Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Nov 4 2018

Clues Answers
‘Cosmos’ host Carl SAGAN
La Cage __ Folles’ AUX
‘Little Men’ actor Jack OAKIE
Make __ what you will’ OFIT
‘Scarface’ inspirer ALCAPONE
‘Send help!’ SOS
‘Skip ahead’ abbr. on a music player FWD
‘Steve Jobs’ star Rogen SETH
12-time papal name PIUS
A/C opening VENT
Addis __, Ethiopia ABABA
Adds lube to OILS
Affixing, as gift wrap TAPING
Audition not closed to anyone OPENCALL
Back rub response AAH
Ball caller UMP
Beef cut that brings misfortune? STEAKOFBADLUCK
Beer holder CAN
Biblical beast ASS
Billy of ‘The Phantom’ ZANE
Boxing stats KOS
Brain product IDEA
Buddha statue, e.g IDOL
Cabaret singer Édith PIAF
Chapel vow IDO
CIO partner AFL
Closet rackful TIES
Confidence APLOMB
Convent residents NUNS
Country west of Colombia PANAMA
D sharp sound-alike EFLAT
Dead-on EXACT
Dele undoer STET
Deluge’s waters subsiding? FLOODWANING
Detroit-to-Miami dir SSE
Discoloration on the biceps or triceps? MUSCLESTAIN
Diver’s goal TEN
Dove noise COO
Dryer debris LINT
Earth personified as a goddess GAIA
Elated GLAD
Eyelid affliction STYE
Fashion designer Anna SUI
FDR’s Scottie FALA
Fed. food safety org USDA
Feed on EAT
Feel poorly AIL
Fez, for one CAP
Fine distinction SUBTLETY
Floats in the air WAFTS
Flows back EBBS
Former British prime minister Clement ATTLEE
French artist Edouard MANET
Gabor who lived to be 99 ZSAZSA
Gave a ring DIALED
Go by boat SAIL
Golf ball brand TITLEIST
Gradually stop nursing WEAN
Hand out cards to DEALIN
Hobbyists’ buys KITS
Hoo-has ADOS
Hotfooted it SPED
In the function of QUA
India’s largest city MUMBAI
Ionizable gas NEON
IRS worker CPA
Is beaming SMILES
It may zoom LENS
Italian public square PIAZZA
Its cap. is Vienna AUS
Jacuzzis and whirlpools SPATUBS
Journal LOG
Jumped ship BAILED
Kitty cat, e.g PET
Last section ENDING
Leek relative ONION
Letters with curves ESSES
Like the letter R in this puzzle’s entire solution ABSENT
Lodgings for wayfarers INNS
Loin cut TBONE
London botanic gardens site KEW
Lyric verse ODE
Made embarrassed ABASHED
Make slanted SKEW
Malted quaff ALE
Many a charger for an e-device USBCABLE
Marionette doing some undercover police work? PUPPETONASTING
Marked with bands ZONATE
Meshwork NETTING
MGM Grand, e.g CASINO
Middle grade CEE
Mimics APES
Nissan, once DATSUN
Not passive ACTIVE
Novelist Honoré de __ BALZAC
Object of fear BUGABOO
Of no value NULL
Of Peruvian peaks ANDEAN
One of the Little Rascals goes on a rant? ALFALFASPOUTS
Paper unit PAGE
Peaceful CALM
Pickle option DILL
Pre-Easter LENTEN
Puts in a role CASTS
Razor cut SLIT
Really tidy type NEATNIK
Really tired BEAT
Rebel Turner NAT
Record one’s arrival SIGNIN
Relatively small oinker, for short MINIPIG
Result of education KNOWLEDGE
Rigs out EQUIPS
Roe, e.g EGGS
Schnozz or Motor ender OLA
Scrabble 10-pointer ZEE
Shoddy car JALOPY
Simply being declared? JUSTGETTINGSTATED
Some hotels and old cars OMNIS
Spanish island known for its nightlife IBIZA
Spill catchers NAPKINS
Staff symbol NOTE
Struck lightly TAPPED
Successfully mimics PASSESAS
Sugar in milk LACTOSE
Tending to the situation ONIT
Tennis great Nastase ILIE
Tokyo-based truck maker ISUZU
Trait carrier GENE
Triage pro EMT
TV camera movement PAN
U-Haul unit VAN
Uptight EDGY
Use a beam on in surgery LASE
Vast period EON
Veil fabric TULLE
Wee bits TADS
When to call it a night BEDTIME
Whole bunch LOT
Yearns (for) LONGS
YouTube upload on how to cook clams and rice? STEAMINGVIDEO
__ -confidence SELF
__ Dhabi ABU

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