Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 23 2018

Clues Answers
__ done it!’ IVE
__ playing our song’ THEYRE
__ the season to be jolly’ TIS
__ you with me?’ ARE
‘Aladdin’ figure GENIE
‘Bus Stop’ playwright William INGE
I taut I __ a puddy tat!’ TAW
‘Kapow!’ BAM
‘Live’ and ‘learn,’ e.g VERBS
‘Nurse Betty’ star RENEEZELLWEGER
Put it __ tab’ ONMY
‘The Catch’ network ABC
‘The Pink Panther’ co-star PETERSELLERS
There Is Nothin’ Like __’ ADAME
__ -pitch SLO
__ -weenie TEENIE
__ kwon do TAE
__’easter (storm type) NOR
1965-66 poet laureate STEPHENSPENDER
2014 Oscar show host ELLENDEGENERES
A hat hides it HAIR
A, in Argentina UNA
Amer. body with 100 members USSENATE
Appends ADDS
Appointment calendar PLANNER
Architectural add-ons ELLS
Author and activist on Alabama’s state quarter HELENKELLER
Balking beast ASS
Bar garnish OLIVE
Bazaar units SHOPS
Be worthy of EARN
Best results possible OPTIMA
Big elevator name OTIS
Bird-related AVIAN
Blockbuster rented them DVDS
Bodily joint ELBOW, KNEE
Boxing prize BELT
Brain wave test, for short EEG
Cagey SLY
Canonized Fr. woman STE
Chaney of old chillers LON
Chichi retreat SPA
Claims on property LIENS
Come together MERGE
Come together MEET
Coop cackler HEN
Copenhagen citizens DANES
Creed part TENET
Currently has the stage ISON
Dawn direction EAST
Denounces CONDEMNS
Deviations ANOMALIES
Devour EATUP
Dishonors SHAMES
Drink of beer after a shot CHASER
Drinking sprees BENDERS
Drive home STRESS
Egg shapes OVALS
Egyptian peninsula SINAI
Electric jolt ZAP
End a flight LAND
Ending for dull or drunk ARD
Ending for ethyl ENE
Enthusiasm ARDOR
Finds to be refined ORES
Frat letter RHO
Fritz out DIE
Fruit drinks ADES
Get defeated LOSE
Gives a ring PHONES
Grazing site LEA
Gremlin’s kin TROLL
Guitar’s kin, for short UKE
He wrote ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ with Liz Tuccillo GREGBEHRENDT
Hexa- plus two OCTA
Hint-offering columnist HELOISE
In a position facing TOWARD
In times past AGO
Inbox junk SPAM
Ink-squirting sea creature OCTOPUS
Irish Gaelic tongue ERSE
Jeans-maker Strauss LEVI
Just fine AOK
Kosovo citizen SERB
La-la lead-in TRA
Lena of song HORNE
Little __ (tots) UNS
Longtime ‘What’s My Line?’ panelist BENNETTCERF
Make fearful ALARM
Make merry REVEL
Make twisty GNARL
Mani- __ PEDI
Mem. of the U.K ENG
Monterey County city CARMEL
Move aside STEPAWAY
Mushroom variety MOREL
Newton who was knighted ISAAC
Not ‘fer’ AGIN
Not tardy ONTIME
Nota __ BENE
Novelist Sarah __ Jewett ORNE
Of no help USELESS
Oom- __ (polka sounds) PAHS
Part of many German names VON
PC key ALT
Places SETS
Player of Colonel Klink on ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ WERNERKLEMPERER
Portion (out) DOLE
Posterior HIND
Renounces the throne ABDICATES
Right Guard, e.g DEODORANT
Run after K LMN
Shah or czar RULER
She played Miss Brooks EVEARDEN
Small-stakes poker PENNYANTE
Smallville’s Clark KENT
Sociologist who coined ‘survival of the fittest’ HERBERTSPENCER
Standing in good __ STEAD
Suffix with lion or seer ESS
Sup stylishly DINE
Tahiti, par exemple ILE
That miss SHE
The ones there THOSE
Ticklish red Muppet ELMO
Tiny charge carrier ION
Top competitive effort, informally AGAME
Twiddled digit THUMB
Uplift morally EDIFY
Utopian IDEAL
Vapor MIST
Verge EDGE
Verve ELAN
Vestige RELIC
Wedded ONE
Where drinks are on the host OPENBAR
Writer __ Rogers St. Johns ADELA
Zora __ Hurston NEALE

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