Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 18 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
” ‘Tis a pity!” SOSAD
“… good witch __ bad witch?” ORA
“As is” transaction FINALSALE
“Bam!” chef Lagasse EMERIL
“Evita” star MADONNA
“Get what I’m talkin’ about?” YKNOW
“Gypsy” composer Jule STYNE
“Hip Hop Is Dead” rapper NAS
“The Time Machine” race ELOI
“To quote myself …” ASISAY
“You win” ILOSE
1040 ID SSN
1978 arcade classic SPACEINVADERS
1990s talk show host Watts ROLONDA
Abbr. before an alias AKA
Accepting of OPENTO
Acronym for four entertainment prizes EGOT
Actress Laura DERN
Actress on the sitcom “American Housewife” ALIWONG
Allay EASE
Annual game at Aloha Stadium HAWAIIBOWL
Annual honor given by Sports Illustrated LEGACYAWARD
Aruba is in it CARIBBEANSEA
Author of the novels whose titles are the starts of nine answers in this puzzle JAMESMICHENER
Auto garage brand STP
Barbecue serving RIB
Became tiresome to WOREON
Become a participant ENTERIN
Beginning painting class ARTI
Big name in car parts ACDELCO
Border RIM
Border EDGE
Bottled water brand POLANDSPRING
Brain gains IDEAS
Brand of root beer AANDW
Bread sliced doubly thick TEXASTOAST
Butcher’s tool MEATAX
Calls a talk show, e.g DIALSIN
Car stopper BRAKE
Cattle group HERD
Charge to pitch a product ADFEE
China’s __ Xiaoping DENG
City in southeast Minnesota EAGAN
Cochlea site EAR
Coincide partly with OVERLAP
Coke, e.g COLA
College transcript no GPA
Colorado’s nickname CENTENNIALSTATE
Contained HAD
Copy a lion ROAR
Cruel ruler DESPOT
Curved paths ARCS
Dead heats TIES
Did perfectly ACED
Downgrade DEMOTE
Dress of India SARI
Emphasize STRESS
Enthusiastic greeting GLADHAND
Fall away EBB
Fess up to ADMIT
Fliers’ military branch AIRARM
Fly planes AVIATE
Food herring SHAD
Frying fat LARD
Gets wiser LEARNS
Gyro breads PITAS
Hailed vehicle CAB
He wrote “The Raven” POE
Healthy WELL
Home pest ANT
Home to Augusta MAINE
Immemorial AGELONG
It’s south of Tenn MISS
It’s south of Tenn ALA
Its highest mountain is Denali ALASKARANGE
Jungle beast APE
Kauai, e.g ISLE
Key near Alt CTRL
Lawyers’ gp ABA
Lay turf on SOD
Lighthouse lights BEACONS
Lilly of drugs ELI
Many a hospital delivery SON
Many a hospital delivery BOY
Mas’ mates PAS
Meadowland LEA
Mil. alliance since 1949 NATO
Nintendo game console WII
No-show GI AWOL
Noble sort ARISTO
Not duped by ONTO
Not fully shut AJAR
Not just moist WET
NYC subway line IRT
Of lesser importance SECONDARY
Of monarchs REGAL
Old video game consoles ATARIS
Opposed to ANTI
Opulent, floor-length cloak OPERACOAT
Parisian pronoun MOI
Patch affixed with heat IRONON
Peripherals ADDONS
Pig’s digs STY
Pigeon shed COTE
Pollute SOIL
Pop singer Lauper CYNDI
President before Sadat NASSER
Raised fortification RAMPART
Religious law CANON
Result in LEADTO
Rich fabric with a silky finish BROCADE
Said “There, there” to, e.g SOLACED
Sammy of the diamond SOSA
Scott Turow memoir ONEL
Senate affirmatives YEAS
Singer Dolly PARTON
Song closing a Catholic service RECESSIONALHYMN
Sp. woman SRA
Stops harping on the subject DROPSIT
Stranded cell stuff RNA
Sue Grafton’s “__ for Alibi” AIS
Super review RAVE
Sushi tuna AHI
Tantalizes TEASES
Truckloads ATON
TV’s “Mistress of the Dark” ELVIRA
Twin sister of He-Man SHERA
W-2 pro CPA
Went back over, as one’s steps RETROD
Went to the polls again REVOTED
Whale variety ORCA
What a DJ talks into MIC
White birds SWANS
Yard uglifiers WEEDS
__ monster GILA

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