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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 2 2018

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Clues Answers
‘A mouse!’ EEK
‘AWOL’ or ‘FAQ,’ e.g ACRONYM
‘Just joking!’ NOT
‘Sk8er Boi’ singer Lavigne AVRIL
The jig __!’ ISUP
‘The Mugger’ actress Martin NAN
‘Thwack!’ BAM
‘Unto the Sons’ author Gay TALESE
__ de Oro RIO
__ Rex (cat variety) DEVON
1714-27 king of England GEORGEI
2018 is one YEAR
Absconded FLED
Action DEED
Actor Bruce DERN
Added a coward as a Facebook connection? FRIENDEDCHICKEN
Apple center CORE
Arles article UNE
Ashley or Mary-Kate OLSEN
Author Anaïs NIN
Baby’s tie-on BIB
Bakery buy PIE
Bellybutton variety OUTIE
Bewildered ATSEA
Black __ cattle ANGUS
Bummed out SAD
Bump on __ ALOG
Bunks, e.g BEDS
Cambodian money unit RIEL
Climbed monkey-style SHINNED
Color tone HUE
Counterfeit FALSE
Counterfeit FAKE
Dairy farm machine MILKER
Dentist’s filler INLAY
Egyptian sacred cross ANKH
Email a large image file in error? MISSENDTHEBIGPICTURE
Ending for serpent INE
Estate in the country VILLA
Exemplars IDEALS
Exist ARE
Falsification LIE
Football coach Parseghian ARA
Force out of the country EXILE
Forebode the spilling of Chablis and Chianti? PORTENDWINESTAINS
Forked (out) SHELLED
Funds given to a certain soccer player? DEFENDERPAYMENT
Get more precipitous STEEPEN
Get rid of, as a bad habit UNLEARN
Giant Mel OTT
Gift add-ons TAGS
Golf average PAR
Golf ball holder TEE
Golf rarity ACE
Great Plains tribe ARAPAHO
Gun org NRA
Hair lock TRESS
Hard water ICE
Here, in Haiti ICI
Hosp. scrubs sites ORS
Hotel chain with a sun logo DAYSINN
Ignited anew RELIT
IM giggle LOL
In advance AHEAD
JFK jet, once SST
Lacking in variety ONENOTE
Large vase URN
Letters on an AC BTU
Lifesaving team, in brief EMS
Like a cold, damp cellar DANK
Like the article ‘a’ or ‘an’: Abbr INDEF
Lo __ (Chinese dish) MEIN
Long period EON
Longest river in Scotland TAY
Mai __ TAI
Make a gaffe ERR
Many beach mementos SUNTANS
Mayflower man John ALDEN
Metal deposit ORE
Method of making customers’ mixed drinks? BARTENDERSYSTEM
Middle marks CEES
Monte Carlo locale RIVIERA
Most unctuous OILIEST
Must have NEEDS
Nasty type MEANIE
New York’s __ Zee Bridge TAPPAN
Nice smell AROMA
Noted U.S. lithographer holding some salad greens? CURRIERANDENDIVES
Old New York ballpark SHEA
On the __ (in hiding) LAM
One nosing around PROBER
Photo finish MATTE
Photo finish? OPS
Poet Rainer Maria __ RILKE
Popular pain reliever ALEVE
Prosecuting attorney’s statement about his last-ever client? THATSMYFINALOFFENDER
Qom native IRANIAN
R&B singer Des’__ REE
R&B singer with the 2003 hit ‘4Ever’ LILMO
Rest period BREAK
Retort to ‘Are not!’ AMSO
River of D.C POTOMAC
Robbins of ‘Short Cuts’ TIM
Rock’s Lewis HUEY
Rum brand BACARDI
Salami seller DELI
Seer’s site ORACLE
Showed plainly EVINCED
Slant LEAN
Slithery creature SNAKE
Slithery creature EEL
Songwriter Harold ARLEN
Surrender YIELD
Teeny-tiny WEE
Test version BETA
Tony’s wife on ‘The Sopranos’ CARMELA
Totals (up) ADDS
Trumpeting beast wins someone’s affection? ELEPHANTENDEARS
TV ‘Science Guy’ NYE
TV Tarzan player Ron ELY
TV’s Jamie FARR
Untangled RAVELED
Untidy states MESSES
Vail, for one SKIAREA
Vivacity ELAN
Voting ‘nay’ ANTI
Waggish sort COMIC
Water jugs EWERS
Wide foot spec EEE
Winger of Hollywood DEBRA
With it, man HEP
Yard intruder WEED
Yell of cheer RAH
Yule tunes NOELS