Rock and Roll – Apr 1 2018

Clues Answers
“Be-Bop-A-Lula” Vincent GENE
“Boyfriend” Simpson ASHLEE
“Cracklin’ Rosie” Diamond NEIL
“Everything Wrong Is Imaginary” band LILYS
“Giving In” nu-metalers ADEMA
“Hard ___ to Follow” Brother Cane ACT
“Honky ___ Women” TONK
“Jealous” Nick JONAS
“Love, love ___” MEDO
“Rhinestone Cowboy” Campbell GLEN
“Street of Dreams” singer Peeples NIA
“The Real ___ Shady” SLIM
“Views” star DRAKE
“When the Heart Rules the Mind” band GTR
“Who ___ You” ARE
“___ the Boardwalk” UNDER
’02 Sevendust single about returning from the dead? LIVEAGAIN
’08 Death Cab For Cutie single CATH
’88 Aerosmith comp GEMS
’90 Alice in Chains EP “___ Young” WEDIE
’99 Beck funk-rock album MIDNITEVULTURES
Beatles “Free as ___” ABIRD
Beck “Heart ___ Drum” ISA
Beck “Satan gave me a taco and ___ me really sick” ITMADE
Beck “___ you there, long black hair” ISEE
Beck curls up in a “Sleeping” one BAG
Bio stat AGE
Chan Marshall, aka ___ Power CAT
Clapton bassist Nathan EAST
Crooner Patsy CLINE
Cult “Full ___” TILT
Dylan song about a gambling girl DELIA
Eric Johnson “___ Musicom” AHVIA
Fleetwood ___ MAC
Guided By Voices “___ Scientist” IAMA
Guitar god Hendrix JIMI
Hall & Oates “___ in a Minute” DIDIT
How AC/DC will “Cover You”? INOIL
Huey Lewis and the News “I Want a New ___” DRUG
Clues Answers
Influence CLOUT
INXS “Heaven ___” SENT
James Taylor “Long ___ and Far Away” AGO
Jerry Garcia’s canvas holder EASEL
Jet “Look What You’ve ___” DONE
Kenny Loggins “This ___” ISIT
Kind of milk, pre-reunion tour SKIM
Kiss “Fits Like a ___” GLOVE
Like unwritten record contract ORAL
Marc Anthony hit “___ Know” INEEDTO
Michael Jackson “___ It” WHOIS
Oasis “Her soul slides away, but don’t ___, I heard you say” LOOKBACKINANGER
Orson “Here’s my bright ___” IDEA
Ozzfest “Evolve” rockers ENDO
Paul Carrack “Don’t Shed ___” ATEAR
Paul Simon “Mother ___ is only a motion away” ANDCHILDREUNION
Ramones “Life’s ___” AGAS
Reed or Rawls LOU
Ross of The Supremes DIANA
Rush “Stick ___” ITOUT
Scorpions “No Pain No ___” GAIN
Singer Jovovich MILLA
Slade bassist JIMLEA
Sold at beer stand ALE
Sponge song about very tall people GIANTS
State Donny and Marie hail from UTAH
Statler Bros. “Who Am ___ Say” ITO
Sundays “Here’s Where the Story ___” ENDS
Temptations “If you decide to be untrue, I’ll be ___” INTROUBLE
The Strokes “Barely ___” LEGAL
Van Halen “Somebody ___ a Doctor” GETME
What band will do over to new label MIGRATE
What fan does with “Hands” to Bon Jovi? LAYS
What interviewer does ASKS
Where Missing Persons will walk? INLA
Wilco “She’s ___” AJAR
Yo La ____ TENGO
___ Butterfly IRON
___ Speedwagon REO

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