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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 22 2019

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Clues Answers
Der __’ (nickname for Konrad Adenauer) ALTE
‘For shame!’ TSKTSK
Glee’ actress Lea __ MICHELE
‘Glitter rock’ group GLAMBAND
‘I reckon so’ YUP
‘Mon Oncle’ star Jacques TATI
‘No’ vote NAY
‘No’ voter ANTI
This is not __!’ (‘Red alert!’) ADRILL
__ y plata’ ORO
127-Down between Russia and Ukraine AZOV
1950 Asimov classic IROBOT
A Great Lake ERIE
A maestro conducts it ORCHESTRA
Absorbed by INTO
Actress Gilbert SARA
Actress Joanne DRU
Annoyed small songbird? [Christopher] CROSSWREN
B-F linkup CDE
Body of water SEA
Bombeck of humor ERMA
Boot leathers SUEDES
Boring BLAH
Brand of fake fat OLEAN
Bread eaten at Passover MATZOH
British noble who feels no affection? [Patty] LOVELESSDUKE
Burn slightly CHAR
Butts in PRIES
Byte lead-in TERA
Candid bow wielder? [Anne] FRANKARCHER
Chi preceder PHI
Circus tumbler ACROBAT
Clear quartz fashioned to look like a suitor’s flower? [Billy] CRYSTALROSE
Cowboy’s workplace RANCH
Cry of worry OHDEAR
Deep pink CORAL
Doze off NOD
Drop the ball ERR
Dude GUY
Earnest and solemn SOBER
Ebony-colored card given on February 14? [Karen] BLACKVALENTINE
Elegant tree ELM
Employs USES
Eternally, in poetry EER
Father BEGET
Fishhook lines SNELLS
Five doubled TEN
Follower of ‘Co.,’ often INC
Four doubled EIGHT
Gallic senior citizens? [Victor] MATUREFRENCH
Gather AMASS
General on Chinese menus TSO
Green Hornet’s valet KATO
Groove for a letter-shaped bolt TSLOT
Grow mellow AGE
Gung-ho ARDENT
Hefty slices SLABS
Horned viper ASP
Hotel listing RATES
Houston site TEXAS
Hueless Focus or Fiesta? [Betty] WHITEFORD
Huge statues COLOSSI
In tatters TORN
Ingests EATS
Large town, in Italian CITTA
Lisa formerly of ‘The View’ LING
Little bit DAB, OUNCE
Long-eared hopper HARE
Long-term con LIFER
Louver strip SLAT
Madonna musical EVITA
Meat stamp inits USDA
Menlo Park ‘wizard’ EDISON
Mets’ clubs BATS
More stringy ROPIER
MSN rival AOL
No. on a car lot sticker MSRP
Old Chrysler KCAR
Oratorio solo ARIA
Osaka drama NOH
Oxfam or Amnesty Intl NGO
Pastry bag fill ICING
PD alert APB
Pear waste STEM
Pioneer in graph theory EULER
Pool table fabrics FELTS
Port in Italy GENOA
Possible follower of ‘Psst!’ INHERE
Precious gem that formed just recently? [Neil] YOUNGDIAMOND
Prefix with plane TRI, AERO
Purple fruit from a palm ACAI
Quaint letter salutation SIRS
Quartets doubled OCTETS
Razor feature SHARPEDGE
Removes via very hot water, as impurities BOILSOFF
Reply to ‘Are you?’ IAM
Revise copy EDIT
Ring arbiters REFS
Robust artisan working in precious metal? [Oliver] HARDYGOLDSMITH
Ryder vehicle VAN
Sailor who flew on a roc SINBAD
See 69-Down DATA
Self-help writer LeShan EDA
Self-reflective question WHOAMI
Sextet halved TRIO
Showery WET
Sicilian spewer ETNA
Slashed-price product SALEITEM
Spanish river EBRO
Stable scrap OAT
Stage prize OBIE
Stephen of the screen REA
Subside EBB
Subtlety NUANCE
Suffix with audit or arm ORY
Sweetheart prone to sulk? [Ron] MOODYDARLING
T. __ REX
Talk about ad nauseam HARPON
The last Mrs. Chaplin OONA
Tickle pink AMUSE
Total up ADD
Twisty fish EEL
U. lecturer PROF
Undersized carriage with a fold-down top? [Martin] SHORTLANDAU
University of Maine’s town ORONO
Up to now SOFAR
Very close bud BFF
Vision SIGHT
Voted in ELECTED
Wee, in brief LIL
With 109-Down, unprocessed facts RAW
Writer Ayn RAND
Writer Roald DAHL
Writer Santha Rama __ RAU
__ de plume NOM
__ Lanka SRI