Rock and Roll – Apr 8 2018

Clues Answers
“Aunt Betty” Middle Class ___ RUT
“Cover It With Gas and Set It on ___” FIRE
“From the Westside With Love” rapper ___ Kennedy DOM
“Gabrielle I love you till the day ___” IDIE
“House of Secrets” L.A. metal band OTEP
“I am a God” West KANYE
“I am shielded in my __, hiding in my room” ARMOR
“I once ___ lost, but now I’m found” WAS
“My Sharona” band (with “The”) KNACK
“Rainbow in the Dark” icon DIO
“Spill the Wine” artist and band ERICBURDONWAR
“Straight Outta Compton” rappers NWA
“The Road to Hell” Chris REA
“Twin Cinema” Canadians The New ___ PORNOGRAPHERS
“Weird Al” MJ parody EATIT
“___ of the World” Boys Like Girls ONTOP
’00 Queens of the Stone Age album for adults? RATEDR
’09 Pearl Jam “Backspacer” hit THEFIXER
’17 Fetty Wap single AYE
’88 Otis Rush live album TOPS
’92 Prince and NPG single DAMNU
’98 Cat Power album “Moon ___” PIX
30 ___ Foot of Grunts ODD
8-Down “Dr. Rock, and see what you can make ___” OFIT
8-Down “We ___ the best time at your party” HAD
8-Down “___ lay the present to waste” ASI
Aerosmith “What Kind of Love ___” AREYOUON
Alanis Morissette “Isn’t it ___, don’t you think?” IRONIC
As I Lay Dying song of lament? ELEGY
Billy Joel “___ Variation” AMINOR
Bio bit AGE
Black Crowes smash “Twice ___” ASHARD
Bobby Vinton “To Know You ___ Love You” ISTO
Cheer for band ROOT
Chicago “I’m ___” AMAN
Chris de Burgh “The Lady ___” INRED
Club/dance band Deee-___ LITE
Comedian John, who 8-Down dedicated their fourth album to CANDY
Crowd watching show AUDIENCE
Clues Answers
David Letterman and Ace Frehley drummer Fig ANTON
Double Trouble spinoff ___ Angels ARC
Echo & the Bunnymen “Cut and ___” DRIED
Eclectic “The Mollusk” PA band WEEN
Eurythmics guitarist ___ Stewart DAVIDA
Extra Phish track on “White Tape” INGEST
Fleetwood Mac “You can go your ___” OWNWAY
Garfunkel’s partner, once SIMON
Go with “ahs” OHS
Headliner STAR
Hives “___ Say I Told You So” HATETO
John Prine “In ___ of Ourselves” SPITE
Johnny Bregar “Stomp ___ Feet” YER
Kind of tree at Malibu mansion PALM
Lullaby locations CRIBS
Manager should know the ___ and outs INS
Marc Bolan glam band TREX
Meditation music NEWAGE
Naughty by Nature’s first hit OPP
Performing rights org ASCAP
Peter Frampton song about fibbing? LYING
Ric of The Cars OCASEK
Sade “When ___ Going to Make a Living” AMI
Sammy Hagar “___ Tequila” MAS
Savatage album “___ and Madmen” POETS
Sebadoh “Bubble and ___” SCRAPE
Short clip of song played at show TEASER
Singular U2 hit off “Achtung Baby” ONE
SoCal band Fu ___ MANCHU
Some records release a limited one PRESSING
Stacked on stage for guitars AMPS
Static-X song for the broken? FIX
Steve Morse’s Dixie ___ DREGS
The Germs guitarist Smear PAT
Tool “Right ___” INTWO
U.K. mag NME
U.S. govt. radio VOA
What vain star did before tour DIETED
What your head does after metal show ACHES

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