Rock and Roll – Mar 18 2018

Clues Answers
“All The Things She Said” Russians TATU
“Come with me, my love, to the ___ of love” SEA
“Finding Out True Love Is Blind” Louis ___ XIV
“Hey Dude” Brits ___ Shaker KULA
“I knew I loved you before I ___ you” MET
“I was ___ like you are now, and I know that it’s not easy” ONCE
“It’s ___ in Your Mind” Beck ALL
“Make It ___ Chu” Queens of the Stone Age WIT
“Stay (I Missed You)” Lisa LOEB
“This Is All Yours” ___-J ALT
“You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” Sayer LEO
’05 Avenged Sevenfold album “___ Evil” CITYOF
’10 John Mellencamp album “No Better ___ This” THAN
’70 Cat Stevens album “___ the Tillerman” TEAFOR
’71 Rolling Stones album “___ Fingers” STICKY
’80s “If you leave, don’t leave now” band (abbr.) OMD
’96 Afghan Whigs song HONKYSLADDER
’98 Keller Williams album that makes you dizzy? SPUN
AC/DC drummer Phil RUDD
Alison Moyet album about her native county ESSEX
Alt-country crooner Case NEKO
Bouncing Souls “You’re So ___” RAD
Busta Rhymes “___ Money” ARAB
Cage The Elephant “Ain’t ___ for the Wicked” NOREST
Cat Stevens “‘Cause there’s a million things ___” TODO
Cat Stevens “I’ve ___ let it out!” GOTTO
Cat Stevens “Is it true what they say, that life ___ dream?” ISA
Cat Stevens “Morning ___ Broken” HAS
Cat Stevens “___ White” INTO
Cat Stevens album “___ Jakon” MONABONE
Classic ’77 Steely Dan album AJA
Colin of The Shamen ANGUS
Commodores “Three Times ___” ALADY
Crooner Perry COMO
Days of the New “I’ve got this time on my hands, you are the one to ___” ABUSE
Duritz of Counting Crows ADAM
Dylan song about a gambling girl DELIA
Famine relief band ___ ‘n Aid HEAR
First Smashing Pumpkins single SIVA
Clues Answers
Grand Funk Railroad “Walk Like ___” AMAN
Greg Ginn’s label SST
Halestorm “___ Misery” IMISSTHE
Harry Shearer band Spinal ___ TAP
Iggy Pop “___ Live 1977” album TVEYE
Infant songs, perhaps? IDEAS
Japanese band ___ Knife SHONEN
Jeff Healey “___ I Love You Too Much” ITHINK
KC and the Sunshine Band’s “Shoes” BOOGIE
Like similar bands AKIN
Mark Wahlberg’s brother’s band, briefly NKOTB
Mid-’90s Imogen Heap band ACACIA
Motley Crue “Hell ___ Heels” ONHIGH
One of the Big Three labels UMG
Ozzy “Shot in the Dark” album “The ___” ULTIMATESIN
Paul Westerberg “World Class ___” FAD
Pink Floyd “Candy and a Currant ___” BUN
Promoter rip-off SCAM
Radiohead “___ Flower” LOTUS
Security gives them to unruly crowd ORDERS
Taylor Swift single off “1989” NEWROMANTICS
The National “Wasp ___” NEST
TMBG “(She ___ She’s) Edith Head” THINKS
To hit No. 1 is a lofty one GOAL
Tyga “Switch ___” LANES
Vital camera parts for concert photogs LENSES
Weezer hit “Say It ___” AINTSO
Weird Al song parodying “Bad” FAT
What artist might do before big break STARVE
What career does sometimes EBBS
What criminal will do to song online, pre-release LEAK
What Iggy Pop does “for Life”? LUSTS
What labels must do with pop culture ADAPT
What rowdy fans did to stage curtain TORE
What singer does off drum riser JUMPS
What Ted Nugent did at target AIMED
Yames of Monsters of Folk YIM
You turn the volume one KNOB
Yusuf Islam “In the ___” END

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