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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 9 2018

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Clues Answers
$20 dispenser ATM
__ hundred flowers bloom’ LETA
‘Geez!’ OHMAN
‘Hee Haw’ co-host Clark ROY
‘Naturally!’ OFCOURSE
Norma __’ (Field film) RAE
That __ happenin’!’ AINT
‘The Balcony’ playwright Jean GENET
Where __ go wrong?’ DIDWE
Wild Thing’ rapper Tone __ LOC
 __ dish (lab item) PETRI
 __ fide (real) BONA
 __ Paulo SAO
 __ Polo MARCO
1969 Stevie Wonder hit MYCHERIEAMOUR
2001 Audrey Tautou film AMELIE
Advance LOAN
Aeneas’ lover, in myth DIDO
Airport strip RUNWAY
Alternative to toffee FUDGE
App-based ride option UBER
Astronomer Carl SAGAN
Attend SEETO
Auth. unknown ANON
Blind as __ ABAT
Car ad abbr MPG
Cavity-fighting org ADA
Church councils SYNODS
City that Lot fled from SODOM
Clear out of EXIT
Clear out of VACATE
Clothes smoother IRONER
Comical bits GAGS
Common typeface ARIAL
Cookie bits CRUMBS
County in New Mexico or Colorado OTERO
Crooner Redding OTIS
Deplete USEUP
Discount department store chain TJMAXX
Dr.’s gp AMA
Eagle’s nest AERIE
Elia piece ESSAY
England’s ‘Nine Days’ Queen’ LADYJANEGREY
Envoy: Abbr AMB
Ersatz FAKE
Europe’s ‘Eternal City’ ROME
Exaggerated and theatrical CAMPY
Facial locale SPA
Fast glance PEEK
Feed in a sty SLOP
Feudal lord LIEGE
Flames’ org NHL
Folk sayings ADAGES
Frazier foe ALI
Fruit of a Chinese tree LYCHEE
Frying vessel PAN
Get dimmer FADE
Goggles GAWKS
Gp. backing firearms NRA
Greek vowel OMEGA
Grilled steak with thin, diagonal cuts LONDONBROIL
Half-baked LAME
Has the helm STEERS
High points ACMES
Hold sacred ENSHRINE
India’s Rajiv GANDHI
Initial amount required by a creditor DOWNPAYMENT
Internet ID URL
Late-’60s music genre ACIDROCK
Less fatty LEANER
Like plays STAGED
Link two disparate things BRIDGETHEGAP
Lizard that may be a pet IGUANA
Long letters MISSIVES
Low point NADIR
Mag. printing ISS
Marsh plant REED
Matthew of ‘Friends’ PERRY
Mineo of movies SAL
Multipiece gifts for calligraphers PENSETS
Natty scarf ASCOT
Neighbor of Niger CHAD
Neighbor of Niger MALI
Nine-person band, e.g NONET
Not breaking the rules FALLINGINLINE
Ocala’s state FLORIDA
Old flames EXES
Once __ while INA
One dodging EVADER
One-person bands, e.g SOLOACTS
Outpost unit TROOP
Over there YON
Palmtops, e.g., for short PDAS
Part of A.D ANNO
Perfumer Lauder ESTEE
Pirate chant opener YOHO
PLO chairman Mahmoud ABBAS
Postal stack MAIL
Potatoes au __ GRATIN
Prayer ender AMEN
Prefix with gender CIS
Rabbit’s kin HARE
Rap session GABFEST
Reasonable advance notice FAIRWARNING
Refuses, as a chance PASSESUP
Revered one IDOL
Ringlike isle ATOLL
Run across MEET
Schnozz or boff ender OLA
Scrunchies HAIRTIES
See 76-Down ABOUT
Self-image EGO
Selfish driver of a sort ROADHOG
Sells virtually ETAILS
Sib acquired via marriage BROINLAW
Slips up ERRS
Slovak coin EURO
Sneer at DERIDE
Soda shop drink MALT
SPF part SUN
Statesman Stevenson ADLAI
Suffix of sugars OSE
Surg. locales ORS
Tasmania’s capital HOBART
Tel. or elec UTIL
Terminated ENDED
Terrible fate DOOM
To be, to Fifi ETRE
Tokyo-born Yoko ONO
TV inits. since 1975 GMA
TV inits. since 1975 SNL
Used a chair SAT
Verse writer POET, BARD
Vexed a lot ATEAT
Vote in favor YEA
Watercourse associated with the starts of eight long answers in this puzzle RiverThames
Windows ad statement IMAPC
With 6-Down, catch wind of HEAR
Work group STAFF