Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 30 2018

Clues Answers
‘7 Women’ co-star Lyon SUE
‘Catch-22’ novelist Joseph HELLER
If I __ Hammer’ HADA
The __ the limit’ SKYS
‘Ur hilarious’ LOL
__ -A-Mole (carnival game) WHAC
__ -Z (old Camaro) IROC
__ Aviv TEL
__ Lingus (Irish carrier) AER
__ nitrite (angina treater) AMYL
1-1 or 2-2 TIE
1990s ABC sitcom ELLEN
2000-15 CBS series CSI
22nd letter VEE
503, in old Rome DIII
About ASTO
Actor Erwin STU
Actress Elizabeth HURLEY
Additional stipulations ANDS
Air Force noncom: Abbr TECHSGT
Along the shore COASTAL
Ancient city of Palestine SAMARIA
Anti’s vote NAY
Architect Saarinen EERO
At little cost CHEAPLY
Attraction ALLURE
Barely lit DIM
Be a snitch TELL
Begin afresh RENEW
Belgian river to the North Sea YSER
Best Picture of 2014 BIRDMAN
Big wasp HORNET
Boxing’s ‘Greatest’ ALI
Brand of cold and flu medicine CONTAC
Brand of sunglasses RAYBAN
Brewer’s supply YEAST
Cabinet dept. concerned with homes HUD
Christie of mysteries AGATHA
CIA spoof film of 1974 SPYS
Clay target sport SKEET
Converts into leather TANS
Cooking style CUISINE
Cupid, to Greeks EROS
Cut off END, LOP
Cut with light LASE
Daniel with a Comedy Central show TOSH
Directs attention (to) REFERS
Dough spitter-outer ATM
Employ again REUSE
End of the riddle THATMIGHTBEGIVEN
Enters via a keyboard TYPESIN
Eye up OGLE
Fancy vase EWER
Farm mother SOW
Favorable GOOD
Form anew RESHAPE
Former U.K. record label EMI
Forming two equal pieces INHALF
Frenziedly AMOK
G.P.s’ gp AMA
Garage gunk GREASE
Gloria of Ms. magazine STEINEM
Greek deity of discord ERIS
Gutter locale EAVE
High point ZENITH
Highbrow ARTY
Hitter Gehrig LOU
Holm of films IAN
Home for fighter jets AIRBASE
Hue of blue AQUA
In a crafty way SLYLY
In days past AGO
Innocent sort NAIF
Island of southern Japan OKINAWA
Judge’s cry ORDER
Lead-in to law or med PRE
Less long-winded TERSER
List details ITEMS
Litigious type SUER
Lunkhead SAP
Lunkhead OAF
Madame __ (wax museum) TUSSAUDS
Majestic tree ELM
Make manually, as socks HANDKNIT
Making level, with ‘up’ TRUING
Meet with the old class REUNE
Merit EARN
Metropolis in Colombia CALI
Midler of ‘The Rose’ BETTE
Most astute KEENEST
Mug, e.g ROB
Narrator in ‘Moby-Dick’ ISHMAEL
Navy officer ENSIGN
Needlework SEWING
Not any NARY
Ocean east of Va ATL
Old verb ending ETH
Other, to Juanita OTRA
Pan’s cousin POT
Play a part ACT
Port city near Syracuse OSWEGO
Prynne in ‘The Scarlet Letter’ HESTER
Purview AREA
Quattro minus uno TRE
Recipe amt TSP
Revolutionist Guevara CHE
Richard of ‘The Dinner’ GERE
Riddle, part 4 FROMSOMEONE
Roof supports TRUSSES
Scads ALOT
Secret group in ‘The Da Vinci Code’ OPUSDEI
See 38-Down FREE
Selfie, say PIC
Sends out EMITS
Sort of: Suffix ISH
Street scene RIOT
Surgery aide NURSE
Tatty garb RAGS
Tennis’ Evert CHRIS
Terra- __ COTTA
The teensiest bit ONEIOTA
This, in Lima ESTA
Tiny mistake BOOBOO
Totals ADDS
Turn into ice FREEZE
Types in ENTERS
Unruly throng MOB
Va. hours EST
Vietnamese capital HANOI
Weasels’ cousins POLECATS
Wheat or cotton grown to sell, e.g CASHCROP
Willow used in wickerwork OSIER
With 109-Across, like ‘1-800-‘ numbers TOLL
Yukon, for one: Abbr TERR

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