Star Tribune Crossword Answers August 17, 2022


She, in Seville Ella
Land measure Acre
Dandy’s neckwear Ascot
Enthusiasm Zeal
Eye drop Tear
Knife feature Blade
Abode Residence
Spanish title Senor
Museum offering Art
Pace Rate
Contemporary Modern
____ Vegas Las
Mast Spar
Humiliated Ashamed
Canadian province Alberta
Andean animal Llama
Isn’t, slangily Aint
Adolescent Teen
Yarns Tales
Shooter’s group (abbr.) Nra
Meager Scant
Shakespeare’s river Avon
Thailand, formerly Siam
Trio number Three
Tell again Restate
Nabs Arrests
Party Gala
Always, in poems Eer
Grinning person Smiler
Thorny bloom Rose
Create lace Tat
Slugger Hank ____ Aaron
Pitcher’s target (2 wds.) Homeplate
Solemn Staid
Send out Emit
Double-reed instrument Oboe
Hair dye Henna
Snacks Eats
Recipe measures (abbr.) Tsps


Poet ____ Pound Ezra
Sly look Leer
Final Last
Famous boxer Ali
Military command (2 wds.) Atease
Copper coin Cent
Track events Races
Before, poetically Ere
Soak up Absorb
Snow vehicle Sled
Walking stick Cane
Fragrance Odor
Gull’s kin Tern
Serious plays Dramas
Beer grain Malt
Bemoan Lament
Straw hat Panama
Communion table Altar
Work hard Slave
Angelic symbols Halos
Frontiersman ____ Boone Daniel
Engraver Etcher
Raises children Rears
Belief Tenet
Poker stakes Antes
A Gershwin Ira
Actress Meryl ____ Streep
Big Dipper component Star
Program Agenda
Adjusts again Resets
Scent Aroma
Soft belt Sash
Spouse Mate
Tehran’s land Iran
Cut of beef Loin
Pass over Omit
File labels Tabs
On Atop
Golf pegs Tees
Giggle sound Hee
Parking area Lot

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