Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 25 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Bejabbers!” EGAD
“Darby __ and the Little People” OGILL
“Disco” cartoon guy STU
“Doggone it!” DANG
“Doggone it!” RATS
“Get lost!” SCRAM
“In case it’s true …” IFSO
“Insecure” co-star Rae ISSA
“Kitchy-kitchy- __!” KOO
“Let It Go” singer Menzel IDINA
“Neat!” COOL
“The __ lama, he’s a priest” ONEL
“__ bad boy!” IMA
“__ noted” DULY
1998 Apple debuts IMACS
2010 Apple debut IPAD
Active Sicilian volcano ETNA
Ad __ HOC
Additional plateful SECONDHELPING
African land MALI
Afrique’s Côte d’__ IVOIRE
Agreed-upon time APPOINTEDHOUR
Ancient Dead Sea region EDOM
Appliance that cooks batter WAFFLEIRON
Ar-tee linkup ESS
Attach using paste GLUEON
Attending COMINGTO
Baby’s bottle NURSER
Bad smells ODORS
Bake-off dish PIE
Bed for sushi RICE
Big burden ONUS
Big name in health insurance CIGNA
British beer ALE
Broadway singer Linda EDER
Bronze metal TIN
Certain role-playing game organizer DUNGEONMASTER
Chuckling with glee CHORTLING
City in Yemen ADEN
Civil wrong TORT
D.C. ballplayer NAT
Dandy dudes FOPS
Dean of Truman’s Cabinet ACHESON
Delta rival, once USAIR
Departing for OFFTO
Deputy: Abbr ASST
Devoured ATE
Diet-friendly, maybe NONFAT
Dismissive facial reaction EYEROLL
Disobeys DEFIES
Dog pests LICE
Easter entree HAM
End-of-workweek cry TGIF
Engrossed RAPT
Feed the kitty ANTE
Fish feature FIN
Fish-fowl link NOR
Floor layers TILERS
Former big record co EMI
Formulas of belief CREDOS
French for “fathers” PERES
Gallic pal AMI
Gives, as duties ASSIGNS
Gore Vidal’s Breckinridge MYRA
Haifa citizens ISRAELIS
Having length and width but not depth, for short TWOD
Hitter Gehrig LOU
House badly in need of repairs FIXERUPPER
In advance … or where nine key words in this puzzle might appear BEFOREHAND
Italian beer brand PERONI
Key near F1 ESC
LA-to-IL dir NNE
Language akin to Thai LAO
Levied TAXED
Like sacred images ICONIC
Love to excess, with “on” DOTE
Low-key “Hey!” PSST
Luau entertainment HULADANCE
Lupino of “High Sierra” IDA
Makeup of Hawaii ISLES
Manage, as a problem COPEWITH
Mineo of film SAL
Month no. 9 SEP
Mr. Flintstone FRED
Notable period of time ERA
Notion, to Luc IDEE
One of the Osmonds MARIE
One __ (long odds) INTEN
Org. for some ex-GIs VFW
Paper bundle SHEAF
Park for mobile campers RVLOT
Part of ENT EAR
Part of the conspiracy INONIT
Part of UNLV LAS
Phonies FAKES
Poet Dove RITA
Potent coffee ESPRESSO
Pre-U queue RST
Prefix with botany ETHNO
Pulled off DID
Punta del __ ESTE
Pupil locale IRIS
Purposes USES
Ratify ENACT
Really rail at ASSAIL
Reply to an invite RSVP
Reuben offerer DELI
Royal decree FIAT
San Antonio hoopster SPUR
Scorch SEAR
See 125-Across GARR
Sheik, e.g ARAB
Skin opening PORE
Smelting waste DROSS
Spanish national hero ELCID
Spread on “Bonanza” PONDEROSARANCH
SSNs, e.g IDS
Sumac of song YMA
Swiss peaks ALPS
Sycophant TOADY
Takes care of TENDS
Tampa Bay Rays’ stadium TROPICANAFIELD
Tijuana Mr SENOR
Traffic snarl TIEUP
Trifled (with) TOYED
Turkey’s capital ANKARA
Underground vaults CRYPTS
Uppity types SNOBS
Watering hole BAR
Welcome words to a job applicant YOUREHIRED
West Yorkshire city LEEDS
Whether by land __ ORSEA
Winter hrs. in D.C EST
With 112-Down, she had a “Tootsie” role TERI
World’s tallest creatures GIRAFFES
Writing fluid INK
Yellow-orange fruit APRICOT
Yoko of art ONO
__ instant (very quickly) INAN
__ Lingus AER
__ Scholar RHODES
__’wester SOU

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