE
What you do when you read the first words of 23-, 30-, 48-, 85-, 102- and 114-Across? COMPAREAPPLESTOAPPLES
Whirlpool EDDY
Yahoo! rival AOL
__ avis RARA
__ Harbor (Guam port) APRA
__ Major (Great Bear) URSA
__ Spumante (Italian wine) ASTI
__ Vegas LAS

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