Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Oct 21 2018

Clues Answers
__ turn up eventually’ ITLL
‘Baloney!’ ROT
‘Breezy’ co-star Kay LENZ
‘Lohengrin’ heroine ELSA
No man __ island’ ISAN
‘Petunia’ star Birch THORA
‘Renegade’ star Lamas LORENZO
‘SOS’ group ABBA
‘The Chase’ star Marlon BRANDO
We __ please!’ AIMTO
Woo- __!’ HOO
__ -di-dah LAH
__ B’rith BNAI
24-hr. cash convenience ATM
Above, in odes OER
Actor Hill of ‘Moneyball’ JONAH
Actor Knight TED
Actor McShane IAN
Antarctic explorer Richard BYRD
Aspirin, e.g DRUG
Atelier STUDIO
Baseball club BAT
Big lug APE
Big step STRIDE
Biscotto nut ALMOND
Blurt out the secret BLAB
Body trunk TORSO
Boxing blow HOOK
Boys and men from an Oregon city? SALEMMALES
Bustle ADO
Casual slacks CHINOS
City close to Minneapolis EDINA
Cleanup org EPA
College military gp ROTC
Collielike pooch SHELTIE
Comics’ acts GAGS
Compounds in explosives NITERS
Consent (to) ACCEDE
Corrida cry OLE
Counterpart of ‘sir’ MAAM
Creek critter NEWT
De __ (afresh) NOVO
Debt memo IOU
Denounce DAMN
Do some excavating DIGAHOLE
Electric car maker TESLA
Em preceder ELL
Executive ‘no’ VETO
Film director Reiner CARL
Firm belief DOGMA
First-aid gel ALOE
Gas in signs NEON
Goose of Hawaii NENE
Grease-filled OILY
Greek Cupid EROS
Green shade OLIVE
Hamm on a soccer field MIA
Hay bundle BALE
Holding the attention of ENGAGING
Illumination LIGHTING
Immigrant’s class, in brief ESL
Impromptu ADLIB
In pursuit of AFTER
Includes an Arizona city in the tally? COUNTSTUCSON
Island locale SEA
Jack of early talk TV PAAR
Jacuzzi sigh AAH
Judd of song NAOMI
L-P middle MNO
Latin ‘Behold!’ ECCE
Lawn pests MOLES
Like argon INERT
Lion of C.S. Lewis’ ‘Narnia’ tales ASLAN
Lionel Richie hit of 1983 YOUARE
Make glad ELATE
Make turbid ROIL
Many a Giotto work FRESCO
Mauna __ LOA
Melancholy MOROSE
Melancholy SAD
Metal waste DROSS
Michigan city whose residents are a bit more eccentric? DOTTIERDETROIT
Military foe ENEMY
Model Macpherson ELLE
Modern, in Mannheim NEU
Monster film lab helper IGOR
Mouse-spotting cry EEK
Negative battery poles ANODES
Net address URL
Noah’s Ark groupings TWOS
Noah’s Ark landing site ARARAT
Not distant NEAR
Not there ABSENT
Off-Broadway awards whose winners hail from an Idaho city? BOISEOBIES
One making a change ALTERER
One nabbing something SEIZER
Painting exhibitor on wheels in a Maryland city? BALTIMOREARTMOBILE
Pale __ ALE
Palo __ ALTO
Part of LAPD LOS
Pasting stuff GLUE
Pennsylvania city with a big population of forefathers? ANCESTRALLANCASTER
Perch SIT
Phone no TEL
Piano relative CELESTA
Plundered an Ohio city? LOOTEDTOLEDO
Popular cookie OREO
R&B’s Braxton TONI
Rodents in research LABRATS
Runoff conduit SEWER
Scorches ROASTS
Seat winners INS
See 17-Down READER
Setting of ‘Anne of Green Gables’ AVONLEA
Sgt., e.g NCO
Slanting ONATILT
Smoky peak in Sicily ETNA
Songwriter DiFranco ANI
Speak badly of an Illinois city? TRADUCEDECATUR
Sphere ORB
Sphere ARENA
Sprite ELF
Suit fitter in a California city? RIALTOTAILOR
Surgical probe STYLET
Sussex loc ENG
Swirly letters ESSES
Three-sharp musical key AMAJOR
Thurman of ‘Jennifer 8’ UMA
Thwarts FOILS
Tigers, e.g CATS
Timber-dressing tool ADZE
Top-grade AONE
Units of light LUMENS
Warehouse vehicle produced in a Texas city? LAREDOLOADER
Wash with vigor SCRUB
Wee amount IOTA
With 105-Down, eclectic digest UTNE
Without __ (worry-free) ACARE
Work detail CREW
Yang partner YIN

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