Rock and Roll – Mar 11 2018

Clues Answers
“Animal” band ___ Trees NEON
“Brainbloodvolume” ___ Atomic Dustbin NEDS
“Clueless”-inspired Myra song? ASIF
“Dancing Queen” band ABBA
“Lucifer” Parsons ALAN
“Mini” tour buses for unsigned bands VANS
“Miss ___ USA” Best Kissers in the World TEEN
“Our House” band, briefly CSNY
“Separate Yourself” metal band NONPOINT
“Sing the Sorrow” band AFI
“The Red Thread” ___ Strap ARAB
“Trash” Cooper ALICE
“You Make ___” Doors MEREAL
“You Send Me” Cooke SAM
“___ Man Loves a Woman” WHENA
“___: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical” HAIR
’10 Ringo Starr album YNOT
’17 N.E.R.D hit feat. Rihanna LEMON
Ace of Base “The Golden ___” RATIO
Brother Cane “___ the Bed I Make” ILIEIN
Can “Turtles Have ___ Legs” SHORT
Cat Stevens “Don’t Be ___” SHY
CeCe Peniston “My ___” BOO
Chicago “Hard ___ to Break” HABIT
Cornershop “Brimful of ___” ASHA
Cream was a power one TRIO
Demonic figure in many Tenacious D songs SATAN
Early Beatle Sutcliffe (abbr.) STU
Eminem “No One’s ___” ILLER
English “Misfit” Studt AMY
Faces “You’re So ___” RUDE
Famous U.K. “venue” BBC
First Smashing Pumpkins video SIVA
Foo Fighters “There goes my ___” HERO
Found on ground, post-fest LITTER
Get Up Kids album “On a ___” AWIRE
GnR “Where do we ___?” GONOW
Go-Go’s “Beauty and the ___” BEAT
Green Day drummer Cool TRE
Clues Answers
Gucci Mane “I’m a ___” DOG
Hammersmith ___ ODEON
Iconic “Under the Influences” punk rocker Mike NESS
Iconic lyricist David HAL
JLo song about these bills? TENS
John Mellencamp “I saw you first, don’t that give me ___” THERIGHT
Jon Butcher Axis “___ the Axis” ALONG
Kiss “Every Time I Look ___” ATYOU
Klaus of Scorpions MEINE
KT Tunstall hit “Suddenly ___” ISEE
Like bleak outlook with lyrics GRIM
Lonely Blues Traveler song off debut? ALONE
Mazzy Star “So Tonight That I Might ___” SEE
Merle Haggard “___ Make It Through December” IFWE
Mike of Bright Eyes/Monsters of Folk MOGIS
Needed for international tour, sometimes VISAS
New Orleans band with Art, Aaron, Cyril and Ivan NEVILLEBROTHERS
Phish “Maze” album RIFT
Pink Floyd song “When the ___” TIGERSBROKEFREE
Polyphonic Spree attire ROBES
Post-show ride LIMO
Pressing Foreigner smash? URGENT
Primal Scream “Movin’ ___” ONUP
Prince’s band, for short NPG
Producer/rapper Jermaine DUPRI
Reggae man ___-A-Mouse EEK
Sly and the Family Stone song about his upper-crust woman? MLADY
Smash Mouth “Can’t Get ___” ENOUGHOFYOUBABY
Stefani of No Doubt GWEN
Stone Gossard band BRAD
Stones “___, Not You Again” OHNO
The Tragically ___ HIP
The Who’s “Queen” off “Tommy” ACID
The ___ and Cake SEA
To outlaw an album BAN
Tour buses for cowboy bands, perhaps WAGONS
Welcoming Pearl Jam song? IMOPEN
You go back to them at show, post-beer run SEATS
___ Fleck and the Flecktones BELA

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