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Rock and Roll – Apr 22 2018

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Clues Answers
“A Girl Like You” Edwyn COLLINS
“Dangerous” band Big ___ DATA
“Ebeneezer Goode” group, with “The” SHAMEN
“G N’ R ___” LIES
“Gimme Some Lovin'” The ___ Group SPENCERDAVIS
“How ___ Supposed to Live Without You” AMI
“No Scrubs” group TLC
“Ohio” icons (abbr.) CSNY
“Shallow ___: The Best of Breaking Benjamin” BAY
“Sole Survivor” supergroup ASIA
“Steal My Sunshine” band LEN
“Take it to the ___, one more time” LIMIT
“The Fine Art of Surfacing” Boomtown ___ RATS
“The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” Flack ROBERTA
“Time 2 Shine” band ___ Concrete ETOWN
’80s Steve Howe band GTR
70-Across iteration CSN
Adler’s Appetite bassist Robbie CRANE
Allman Brothers album “___ Peach” EATA
Andy Partridge “Senses Working Overtime” band XTC
Art rock, for short PROG
Beatles “Free ___ Bird” ASA
Beyonce “Single Ladies (Put a Ring ___)” ONIT
Billy Idol ballad for a birthday? SWEETSIXTEEN
Birdlike Jose Gonzalez song “The ___” NEST
Bret Michaels band POISON
Captain & Tennille smash “Do That ___” TOMEONEMORETIME
Chris Rea “Sun ___, beating down” ISHOT
Come together in jam sesh GEL
Counting Crows “___ Begins” ANNA
Cyndi Lauper “Time ___ Time” AFTER
Daniel of Bauhaus ASH
Default song that will say it ain’t so? DENY
Dinosaur Jr. “___ Song” off “Bug” POND
Fogerty “You Don’t ___ Me” OWE
Founding member of 38-Across band DUANE
German band that had “99 Luftballons” NENA
Green Day album after “Uno” and “Dos” TRE
Howard Jones “What ___” ISLOVE

Clues Answers
Influential ’80s hardcore label SST
Keyshia Cole “Heaven ___” SENT
Killswitch Engage “___ in Sight” NOEND
Kings of ___ LEON
Lifted a riff STOLE
Like socks worn to winter festival WOOLEN
Like whole song ENTIRE
Live Grateful Dead album “Without ___” ANET
Might get this, in a big crowd LOST
Motley Crue’s Neil VINCE
Musical Youth “___ the Dutchie” PASS
Phish’s Anastasio TREY
Pretenders “Loving You ___ Know” ISALLI
Prince and the Revolution “___ Life” POP
Queensryche “___ of the Times” SIGN
Rod Stewart “Every Picture ___ a Story” TELLS
Santana “___ Como Va” OYE
Scratch on record FLAW
Sheryl Crow “___ break my heart again” CMON
Spherical ambient house band? ORB
Steve Winwood “While ___ Chance” YOUSEEA
Stone Sour hit “___ Favor” DOMEA
System of a Down “Toxicity” song ATWA
The California ___ RAISINS
The White ___ Affair TIE
The Young Wild “Not ___” AONE
Thin Lizzy ballad “___ You” STILLINLOVEWITH
Twisted Sister “___ Not Gonna Take It” WERE
Warrant “Cherry ___” PIE
We Are Defiance “It’s Not a Problem Unless You Make ___” ITONE
What acoustic’s wood does, perhaps ROTS
What Korn’s “Freak” is on ALEASH
What lyrics used to be written on PAPER
Where hard partier might spend a month REHAB
Whitesnake “Slow ___” ANEASY
Who the Left Banke told to “Walk Away”? RENEE
Woody Guthrie goes to a “Mermaid” one (abbr.) AVE
Zac Brown Band “___ Little Bit” EVERY
___ Soundsystem LCD