Rock and Roll – Mar 4 2018

Clues Answers
“A Day Without Rain” singer ENYA
“Beneath the Wheel” thrash band DRI
“Do They Know It’s Christmas” co-writer Midge URE
“Freaks of Nature” band Drain ___ STH
“Linus and Lucy” pianist Vince GUARALDI
“Long ___ Sally” TALL
“Rosanna” rockers TOTO
“So ___ to forget it any way I can. Keep on rockin’ in the free world!” ITRY
“Son of the Wind” Guthrie ARLO
“The Pleasure Principle” Gary NUMAN
“Viva ___ Vegas” LAS
“We’re coming to your town, we’ll help you party down, ___ American band” WEREAN
“___ is no sense in pretending, your eyes give you away” THERE
“___ to the Thief” HAIL
’79 Tom Petty breakthrough “___ the Torpedoes” DAMN
’84 Starship hit about being trapped? NOWAYOUT
’99 Blink-182 smash WHATSMYAGEAGAIN
43-Across song “The Trip to ___ Cove” PIRATES
American FM radio format (abbr.) AOR
Bellamy Bros “___ to You for Your Love” IDLIE
Boston “Gold Becomes Sacrifice” metalcores CANNAE
Bright Eyes Oberst CONOR
Cali-based heavy metal label METALBLADE
Campfire jam crash spot TENT
Cannibal Corpse album “___ Back to Life” EATEN
Cornershop “Brimful of ___” ASHA
Everly Bros “___ watch good love go bad” SOSADTO
Evil dude who got behind White Stripes? SATAN
John Hiatt “The ___ Bar Is Open” TIKI
John Lennon “Happy ___ (War Is Over)” XMAS
Like cool concert tee NEAT
Madonna producer William ORBIT
Marilyn Monroe “Some Like ___” ITHOT
Nick Lowe has to be “Cruel to Be” this KIND
No Doubt “___ Good” HELLA
Odyssey “___ Up and Wear It Out” USEIT
On-the-road crash spots INNS
Outfield “I just want to ___ your love tonight” USE
Pastorius of Weather Report JACO
Clues Answers
Peter Cetera and Amy Grant “___ Time I Fall” THENEXT
Phil Lynott “Solo in ___” SOHO
Pogues’ MacGowan SHANE
Record label group (abbr.) RIAA
San Fran garage rockers Thee Oh ___ SEES
Scratch’s partner, on way to the top CLAW
Seattle band Sunny Day Real ___ ESTATE
Sedgwick-inspired Cult song EDIE
Shop to quickly sell your guitar PAWN
Simon and Garfunkel “___ Robinson” MRS
Songwriter targets ONES
STP guitarist DeLeo DEAN
They have wet sprockets? TOADS
Tom Petty “A rebel without ___” ACLUE
Tom Petty “Buy me a drink, sing me ___” ASONG
Tom Petty “Hard Promises” hit THEWAITING
Tom Petty “He bought ___ car” ANEW
Tom Petty “I don’t like mine so what do you say we ___” TRADE
Tom Petty “I guess I’ll know when ___ there” IGET
Tom Petty “Maybe you were kidnapped, tied up, taken away and ___ for ransom” HELD
Tom Petty “Out of the sunshine, ___ valley” DOWNINA
Tom Petty “The world would swing ___ were king” IFI
Tom Petty “Tryin’ to make sense ___” OFIT
Tom Petty “Waitin’ on a friend who ain’t come ___” YET
Tom Petty “Yeah, ___ to come in time” ITHAD
Tom Petty “You say I should let ___” ITGO
Tom Petty “___ So Bad” YER
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers drummer Lynch STAN
Tour masseur’s target ACHE
What Led Zep was “Out on”? TILES
What Petty is drinking in “Don’t Come Around Here No More” video TEA
What rock sounds like to elderly NOISE
What rocker does in movie cameo ACTS
What wardrobe will do to make a seam SEW
What you get on report card at Berklee GRADE
Where Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves” reside LONDON
Whose “Song” it was, to Silverchair ANAS
Wintersleep “___ of Life” JAWS
Word cut from radio edit CUSS

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