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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Oct 18 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Premier Sunday King Feature Syndicate.

Clues Answers
” ‘Tis so sad” ALAS
“Absolutely!” YES
“Count” of jazz BASIE
“Dr.” of rap DRE
“Famous” cookie guy AMOS
“I believe …,” in texts IMO
“Lorna __” DOONE
“The Simpsons” airer FOXNETWORK
“Yentl” actress Feldshuh TOVAH
“You can’t __ train” STOPA
“__ darn tootin’!” YER
Actor Julia RAUL
Actress Thurman UMA
African mongoose MEERKAT
After-hours LATE
Agents, informally REPS
Annoyer PEST
Ark builder NOAH
Art of paper folding ORIGAMI
At the zenith ONTOP
Big swallows GULPS
Bisected INTWO
Brit. mil. fliers RAF
Burden too heavily OVERTAX
Calf-roping competition RODEO
Canon camera EOS
Certain Indian believer SIKH
Chair piece LEG
Condor claw TALON
Corridor HALL
Cover story ALIBI
Crossbreed apropos to this puzzle (hint: see the starts of 10 long answers) TERRIERMIX
Davenport, e.g COUCH
Decay ROT
Depot: Abbr STN
Didn’t leave the house STAYEDIN
Dish of melted cheese on toast WELSHRAREBIT
Dispute go-betweens ARBITERS
Dutch painter Jan STEEN
Eisenhower’s wife MAMIE
Embarrass ABASH
Emollient plant juice ALOE
Engine additive STP
Engine additive OIL
Entr’__ (interludes) ACTES
Eve’s garden EDEN
Fact fudgers LIARS
Fairway club IRON
Financier Onassis ARI
Firefighter Red ADAIR
Fish spawn ROE
Fix up copy EDIT
Flew, as a plane PILOTED
Fliers drawn to flames MOTHS
Flips out SNAPS
Frigate, e.g WARSHIP
Go- __ (kid’s racer) KART
Good occasion to buy securities BULLMARKET
Gorbachev’s wife RAISA
Heron variety EGRET
Hits hard SWATS
Hunt quarry PREY
Ice mishaps SLIPS
Incandescent AGLOW
Instruct EDUCATE
Jockey Angel or baseballer Wil CORDERO
Kindle buy EBOOK
Lay eyes on SEE
Lean red meat source ELK
Lean red meat source EMU
Light classical orchestra BOSTONPOPS
Clues Answers
Little imps BRATS
Lovers’ get-together TRYST
Luc’s gal pal AMIE
Maine and Montana, to Canada BORDERSTATES
Mark, as a ballot square XIN
Mendelssohn orchestral piece in A minor SCOTTISHSYMPHONY
Mennonite subgroup AMISH
Merlot, e.g WINE
Met again, as a legislature RESAT
Moo goo __ pan GAI
No. on a road sign RTE
Novelist Josephine TEY
Ogden native UTAHN
On Soc. Security, say RETD
Ones who can sense others’ feelings, in sci-fi EMPATHS
Opposite of NNW SSE
Org. looking for aliens SETI
Oversaw RAN
Pack animals around Lhasa TIBETANYAKS
Painful spots SORES
Paranormal gift, for short ESP
Part of OTC THE
Party givers HOSTS
Patron of physicians STLUKE
Pick-me-up TONIC
Place to shop STORE
Platform for iDevices IOS
Playwright Clifford ODETS
Popover served with roast beef YORKSHIREPUDDING
Pothole filler TAR
Prankster’s messy missile EGG
Prankster’s messy missile PIE
Prefix with space AERO
Purpose USE
Purpose END
Q-U link RST
Really raged STORMED
Recipe amt TBSP
Residence HOME
Resolved to accomplish SETON
Retort to “It ain’t so!” ISTOO
Rocker Nugent TED
Roman 1,501 MDI
Small donkey BURRO
Small marsupial with long hind limbs RATKANGAROO
Soccer great Mia HAMM
Sports drink brand POWERADE
Stadium part TIER
Suffix with neat NIK
Suffix with Vietnam ESE
Tepee TENT
Thin as __ ARAIL
Thom __ shoes MCAN
Tiny flash of light GLINT
To the __ degree NTH
U.S. spy org CIA
Very sharp road curves HAIRPINS
Violet variety PANSY
Waddling bird PENGUIN
Warms up HEATS
Water nymph NAIAD
Web location NETSITE
Yank’s rival REB
Youngest of Chekhov’s “Three Sisters” IRINA
__ -cone SNO
__ -proof IDIOT
__ Bo TAE
__Kosh B’gosh OSH