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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Oct 4 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Premier Sunday King Feature Syndicate.

Clues Answers
“Air kiss” sound MWAH
“Caught you!” AHA
“Friends” co-star Courteney COX
“Go, torero!” OLE
“Mister” of ice cream trucks SOFTEE
“Neon” tank swimmers TETRAS
“That’s awful!” OHNO
“The Ipcress File” novelist Deighton LEN
“The Little Rascals” girl DARLA
“Traffic” actress Christensen ERIKA
“We were just talking about you!” SPEAKOFTHEDEVIL
“Your Song” singer John ELTON
A long time AGES
Acknowledge ADMIT, LETON
Actor Conrad of early films NAGEL
Actor Everett of “Stardust” RUPERT
Actor Feldman COREY
Actor Mineo SAL
Actress de Ravin of “Lost” EMILIE
Antigen disablers TCELLS
Assist AID
Assists in crime ABETS
Bearings MIENS
Beer vessel STEIN
Beige TAN
Bert of “The Wizard of Oz” LAHR
Boxy vehicle VAN
Bring items to someone as a server would FETCHANDCARRY
Brush aside IGNORE
Butter substitute OLEO
Coke and Pepsi SODAS
Conical woodwinds OBOES
Crouched STOOPED
Crude RAW
Dated, quaintly OLDE
Dish under a cup SAUCER
Early 1900s cars REOS
Eschewer of animal products VEGAN
Exam for some jrs PSAT
Extensive destruction HAVOC
Father of Taoism LAOTSE
Feared fly TSETSE
Field laborers PEASANTS
Firing noise BLAST
Fish that can be shocking EEL
From __ Z ATO
Full of lip SASSY
Gas pump attachments HOSES
Goes the distance LASTS
Grads’ dance PROM
Greek god in a chariot ARES
Had no life WASNT
Hammer end PEEN
Have a debt OWE
Having a dull finish MATTE
Henna, e.g DYE
Hi- __ graphics RES
Hi-fi system STEREO
HMO participants DRS
Hurly-burly ADO
Ill-bred dude CAD
In a nervous way TENSELY
In accordance with ASPER
Insist that formalities are observed STANDONCEREMONY
Installed anew, as flooring RELAID
Italian province or its capital SALERNO, ASTI
Clues Answers
Jackie’s hubby #2 ARI
Khrushchev’s fed USSR
Lacking vitality ANEMIC
Lead-in to chic or hazard ECO
Least difficult EASIEST
Least narrow WIDEST
Liftoff follower ASCENT
Long time ERA
Loosened, as a skate UNTIED
Love god EROS
Low-value billfold fillers ONES
Lucifer SATAN
Maiden-named NEE
Make radical changes to the norm SHAKETHINGSUP
Martini’s partner in winemaking ROSSI
Medium to poor NOTSOHOT
Merits a “so-so” ISOK
Mo. with the birthstone opal OCT
Mobile’s place ALABAMA
Mopped, e.g CLEANED
Mother-of-pearl NACRE
Nanny Poppins MARY
No matter the consequence COMEWHATMAY
Nonlethal stunner TASER
Norse god in a chariot THOR
Novelist Nin ANAIS
Novelist Sinclair UPTON
Ouzo flavorer ANISE
Packed firmly TAMPED
PC support givers TECHS
Peepers EYES
Perfect places UTOPIAS
Place to teach the eight commands featured in this puzzle OBEDIENCESCHOOL
Pres. elected in ’48 HST
Prof’s degree PHD
Pueblo people HOPI
Really big MASSIVE
Really bug IRK
Regular way of walking HEELTOTOE
Relax briefly SITASPELL
Relaxes RESTS
Roast’s host EMCEE
Roddick of tennis ANDY
Royal name of Norway OLAF
Rub away ERASE
SFO guess ETA
Shade trees ELMS
Slacked off ABATED
Soup holder TINCAN
Sow or cow SHE
Steeped quaff TEA
Sticky stuff TAPE
Suffix with opal INE
Sumptuous LAVISH
Swimmer Dara with 12 Olympic medals TORRES
Talk to a deity PRAY
Tally up ADD
The Raptors, on sports tickers TOR
Triangular sail LATEEN
Up to, for short TIL
Wading birds STORKS
Weaponize again REARM
Woven fabric TEXTILE
Writer Seton ANYA
Year, in Rio ANO
Yet to happen DOWNTHEROAD
Yuletide tune NOEL
__ cheese dressing BLEU
__ Jeanne d’Arc: Abbr STE