Rock and Roll – Apr 15 2018

Clues Answers
“Bad Reputation” Johnston FREEDY
“Beds Are Burning” Midnight ___ OIL
“Break the Spell” folk singer ELLIS
“Come Get My Love” Latin freestylers TKA
“Crimson ___ Clover” AND
“Dangerous” band Big ___ DATA
“Dirt Road Anthem” Jason ALDEAN
“Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of ___” EARL
“Emotionalism” brothers Scott and Seth AVETT
“Fly Trapped in ___” Modest Mouse AJAR
“Goody Two Shoes” Adam ANT
“House of Secrets” metal band OTEP
“If You Don’t Know Me ___” BYNOW
“In a Metal Mood” Pat BOONE
“Music Box Dancer” Frank MILLS
“Tiptoe Through the Tulips” Tiny ___ TIM
“Tonight Tonight” Hot Chelle ___ RAE
3 Doors Down “Put me on the ___, mama” TRAIN
Aerosmith “Train ___ A-Rollin’” KEPT
Alanis Morissette “Isn’t it ___?” IRONIC
Animal Collective “___ Frightened” ALSO
Aretha “You’re a ___ and you’re a cheat” LIAR
Arthur Lee band LOVE
Bandleader RULER
Beatles “Let ___” ITBE
Biggest hits, literally ONES
Buddy Holly “___ Easy” ITSSO
Carly Simon album “___ Sent” LETTERSNEVER
Cheech & Chong “Born in ___” EASTLA
Chicago ___ Authority TRANSIT
Cream “Pressed Rat and ___” WARTHOG
David Gray “Say Hello, ___ Goodbye” WAVE
Deana Carter “___ Shave My Legs for This?” DIDI
Death metal croon? ROAR
Debut Motley Crue single “Live ___” WIRE
Def Leppard “Rock of ___” AGES
Devildriver “Head on to Heartache (Let Them ___)” ROT
Don’t try to do this to Ben Harper OPPRESS
Clues Answers
Dylan song off “Infidels” IANDI
Earl Sweatshirt single about bees? HIVE
Easton of the Cars ELLIOT
Everlast album “___ Whitey’s” EATAT
Figure skaters rock them with their fav songs RINKS
George Michael hit “I Want ___” YOURSEX
Ginger, Jack and Gary BBM
Go with “oohs” AAHS
He treats mosh pit injuries MEDIC
Huey Lewis “If ___ Is It” THIS
Indigo Girls song that haunts? GHOST
Influential hardcore label of the ’80s SST
Kiss “Destroyer” song about kids on fire? FLAMINGYOUTH
Maryland “All Sides” band OAR
Nickelback’s Kroeger CHAD
Not sharps FLATS
Pink song for staying dry? SOBER
Prince’s 25th studio album ONENITEALONE
Producer Butch of 9-Down VIG
Queens of the Stone Age “___ by the Ocean” ISAT
Repeated word in Happy Mondays song title TART
Repeated word in Naked Eyes hit PROMISES
Right ___ Fred SAID
Some notes are dampened, or this MUTED
Sum 41 ’02 album “___ Infected?” DOESTHISLOOK
Tim McGraw “___ Moment Too Soon” NOTA
Tom Petty “Mary ___ Last Dance” JANES
Tour semi RIG
Unwritten Law hit “___ My Life” RESTOF
Van Morrison “The ___ Mightier Than the Sword” PENIS
What Elvis and Priscilla did WED
What Flock of Seagulls did? RAN
What non-paying sampler did STOLE
What sales will do with waning popularity DECREASE
What shock rockers take it to, slang MAX
Where no-show musician went AWOL
Yours taps at sound of good band TOE
Zep “Whole ___ Love” LOTTA

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